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    Keep your useless rhetoric to yourself and don’t say WE’RE the holier than thou ones, while you just openly bash a legacy openly.


    A TV that is contained in a parent’s room that the bochur con not use is modern? you need to get you’re haskofos checked out, buddy. Maybe the yeshiva is being realistic, and have an HONEST parent body that won’t just lie about the TV as many other yeshivas’ parent body would easily do.

    The Maiven gives Mussar

    Yosef lives on.

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    Mr. Mustard,

    I’m with you on this.

    I don’t get why popa_bar_abba and others ALWAYS respond, whether or not they have anything productive to say.

    The confused Maiven Knows.

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    What is it about?

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    Also, one of the roshei yeshiva of CC Queens, Rabbi A. Grunblatt, his father was niftar yesterday morning. The dinner will be bittersweet as such.

    Rabbi Maimon the Maiven.

    (possibly a CC Rebbi and/or BM bochur, currently residing in Queens)

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    The socks are very visible when sitting (i.e. learning in the beis).

    It’s the coolness and individuality that every bochur needs deep down.

    The Maivien wears Cool Socks.

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    And writersoul, If you’re a bachur , go for a 3 on the sides, 4 in the iddle, and a good 5-7 chup in the front

    If a female, ask the Goq.

    in reply to: Ner Yisroel and Chofetz Chaim #988476

    Writer Soul,

    Yeah, Yeah , I also saw the Nordstrom Style Guide.

    As you may notice, there are many trends amongst the goyim but never “caught on” by the Yiddishe oilam. Socks in various colors have were a goyisha trend for YEARS, and the CC boys have brought it local.

    The Maiven Knows (or whatever ‘yasavin’ means)

    in reply to: Ner Yisroel and Chofetz Chaim #988473

    CC boys are ALSO the shtoltziest bochurim around. I mean, they practically invented the color sock trend. This coolness factor doesn’t slow down their shtarkness and is relatively lmited to Brooklyn, Miami, and WITS.

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    Jewishness, sorry about the AND and the yasavin…I sent this response out quickly fro my phone.

    in reply to: Ner Yisroel and Chofetz Chaim #988465

    CC in Brooklyn is world’s apart from queens etc… but are also quite different from Kaminetz, torah Temimah, AND Mir

    Hamaiven yasavin

    in reply to: [Bumped] 11/18/13 – 7:29 pm (EST, Earth) #990163

    Little Froggie, this maivin is confused.

    HaMaiven Yaavin (sometimes)

    in reply to: Ner Yisroel and Chofetz Chaim #988454

    A bit biased. Only because I have experience with both and prefer CC over Ner.

    in reply to: Ner Yisroel and Chofetz Chaim #988452

    Chofetz Chaim (of Brooklyn) is famed for it’s warmth and kesher to it’s talmidim, and the relation that a rebbi has with his talmud for many years. It focuses on Gemara and Mussar, and less on Chumash/Navi. They are less of the stereotypical Flatbush yeshiva, and more of a yeshiva in it’s “own category”. In Chofetz chaim ,there’s no Sephardi, Ashkenazi, Litvish, Flatbushish, Chassidish, or Heimish in Chofetz Chaim. CC is beyachad. They are a lifestyle, not a yeshiva. Ner Yisroel, on the flip side, is a mixed yeshiva with a very shtark alef shiur, and an OK lower shiur. The better boys often are from one of those yeshivas, but the CC bochur will maintain connection to his Rebbi forever, while as a Ner bochur may or may not.

    HaMaiven Ya’aiven.

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    what is this post?????????

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    HaMaiven Yaavin. He who knows knows. It don’t get simpler than that, my friends.

    in reply to: Why are they so into Burberry in Williamsburg? #986754

    The burberry plaid is an explosive and popular look in the goyisha velt. If it is so popular there, part of that popularity spills over into our communities.

    Don’t question it because…………


    The Know-er will always know.

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    What about watches like Rolex, Movado, and Cartier? Is that befitting a 22 year old chosson?

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    What tefillos are good for the time? what specific tefilos for a refuah?

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