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    akuperma: You are right. I picked NY and Jerusalem as the most expensive cities. And when you figure in costs of schooling, and other costs which are lower then in C”L, you can make it in Israel.
    I live in Gush Etzion (between Hevron and Jerusalem), my cost of living is lower then Brooklyn, and quality of life is so much better. “There is no Torah like the Torah of Eretz…” is so true. I never REALLY understood it until I moved here, because you can live it!
    Yes, you need to have the correct attitude. Yes, you need a realistic plan (Nefesh b’nefesh will help both before and after aliyah). Yes, you should learn conversational Hebrew, but there are many jobs that are available in English. Housing is expensive – so what! Housing is expensive in NY too and just like NY there are mortgages in Israel.
    Eretz Yisrael is a holy land, unlike any other country. Begin your journey by do the research, make a plan and come home.

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    Yes you can make a living-Just check it out with Nefesh b’nesfesh.

    Just to compare the two most expensive cities…,
    Cost of Living Comparison Between New York, NY and Jerusalem (from
    You would need around $5,074.42 (16,470.91₪) in Jerusalem to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with $8,000.00 in New York, NY (assuming you rent in both cities). This calculation uses our Cost of Living Plus Rent Index to compare cost of living. This assumes net earnings (after income tax).
    Consumer Prices in Jerusalem are 14.80% lower than in New York, NY (without rent)
    Consumer Prices Including Rent in Jerusalem are 36.57% lower than in New York, NY
    Rent Prices in Jerusalem are 61.63% lower than in New York, NY
    Restaurant Prices in Jerusalem are 5.34% lower than in New York, NY
    Groceries Prices in Jerusalem are 28.80% lower than in New York, NY
    Local Purchasing Power in Jerusalem is 33.53% lower than in New York, NY

    Using a Country (US and Israel) average looks like this:
    Family of four estimated monthly costs are 12,463.84₪ without rent.
    A single person estimated monthly costs are 3,512.65₪ without rent.
    Cost of living in Israel is, on average, 20.97% higher than in United States.
    Rent in Israel is, on average, 22.09% lower than in United States.

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    “Is Bismarck a herring?”

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    1. Yeshivas will still get funded.
    2. Gantz is still DM
    3. Based on the way the trial is going Bibi will be acquitted.

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    Bennet by becoming prime minister will have the opportunity to finally show someone other the slick Bibi can run Israel. It is very gratifying that the Prime Minister at least has a kippah, that in itself is important, especially since he represents the Jewish state. One of the most important things that Israel needs right now is a budget – this is the overriding reason for a Govt.. This was one of the reasons the last Govt failed. Gantz was upset with the way things were going with Bibi and withheld agreement on a budget. Bennet, if slightly successful, would be able to lead a right wing govt when the next elections happen. It won’t matter if it happens in 3 months or 2 years or 4 years. As with all Governments, let us hope they do less damage then Likkud led Governments (example: Likkud gave away 97% of Hevron)

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    They have! A group of Satmir chassidim have made Aliyah. A second group is in formation.
    So what is your excuse?

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    Plan to move now! It doesn’t matter who wins. Your duty is to come home.
    Just think, 20,000 more religious votes in Israel means you control the Israeli government!
    Come home to where you get to do the Mitzvos for real instead of just doing them for practice. (Ramban in his commentary on Levitcus 18:25 )
    The Gates are open.
    Be smarter – breath the air.
    You can make a living here.
    The learning here is greater.
    Life here is so much more.
    Come home Now – Now – Don’t make your trip here in a box

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