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    Think first

    Let this be the week,

    Ink from ur hearts will flow.





    at what these girls are all about.


    at how shallow they are,


    how they can be so immature.


    my age,

    my school,

    my class,

    yet they’re so different.

    when will they serious out?

    do they even know what life is?!

    Think first

    Happy or sad

    Calm or mad

    Emotions we choose

    Keep cool or loose

    Its not what happens to us

    We decide how to react

    Having it easy may be a plus

    But in sticky situations we must use tact

    Let’s try and write about something positive

    That we did today

    What do you say?



    behind iron bars,

    locked gates,

    barbed wire,

    tall fences,

    steal chains,

    guards surrounding,

    no way out,

    desperate for air,




    in this awful rut.

    In a sea,

    a powerful current,

    raging waves,

    furry of a storm,

    mist of the foamy water,

    overtaking me,

    down and under,

    up and down,



    in the wind,

    whisking away,

    the powerful gust,

    blowing me,

    sweeping me in its forceful path,

    and I succumb.


    gasping for a breath,

    but unable to.

    here i go

    ok so i’ve been itching to post my stuff here for months but i was so scared i’d be figured out by my friends who’ve seen my work… so to those of you who recognize me through my poems, you’ve always told me to share my work with others so here i go… gulp…


    I look ahead, right at my goal

    Its great distance scares me so!

    And sitting here, so very far,

    Getting there, seems so bizarre!

    So as I stand up from my seat

    I want to make a quick retreat

    Maybe I’ll run the other way

    And pretend that where I am’s okay

    “But no you’re not” I say aloud

    As if talking to a crowd

    When in fact i stand alone

    Making this conflict my very own

    And so i win this great combat

    And give my back a little pat

    I look again at my goal ahead

    And try to ignore the sense of dread

    So many obstacles in my track

    My confidence begins to slack

    With a wobble, the first step i take

    And then another with a shake

    Stride by stride i march along

    Each step making me feel strong

    But then i trip over a stumbling block

    And fall to the ground with one big plop

    Ouch, the pain, the aches, the hurt

    I moan and groan here in the dirt

    And from the ground, i strain my neck

    To give my goal another check…

    It seems as though it jumped a mile

    And reaching it might take a while…

    That thought leaves me quite broken-hearted

    I’d rather return to where i started

    My starting point is after all,

    So much closer to my fall

    How easy it would be to go back there

    And give my goal, not another care

    And as i turn, so very slow

    I begin to retreat, head hanging low

    But then while crawling my way back

    I suddenly stop right in my track

    “You stupid fool, what have you done?

    Why abandon the journey, you’ve just begun?

    It may be hard, it might get tough

    But trying once is not enough…

    You gotta try twice, three times, or four

    And if necessary, even more…

    Just don’t give up, your goal’s in sight,

    You just gotta keep up that fight!

    If you mess up, fall, slip, or trip,

    land on your face, do a backward flip,

    Just rise again, up from that dirt

    Clean your hands, brush off your shirt,

    Stand up straight, hold your head high

    And to that goal, you’ll surely fly”

    so steady, carefully, slowly i stand

    And wipe the dirt off from my hands

    Facing my goal, i stand erect

    And continue on my way, step by step.


    here i go: Welcome aboard! I’m SO glad you decided to post that poem! Well written, and with such feeling, it’s clear you’ve been through this difficult ordeal yourself (not just giving advice without knowing what it’s like!). Thanks a lot for the inspiration! Keep them coming (no, I DON’T know you:P)! Your amazingly srong character shines through. Keep going!

    Think First: Good idea:) Perhaps you should start?

    blabla: I’m truly sorry. Hang in there!


    here i go, wow, that was an amazing poem! And welcome! Please keep posting here! And nope, I don’t know you either.

    blaba, your second to last poem on the previous page really spoke to me, because I felt the same way a few years ago, and I’m sure many people go through that confusion. What we can do is try to realize that everything that happens is for our good, and the reason we are confused is because sometimes we can openly see the good, and other times we can’t. And even more so, sometimes it seems to be bad. But everything in the bigger picture is for our good, whether we see that good now, or in a year, or in 30 years.

