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    tzippi – you want to start a “campaign for parents to be mechanech their children and shepherd them through the process according to what will ultimately bring them the greatest shalom bayis .” Great – I don’t think anyone will argue. Teaching kids how to approach marriage is very important. But, you won’t have solved anything in regards to taking care of the hundreds of single girls. You have a point – kids need to be prepared for marriage. Noone is disagreeing with you on that. But, the issue at hand is solving a huge problem – one that involves numbers, it has nothing to do with Shalom Bayis – it has to do with getting them married in the first place!! I know you don’t like “New Age thinking” – but you can’t knock solutions that will help solve this HUGE problem.

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    Power-Aid helps, pasta is also good, watermelon is great, & lay off the caffiene.

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    gavra_at_work – the money spent to support Limud Hatorah is probably the best money you can spend. If a young couple is starting off their marriage in Kollel, and the husband is really learning seriously, what greater z’chus can there be than helping such a couple?

    There is nothing that’s more choshuv in the world than Limud Hatorah. If you are able to support true Limud Hatorah – why wouldn’t you want to???

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    Here’s a new alchoholic mix… My chaver told me that he pours a shot of bourbon into his coffee every morning!! Now, that’s the way to start the day on the right foot….

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    bein_hasdorim – you are right – we are not Goyim & we Shouldn’t act like them!!! But, the one thing is clear – there is a Yiddishe lady locked up in jail. She either is innocent & the story is made up or she is unwell. But, either way – she shouldn’t be locked up like a criminal. So, untill they let her out of jail – the protests must continue.

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    So far, we have no idea what the real story is. If the doctors are really at fault here – as some who are familiar with the story claim – then the protests must continue.

    We don’t know the real story.

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    Mayim Achronim Vasser Water

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    We made it to 100 posts! This is a very important topic & I’m glad to see that it’s going strong. When everyone is busy fighting about unimportant issues, we are busy discussing a very important thing.

    At this point – we should also not forget ryes. Some people do enjoy it.

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    My personal favorite beer is Labaat Ice. Highly recommended.

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    Nothing beats a boiling Taster’s Choice poured (w/o a spoon) into a styrofoam cup w/o sugar before Davening in the Shtibel after the Mikva. Ah….

    Forget all the brewed junk – this is really a Taam Gan Eden!!

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    A600KiloBear – there’s an old machlokes that has been going on for years & I wanted to hear your opinion: when you pour a beer – do you pour it against the side of the mug to avoid getting a “head” or does the beer have a better “taam” with the “head”?

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    mepal – then, please don’t drive… No drunk driving on our cheshbon…..

    A600KiloBear – as someone who isn’t familiar with Minhagei Chabad, I was curious – what do you usually drink out of at frabrengins – shnapps glezlach or full-sized koisos?

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    I forgot mention another favorite of mine – Gentleman’s Jack. Very geshmak. Also, there’s a Silver Select by Jack Daniel’s which I have only found at Duty Free shops which is excellent. A600KiloBear – have you ever had it?

    in reply to: Hechsher – Just on the Food or on More? #649323

    At the end of the day, the Rav Hamachshir isn’t giving his Hashgocha on the ambiance, only the food. If a person doesn’t like what he sees in an eatery, he can leave! Noone asked him to eat there, it’s a free country. Everyone can patronize places where they are comfortable.

    Bottom line – it’s not the Rav Hamachshir’s problem….

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    A600KiloBear – I have an interesting question for you. You have mentioned earlier that you are a Lubavitcher Chossid. I was always curious what vodka Lubavitcher Chassidim prefer at farbrengens?

    in reply to: The AZ thread – discuss the shidduch “age gap” #649062

    AZ – thanks for the letter. Rabbi Lewenstein is very familiar with the current scene, and if he feels that people are much more willing to do shidduchim with girls their own age or even slightly older. And that such readiness to date close in age has the potential to greatly alleviate was has become known as the shidduch crisis – who are we to argue!!

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    A600KiloBear – that’s still pretty impressive if you drink it at one shot!

    An eitza tovah that can’t be stressed enough is that when you drink on Purim or Simchas Torah – always match each cup of wine or shot of “bronfin” with a cup of water. Most people who get sick or naseous – are dehydrated. If you drink water, you’ll feel much better & won’t get sick.

    in reply to: The AZ thread – discuss the shidduch “age gap” #649042

    AZ – I think the most important thing for people reading this thread to see is your last comment – To do nothing is NOT an option!

