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    noach- almost all people who are over 40 and smoke, started when they were younger then 40 so they are also retards, and anyone who started smoking when they are older then 40 is most definitely retarded.

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    scared driveer delight of coarse i would its not my business who my chavrusa is the only question how much or how well i would learn with that chavrusa for the allotted time each day, no other question comes into the picture, unless you will become influenced by him.

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    its only a question if its not filtered,

    based on the assumption that a girl/boy with a smartphone whould want to continue owning one once married or have other internet access at his/her immediate disposal, then its absurd to think that it should not be a factor. the gedolim have said that its a issur chomur to own one or to have (unfiltered) internet access in your house, and its clear to all that a home with internet access and a home without are completely different, so whats the question?

    if my assumption is not correct and after the chasuna he/she does not plan on having a iphone/acess to the internet at home, then the question is what does it show about the person. the fact that they purchased a iphone does not tell you so much. then one thing is clear during the time that they have internet it makes a difference in the person.

    one last point in regards to what it tells you about a person having a personnel smartphone is definitely different to having access to the internet in their homes (usually their parents home).

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    the little i know- if not for the fact that i seriously doubt that anyone who is surfing the interrnet for shmuutz, could possibly concentrate and be immersed in learning enough for me to want to be his chavrusa, then i would take him no problem, and just btw i doont believe you should be comparing smoking to gilui aroiess (one the three aveirois chamuriois), even comparing it to someone who speaks lashon hora (almost all of us).

    and anyway the poskei hador have said its ossur to start smoking, i have yet to see a psak which sais that when you light up a cigarette you are being oivur a issur doiraisa.

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    big balei emuna their

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    yekke2 so acccording to HR Leib Gurevvitz in gehinnom you wont be able to tell how brisk i am, takke gehinom. maybe he only meant the long breslover peyos, can u ask him for me.

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    just to clarify, my freind was told that his chavvrusa would continue with him if he stopped, and he was considering it, and the issue was clearly third hand smoke, in the end the rosh hayeshva advised them to conntinue rregardless.

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    yekke2 fair enough, on the basic concept of not rushing (due to impracticality) we agree on, just before i was pointing out that if one does turn in to what poeple consider a robot/veg/boring/no personality guy then its not the end of the world, and if you do workk on one thing at a time then you retainn your intrinsic personallity, you have not said if you to that. regards

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    yekke 2 the reoson they do it is irevellen, in the end of the day its hiddur mitzva, and yes frummer means the extent of the chumros the majority of the world is makpid on nowadays, and in previous derois vis a vis thhe avois as well is was all a lot simpler. and to start hakking halocha when it comes to esrogim is stupid because hiddur by esrog is halocha, even if the minimum level of hiddur required is much lower then what we look for.

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    y2- that is what i meant, in other words we were not arguing, i said just dont do it overnight, you said one thing at a time, i said not overnight, basically all the same thing.

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    cozimjewish- i doubt the dor mamidbor or any other doirois before us spent so long checking for esroigim, as i said frummer but definitely not better.

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    how about be’ein maylitz yoisher.

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    ‘you have to know’

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    cozimjewish- thanks for the welcome, the answer is, as much of one as of the other.

    doleofyou- i am not saying that the ribonoi shel oilam necessarily wants you to be a veg but, he definitely does not want you to spend your life avoiding being a veg on the expense of growth.

    yekke 2- i did say not to try grow overnight.

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    doleofyou i meant i dont like robot like people, i thought that much was obvious.

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    the way every one is putting it,is that sensitive is a major maalo, to me all it sounds like sensitive just means more of an emotional being, which does have its maalos but does not necessarily mean good middos or caring. and their are plenty boys who are caring and/or have good middos.

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    nothing got to do with apikorsus, but its anyway rather stupid to be bringing any proofs from the ovois, for example yaakov kissed rochel the first time he saw her, which is definitely not the accepted thing to do nowadays besides for being ossur lehalocha, we dont understand we cant understand, so to bring rayos is stupid and cozimjewish wasnt saying we are frummer and on what doleofyou said, even if he was saying that we are better (frummer we may be, depending on how you understand frummer but definetly not better) its not apikorsus

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    does anyone knows why we only say “onu matirim le’hispalel im avaryonim” on yom kippur and not on rosh hashono

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    how do you define sensitive

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    humans not robots.

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    what most people call self squashing and what they avoid doing to themselves is not self squashing at all, its usually just to lazy to shteige and change, and unless you try change over night them yes you do hold on to you own techunois hanefesh even if it may seem to others as if you have become boring.

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