    Believing this can really help as well with our feelings and mood. If we truly believe that everything is for our good, even when something “bad” happens, we can accept it with grace and even gratitude, because we know that G-d has something wonderful in mind for us, and that was why this “bad” thing had to happen. So it can really change our entire perspective on everything that happens in our daily lives.

    observanteen, thanks! (For your post on the previous page.) I do hope to stick around here, at least in this thread.


    Blabla, keep going!!!!! Remember, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

    Here i go – welcome! Your piece is a WONDERFUL one, and can be a lot of chizuk. It’s great to read, thank you for sharing it with us! You write really well, i really like the flow / rhyme of it. Just make sure that when you post indeed you won’t regret it later :);):-)

    Observanteen, hi!!!! How are you??? I’m just curious on your words, “it’s clear you’ve been through this difficult ordeal yourself (not just giving advice without knowing what it’s like!)” – doesn’t every person have goals they wish to strive to and difficulties overcoming it? … What do you think? “Here i go”‘s words are such chizuk and written so well! Thank you, again, here i go!

    Middlepath, that’s GREAT words! You seem like a really special person.

    SaysMe, are you okay?? You’ve said in the past you don’t write when you’re too down… i hope you’re just busy.


    Middle: Glad you’ll stay here:)

    Princess: Hi:) You sure are right. What I meant was, it seems like this particular poster STRUGGLED HARD. And I want to add, that there’s no way I would know what’s going in in anyone’s life, and although some people may seem shallow and carefree on the outside, they may have some real difficulty that I don’t know of. (I say this from experience!:P)Everyone has a goal. To some it’s hard, and to other’s it’s… MURDER! It sure can get veeery tough at times (do I have to tell you about it?!). But again, there’s NO WAY I could measure how difficult it is for others to achieve their goals. (Sort of like a test [why do I constantly use this example??] those who get a %100 didn’t necessarily work harder than the kid who got an %85). But Hashem DOES know, and He will give us schar accordingly!Lefum tzara agra:)

    Think first

    here I go- amzing!!! I was contenplating giving up on something tonight, but after ur poem no way!! I’m going to brush off and take one step @ a time till I reach my goal.


    Middlepath-these days I don’t know how much I believe in that stuff…I try though. Its just so so hard sometimes!

    here i go

    thank you all for your wonderful feedback! i’m glad others are able to benefit from what i write… here’s another i wrote a while back…

    About that mask you always wear,

    Why is it that you wear it?

    What secret’s hiding under there

    And do you ever share it?

    What pains are hidden behind that smile?

    Why do you think that they don’t show?

    Don’t you realize that after a while

    Surely everyone will know?

    Cuz if you’re always on a high

    It’s obviously joy that’s superficial

    No person exists that does not cry

    Your laughter must be artificial

    So take that mask off from your face

    And show me what’s behind

    Show me every hidden pain

    Let’s see what we can find

    Perhaps let a few tears drop

    So that everyone can see

    That there’s a side that’s covered up

    And they’ve all been deceived…

    I’m not asking that you tell the whole world what’s inside

    Just to let out some emotions- no big deal!

    And once you’ve opened up, in the end you’ll surely find

    A happiness that’s never been more real


    At the end of a hard day,

    my heart flows,

    its blood becomes ink,

    black ink,

    on this white and gray comforting screen,

    its familiar layout,

    its supportive posters.

    You mean the world to me.


    My essence,

    engraved in my soul,

    imprinted in my heart.

    my personality,

    ingrained in my mind,

    nature to my body.

    yet its been covered,

    by layers upon layers,

    of moist, brown, slimy dirt,

    stones and pebbles,

    sharp rocks,


    and now I must clean it.


    removing it layer by layer.

    reexperiencing pain,

    entering confusion,

    getting dirty again,

    falling back,

    plunging forward,

    and every step with effort.

    changing thought patterns,

    changing habits,

    second nature,

    becoming last,

    first nature

    becoming a new person.

    revealing the engraved lettering upon my hidden soul.


    what soul?

