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    The anti zionist progressives are also voting in the election, even though they aren’t zionists, because they want to get their reform representatives in to stop the settlements. If these people are able to hold their noses, then l’havdil elef havdalos by us too we need to just hold our noses and vote. Otherwise, we risk more money going to the Reform and even more bizyonos perpetrated by reform groups and the anti religious.

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    @bsharg2: I’m not a US citizen so guess I can’t vote then. Even so, I encourage everyone who can vote to do so. All of the gedolim have told us to if we are able. I’m not a zionist, but it’s still important to protect the yeshivos there and the kotel from dangerous groups like WoW and the reform movements. Please, even if like me you don’t support Zionism, hold your nose and vote, as otherwise it’s going to get a lot worse.

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    Can one vote if he lives outside the US? I’d like to vote but I don’t think I can as I don’t live in the US or EY.

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    Very interesting!

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    Yabia Omer, that is because the Haskalah didn’t occur in muslim lands because the Age of Enlightenment didn’t reach to the middle east. What point are yout trying to make?

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    I am not saying you should be banned, I am saying that you should explain your opinion or don’t bother commenting at all, which you still haven’t done. On what basis do you say that unconditional ahavas yisroel is a must for the moshiach to arrive? If a person commits an aveiroh to rebel against hashem he is not considered amisecho, and we learn this in hilchos loshon hora, and the mitzvah of ahavas chinam only applies to those who are considered amisecho.

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    Gadolhadorah, either explain why I’m wrong or don’t say anything. Smug comments won’t help you in this debate.

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    And anyways, even if the reform were just destroying us spiritually, that would still make them worse than NK as a spiritual destruction is much worse because a physical destruction would make us lose olam hazeh but a spiritual destruction would make us lose our olam habah, which is a much bigger loss. That’s not to say that the NK aren’t reshoim. Of course they are reshoim, and I am not trying to minimise that. What I am saying is that the Reform movement is much worse than them and we should also hate their leaders too. Of course we don’t hate the ones who are a tinok shenishba, but it would be hypocrital to hate neturei karta but not the reform rabbis or the anti-orthodox activists within the reform movement. And don’t tell me that the reform rabbis are also tinok shenishba, they know very well what they are doing.

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    IMO Reform is worse than neturei karta, as although neturei karta want our destruction physically, the Reform want our destruction both physically and spiritually. Don’t believe me? look up the video of the Reform saying kaddish for terrorists. That’s the proof they want us destroyed physically, and we all know how they want to destroy us spiritually.

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    @Yabia_Omer, that’s because sefardim weren’t influenced by the Haskalah movement in the same way ashkenaz I’m were so you don’t get all these branches of kefirah like reform or conservative in sefardi judaism. In general the split is between frum and not yet frum as opposed to orthodox, open orthodox, conservative, reform and so on.

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    @anonymous Jew, there is a difference between them and open orthodox. The chassidim never did something to make the Torah pleasing to the goyim by subverting halocho to suit their personal interests or denied any fundamental part of the Torah like the coming of the Moshiach or kotbonos, and the same goes for the lubavitch and Satmar. The same cannot be said for Open Orthodox.

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