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    i’m not exactly your local orthodox rabbi but here’s my personal opinion… not always will a girl find smoking to be so terrible and if it’s on her list of NoNos she should make a point to ask directly… if it’s something that she thinks will make it or break it, she’d probably make it her business to find out so i don’t think you need to mention it under “anything else”

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    here i go

    thank you all for your wonderful feedback! i’m glad others are able to benefit from what i write… here’s another i wrote a while back…

    About that mask you always wear,

    Why is it that you wear it?

    What secret’s hiding under there

    And do you ever share it?

    What pains are hidden behind that smile?

    Why do you think that they don’t show?

    Don’t you realize that after a while

    Surely everyone will know?

    Cuz if you’re always on a high

    It’s obviously joy that’s superficial

    No person exists that does not cry

    Your laughter must be artificial

    So take that mask off from your face

    And show me what’s behind

    Show me every hidden pain

    Let’s see what we can find

    Perhaps let a few tears drop

    So that everyone can see

    That there’s a side that’s covered up

    And they’ve all been deceived…

    I’m not asking that you tell the whole world what’s inside

    Just to let out some emotions- no big deal!

    And once you’ve opened up, in the end you’ll surely find

    A happiness that’s never been more real

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    here i go

    ok so i’ve been itching to post my stuff here for months but i was so scared i’d be figured out by my friends who’ve seen my work… so to those of you who recognize me through my poems, you’ve always told me to share my work with others so here i go… gulp…


    I look ahead, right at my goal

    Its great distance scares me so!

    And sitting here, so very far,

    Getting there, seems so bizarre!

    So as I stand up from my seat

    I want to make a quick retreat

    Maybe I’ll run the other way

    And pretend that where I am’s okay

    “But no you’re not” I say aloud

    As if talking to a crowd

    When in fact i stand alone

    Making this conflict my very own

    And so i win this great combat

    And give my back a little pat

    I look again at my goal ahead

    And try to ignore the sense of dread

    So many obstacles in my track

    My confidence begins to slack

    With a wobble, the first step i take

    And then another with a shake

    Stride by stride i march along

    Each step making me feel strong

    But then i trip over a stumbling block

    And fall to the ground with one big plop

    Ouch, the pain, the aches, the hurt

    I moan and groan here in the dirt

    And from the ground, i strain my neck

    To give my goal another check…

    It seems as though it jumped a mile

    And reaching it might take a while…

    That thought leaves me quite broken-hearted

    I’d rather return to where i started

    My starting point is after all,

    So much closer to my fall

    How easy it would be to go back there

    And give my goal, not another care

    And as i turn, so very slow

    I begin to retreat, head hanging low

    But then while crawling my way back

    I suddenly stop right in my track

    “You stupid fool, what have you done?

    Why abandon the journey, you’ve just begun?

    It may be hard, it might get tough

    But trying once is not enough…

    You gotta try twice, three times, or four

    And if necessary, even more…

    Just don’t give up, your goal’s in sight,

    You just gotta keep up that fight!

    If you mess up, fall, slip, or trip,

    land on your face, do a backward flip,

    Just rise again, up from that dirt

    Clean your hands, brush off your shirt,

    Stand up straight, hold your head high

    And to that goal, you’ll surely fly”

    so steady, carefully, slowly i stand

    And wipe the dirt off from my hands

    Facing my goal, i stand erect

    And continue on my way, step by step.

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