    I have a soul?

    what kind of soul?

    who’s soul?

    how can that be-me?!


    I huff,

    I puff,


    struggling to breath,

    sharp cold breaths,

    yet I continue,

    I push on,

    because I’ve got a calorie quota,

    and I must achieve it.

    the pain in my legs,

    the sweat of my brow,

    but I continue.

    There’s no stopping,

    otherwise I’ll be FAT.

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I don’t even know what I’m writing anymore! Feeling majorly fat! And utterly confused!


    PrincessEagle, thanks! And so do you!

    observanteen, I’m also glad!

    blaba, I understand it can be really hard to believe in that stuff when things are very difficult. That’s when it’s hardest to have faith, because it looks like G-d is hiding from us and doesn’t care about us. I am no expert in boosting faith, but I’ll try to say a few things.

    In order to have strong faith in G-d when things aren’t going our way, we may need to openly see Him do good things for us. Sometimes it’s hard to see those good things because we aren’t focusing on them because of our negative feelings. A good way to see those good things is by trying every day to write down something good that happened to us. That will help us get more used to seeing the positive. Then, when we are seeing the good things G-d does for us, that strengthens our faith in Him because it shows us He really cares for us and looks after us.

    Once our faith gets stronger from those positive things, our faith will also be stronger when dealing with things we see as negative. And that will hopefully be able to change our perspective when “bad” things happen, and we will begin to see the good side of every negative situation.

    I really hope that helped somewhat!

    here i go, wow, your second poem was really great! I actually felt like the person you were talking to in the poem, a few years ago. I wouldn’t let anyone see the pain I was dealing with, and always wore a smile so no one would think anything was wrong. I practically lived with a “mask”. I still do, to a certain extent, but thankfully, now, I am much less in pain inside than I was a few years ago.

    PrincessEagle, that’s really thoughtful of you to be thinking of SaysMe. SaysMe, I hope you’re okay!


    Middlepath-what you wrote inspired this but its not so good…

    I wear a mask,

    covering the “me” that’s real,

    faking to be happy,

    to others to appeal.

    Its not who I am,

    its who I want to be,

    yet I’m not that person at all,

    I’m now constrained not free.

    Pretending life’s awesome,

    smooth sailing and just so fine,

    but inside I’m so confused,

    myself I can’t define.


    There’s a gaping hole inside me,

    it wishes to be filled,

    there’s much missing from my past,

    it should’ve been instilled.

    I stuff it up with junk,

    to fill its massive vastness,

    I try to hurry the process,

    to escape the feeling with fastness.

    Some candy and some chocolate,

    some chips and some real food,

    a dose of everything will do it,

    set me in a good mood.

    But really that’s just fake,

    filling the hole temporarily,

    just some short time relief,

    it helps only momentarily.


    Hi I’m new… i luv poetry…i cud share my stash if ne1 is intrsd

    The pen is my best friend

    I know how to start but I don’t know how to end

    I could write day and night

    I release energy with all my might

    It’s a one sided conversation no one could fight

    All thoughts and feelings are brought to light

    The words don’t just tumble out of my mouth easily

    It’s on paper and no one could argue with me

    The written word is clear and bold

    It could sometimes be ruthless and cold

    Black on white; no one can deny

    It’s good proof when someone wants to lie

    Always there to look back

    For reference, to keep track

    “The pen is mightier than the sword”

    That is the written word

    But the pen is neuter, it takes no side

    To good or bad it’s not tied

    Write only good; you’re the boss

    Kind words are never at loss

    Use words that are soft and gentle

    Heartwarming and sentimental

    Let them penetrate, Let the rewarding cycle start

    Find the needy souls and the broken hearts

    It’s an easy way

    To brighten one’s day

    You have a gift, don’t abuse

    So don’t waste your words, make good use!!


