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    Gebencht should be the ones that take on the cause of Pikuach Nefesh. The hospitals have broken their vows of saving Life instead took on the laws of Sodom.
    Unfortunately, NY is not Pro-life and our brothers and sisters currently in hospitals are the Kurbunes of a system gone amok. If they were in decline before CoronaVirus imagine the state of affairs now.

    For those that are not supportive of the askunim I say ” To stand by idly and watch the shedding of Yiddish blood is like you would be part of the horrible atrocities yourself”
    If Rabbi Weissmandel were to be alive today it would be his cause!!
    To the brave men and women taking on the bullets remember’
    When one does for the Klal he will get stones… It is, unfortunately, human nature… but look at the size of the stones. A small stone, you did not do enough.. BIG STONES… You are doing well and continue doing the Holy work of saving lives!!

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    It would be unfair not to mention in this forum the abuse that goes on in many Professional Centers and offices that provide services to children that go for help with their abusive parents. The parents are mandated by either court order or other means to take them and the “ so called Therapists” do nothing to stop the abuse for years! We should not stand by idly and ignore!
    Children have spoken and in particular one big Mosad that idolizes this therapist allows him to abuse these children. We need to open our eyes and ears to our Communities services and peek in to see where our Tzedukah dollars and tax dollars go! Is it worthwhile to continue funding organizations that cause us Shame!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)