    We are faced with a scary situation. Perhaps there are other factors which contribute to this problem. But, at the end of the day – our boys start dating at 23 & our girls at 18. That’s created what is called an age gap. This is going to continue untill someone changes the current system.

    People may disagree with AZ’s suggestions to solve the problem. But, the issue is real. And it aint going away anytime soon unless we do something about it!

    in reply to: Alcoholic Mixes #908479

    A600KiloBear- You make kiddush on a three liter vase of wine& drink “rov kos”!! Wow!

    The Black Muskat by Herzog has become my recent favorite. I think even a novice drinker can enjoy it.

    in reply to: Alcoholic Mixes #908476

    Nobody – A600KiloBear and I have no need to start a Coffee Room AA. We’re just regular Yiddin who enjoy a few L’chayims!

    in reply to: Alcoholic Mixes #908474

    A600KiloBear – what’s your wine preference?

    in reply to: Alcoholic Mixes #908471

    2 good ones:

    If you wanna be m’kayem “shnaiy goyim b’bitnaych” – drink Johnnie Walker & Jack Daniel’s!

    If you wanna know if the Wild Turkey is working – see if the wings start flapping!!

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    A600KiloBear – this Shabbos – I’ll IY”H be having 1792 bourbon with my matjas herring. The gadlus of it is that after a few shots, you start asking people to pass you the 1777777792!!!

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    A600KiloBear _ have you ever had Auchentoshen? I usually only drink bourbon, but I bought a bottle for guests who like scotch because there’s less Kashrus problems, as it’s bottled in bourbon casks. But, I took a few shots & must admit that it is very Geshmak. It’s a “dovor hashuveh l’chol nefesh” – both scotch & bourbon drinkers can enjoy it!!

    in reply to: Alcoholic Mixes #908461

    A600KiloBear – you sound like a serious “mumcha” in drinking. I’m surprised that you are drinking beer on Gimmel Tammuz, and not harder stuff. But, I will say that even the beers you mentioned sound pretty strong.

    We haven’t discussed vodka – what do you hold ofGrey Goose?

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    Rowan’s Creek – very creamy. Noah’s Mills – also an excellent bourbon. The gadlus of bourbon is that for 40-50 bucks – you can buy a very respectable bottle. For even 25-30 – you still can buy a geshmake bottle: Old Weller or Corner’s Creek.

    in reply to: Alcoholic Mixes #908454

    mepal – sure, everyone calls it “zecks & neintziger”! That stuff is like a spaceship – it takes you to the place no man has ever gone before.

    in reply to: The AZ thread – discuss the shidduch “age gap” #648966

    BP Totty _ I think the reason is that 2 ago the boys dated younger. Even 1 decade ago that was the case. But today the dating age for boys has moved up a year or so from then – hence the present situation!

    in reply to: Alcoholic Mixes #908452

    I don’t wanna hijack this thread, but can we discuss boubon? I’m not so into mixed drinks. Give me a Geshmake Wild Turkey Rare Breed & I’m set. Who needs these fancy shmancy colorful drinks with little straws??? I also like Booker’s, Baker’s, & Basil Haydens.

    in reply to: Alcoholic Mixes #908446

    A600KiloBear – Your 96% joke brings to mind the story of the elderly Yid who drank a “zecks & neintziger” every morning after Davening….. When he went to to the doctor & found out he had water on his lungs, he exlaimed,” I always knew that 4% would do me in!!”

    in reply to: The AZ thread – discuss the shidduch “age gap” #648933

    BenTorahJew – take your message elsewhere. Don’t try to cover your hate of the Olam Hayeshiva. The crown jewel of our society is the thousands of Bnei Torah who are moser nefesh to sit & learn Torah. The language you used is unacceptable, even according to the lexicographers of Random House. Untill you learn how to speak properly, please don’t don’t call yourself a Ben Torah.

    in reply to: The AZ thread – discuss the shidduch “age gap” #648914

    BenTorahJew – I am appaled to read such language from someone who calls himself a Jew, let alone a Ben Torah. Please take your uncalled for opinions elsewhere. We don’t have to read such anti-semetic words. To call a fellow Yid – whether you agree or disagree with the – names that you did, is disgusting. There’s no excuse for it & it is just sick!!!

    in reply to: The AZ thread – discuss the shidduch “age gap” #648903

    chaverim – I am compelled to take great exception to your taking great exception. The constant put-downs of girls seminaries is allowed. People have to realize that girls seminaries are not run by G’dolim. Never have been. They are run by well-meaning ladies, not G’dolim. Untill you can post a letter from even a single Gadol supporting girls seminaries – don’t say that they are run by G’dolim.

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