    Chanukah, a festival of lights,

    Jelly doughnuts, latkes and eight exciting nights.

    Keep the dreidel spinning.

    Hopefully I will be winning.

    Parties, gatherings, celebration.

    Music, singing and jubilation.

    The menorah lights aglow.

    Children running to and fro.

    Latkes so fresh and hot.

    “Chanukah gelt!!, Chanukah gelt!!” Zaidy calls.

    And suddenly everything stalls.

    Einiklach, children, everyone in line,

    Money from Zeidy one at a time.

    Presents and Chanukah treats galore.

    I can almost open up my own store.

    Joy and excitement fill the air.

    Gleaming faces everywhere.

    With all the spinning, frying, and exhilaration,

    I almost forgot Chanukahs interpretation.

    Well, a long time ago, you see,

    There was a man named Yehudah Hamaccabee.

    When times were good,

    The Holy Temple was running as it should.

    To the Holy Temple everyone would come.

    There was room for everyone.

    Sacrifices, prayer, and song.

    To visit the holy temple everyone did long.

    But suddenly an evil decree,

    King Antiochus, vicious as can be.

    Judaism is outlawed, Torah study is banned.

    Oppression and darkness befall the Jews of the land.

    With a heart full of hate,

    His army he sends to seal the Jews’ fate.

    To Jerusalem they descend,

    The services in the Holy Temple they end.

    With the Holy Temple, violated and desecrated.

    Antiochus’s men are extremely elated.

    Seemingly, the mission accomplished,

    The light of the Jews forever extinguished.

    Upon hearing this dreadful news,

    Sadness and anger filled the Jews.

    Matisyahu the High Priest shouts with might,

    Mi K’amocha B’aelim Hashem, who will join this righteous fight?

    Small in numbers but full of zest,

    The Jews gather, they will do their best.

    To reclaim the Holy Temple they will try,

    For this great cause they are ready to die.

    One by one Antiochus’s men are defeated.

    An army once so large completely depleted.

    The Hand of Hashem is seen so clear.

    For not their own might got them there.

    Arriving at the Holy Temple’s door,

    The Jews are shaken to the core.

    A ghastly sight lay before them,

    Destruction, degradation and total mayhem.

    Submerged in darkness.

    Their hearts filled with sadness.

    Completely torn apart,

    To restore order to the Holy Temple they start.

    The Menorah they would like to rekindle,

    But their hopes quickly dwindle.

    Pure oil with the High Priests seal,

    Is no where to be found in this whole ordeal.

    Searching in every corner and nook.

    Hopelessness, despair all around.

    Suddenly, a miracle!! A flask of oil is found.

    Oil enough for just one night,

    But for eight days they managed to burn bright.

    The light of the Menorah illuminating the way.

    Casting away the darkness to this very day.

    In commemoration of the miracles and salvation.

    Chanukah is celebrated by the Jewish nation.

    Each night another candle, another spark,

    Slowly, steadily, casting away the dark.

    Just like the days of Chanukah long ago,

    One night’s oil, for eight days did glow,

    Let the light of Chanukah shine and radiate.

    Throughout the year, the darkness to illuminate.

    So Happy Chanukah everyone.

    Go out and have loads of fun.

    But don’t forget the message it tells you…

    May the Bais Hamikdash be rebuilt Bimheyrah Byameinu.


    My Chanukah is not about

    The gifts or gelt that we give out.

    It’s not about the clothes or toys

    Received by all our girls and boys.

    It calls to mind a wondrous neis

    With which Hashem showed us His Grace.

    And on that day of great import,

    His miracles were of a spectacular sort.

    The Greek king tried to wipe us out,

    Erase our bitachon, create some doubt.

    But we stood by steadfastedly

    As he did things most dastardly.

    A woman lost her seven sons,

    They were among the bravest ones.

    Another fed dairy to a Greek

    Whose head on a pike she went to seek.

    So many died al Kiddush Hashem,

    But we persisted, in spite of “them.”

    And when our sonim were defeated,

    The Maccabees’victory was not yet completed.

    Into our Beis Hamidash they walked with care

    Looking for holy remnants there.

    They found but one small cruse of oil

    That our enemies did not yet spoil.

    They lit the Menorah with trepidation

    And Hashem made a miracle for the Jewish Nation.

    For what was to last just one short day,

    For eight instead, lit up our way.

    And now we make our celebration

    As a very special commemoration

    Of all the nissim Hashem did then

    And continues to do again and again.

    My Chanukah is not about material things

    Like gifts of clothing, toys, or rings.

    It’s about loving our Torah and sacrifice,

    And emunah for which we don’t think twice.

    It’s about the Jewish people, the Chosen Nation,

    About mesiras nefesh and dedication.

    And the hope that one day we will surely see,

    The Geulah Shelaima, and Binyan Bayit Shlishi.


    blaba, thanks for your poem! It was very good! It is exactly how I felt a few years ago.

    kido, welcome! And wow, that was great! It really shows the power that words can have! Please post more!

    CallMeDave and oomis, wow! Your poems about Chanukah are amazing! They both really gave me a better appreciation for the miracles that took place, and really helped me feel a greater attachment to the holiday! Thanks so much!


    hi everyone, i’m back. PrincessEagle and MiddlePath, thanks so much for the concern. Its a good feeling to know ppl notice and care, and more than that, can verbalize it. I’m doing okay, up and downing. Fighting frustrations not depression right now. Thankfully! but frustrations are just that still- frustrating! and can still wipe me out and get me down. Wanted to post, but didn’t feel like i had words, not to vent my feelings, and not to reply to others. so i took a break. on top of that, someone did find out who i was here, and i’m adjusting to the idea of not being anonymous… Back for now though!

    Welcome to all new people! this thread is getting popular! a lichtige Chanuka to all and thanks for all your poetry!

    PrincessEagle- what else to add? you’re really someone special. And i’m so glad to have ‘met’ you.

    MiddlePath- your chizuk and outlook and bitachon is amazing and you so well pass it along. btw, i love reading your long essays and look forward to them. Such sensitivity, emunah, encouragement, care. and your individual responses always awe me.

    observanteen- a delayed welcome back!

    here i go- Your pieces are AMAZING! so good, and so much in them! Please please continue posting more!!

    blabla- i’m sorry your struggling and hurting. Reviewing pasts, taking yourself apart, the slow process, the pain, the challenges now… I wish there was a way to lessen your pain. Keep writing here! Stay strong!


    You are so blind

    Shallow as can be

    You see your daughter

    But that’s not me.

    I have a problem

    I cannot articulate

    But does it justify

    My miserable fate?!

    I am what I am

    And not what you see

    Look beyond my outer self

    And find the real me.

    Wake up to reality

    Open your eyes

    See how I try

    To grow and rise.

    My feelings and emotions

    Are difficult to express

    But why destroy

    Shatter and suppress?!

    I am a person

    Just like you

    I have feelings

    And I’m sensitive too.

    I’m not my sister

    Not my friend

    I am I

    A different beginning, a different end.

    I am unique

    Don’t compare

    I have a distinct personality

    A different flair.

    If you acknowledge

    That I am I

    You’ll easily see the real me

    Eye to Eye!


    Blabla, ur poems are amazing, keep them coming!



    SaysMe, welcome back! We all really missed you here. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m sorry to hear things have been frustrating for you. Hope things are better now! Looking forward to any new material you have.

    kido, another great poem! I’m sorry for what you are going through, it can be very hard when parents seem to not understand who their children really are inside, and the special care and attention each one needs. Wishing you the best.


    thanks for your encouraging words, middlepath. ill post more….

    Happy Chanukah


    The weather is so nasty

    It is such a bore

    Everything is done so hasty

    With mistakes galore.

    From when I open my eyes

    Thirteen minutes late

    I start of with the “why’s”

    In this morning fate.

    Why am I always lazy

    And can’t handle a time frame

    It’s really crazy

    But I accept the blame.

    Why am I always tired

    Why am I such a sh’lemiel

    In job I would definitely be fire

    If I don’t stop this Kinder Shpiel.

    Why did I trip on my negel vasser

    And then didn’t find a bobby pin for my hair

    I say “the green is always grasser”

    Because I can’t even think it clear.

    Why is there no water drink

    For me to keep cool?

    Where is the Cross word puzzle

    To keep me busy in school?

    And so the “why’s”

    Go on and on

    But let me open my eyes

    And see what has been done.

    Out of bed we roll

    Fresh and healthy

    With a pure clean soul

    Aren’t we wealthy?!

    Our hearts beat

    Our brains work well

    We have two healthy feet

    And noses that smell.

    Each and every sense

    Is a wonderful treasure

    Our gratitude to Hashem is immense

    For they give us so much pleasure.

    Let us open our eyes wide

    And see the wonders of Hashem

    To view the world on the rosy side

    And see the miracles in them!!

    Think first

    Awww…. Just wrote a poem and it got erased at the end. Ill do it later.


    Thanks, kido! A happy Chanukah to you as well.

    Your last poem is really great! It really shows us how much we have that we can thank G-d for. If we can focus on these things instead of the negative, we can live much happier lives. Thanks!

    Think first

    Sometimes happy

    And sometimes sad

    Peacefull and Calm

    Uptight and mad

    Why’s it at times a breeze

    And sometimes a real sqeeze

    Some days I’m full of will

    On others I’ve got nill

    It may be the same sitch

    At times I’m fine

    And sometimes I twich

    Am I crazy am I insane

    Its life its not a game

    Can’t I just always be in the same mood

    Whether I’m hungry or stuffed with food

    here’s whay I’d like to share

    I’m gonna post it right here

    Abe Lincoln said something worthwhile to know



    CallMeDave and oomis, wow! Your poems about Chanukah are amazing! They both really gave me a better appreciation for the miracles that took place, and really helped me feel a greater attachment to the holiday! Thanks so much! “

    What a nice compliment. Thank you, MP.


    “Get out of here”

    i wanna yell,

    but instead I exclaim

    “Sure, come in!”

    “I dont wanna do this”

    i wanna whine,

    but instead I consent

    “I’ll do it anytime”

    “I’m not going”

    i wanna shout,

    but instead I explain

    “I’ll be ready in a moment”

    “I’m not wearing this”

    i wanna argue,

    but instead I compliment

    “I love how it looks”

    “I hate you!”

    i wanna scream,

    but instead I whisper

    “I love you too”



    are big.

    so are



    like garbage,

    waste it.


    like sun,

    warm it.


    like oil,

    slime it.


    like fish,

    swim it.


    like algae,

    bloom it.


    like coral,

    brighten it.


    like pollution,

    hurt it.


    Pictures dancing,

    a mush of color,

    blurred lines.

    Black spot,

    getting bigger,

    and bigger,

    and bigger.

    Sarounds me.


    Its cold.

    It does not cry.


    Middlepath – Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated. A freilichin Chanukah


    Think first, great poem! And it’s very true, many times it is the way we perceive something that makes something “good” or “bad” in our eyes.

    Thank you, oomis and CallMeDave, for your kind words! Happy Chanukah to you as well.

    puppy, wow, you really express yourself so amazingly in your poems! Glad to have you back here.


    Here I go, you write really well! The mask one is an interesting idea, almost a twist on a different viewpoint of not showing how you feel! But you explained it well with the last 4 verses.

    Puppy, they are great! I esp. like that first one on what you do regardless of how you feel.. Keep going!


    Princess eagle – Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated. I didn’t understand the question though, can you clarify?


    Princess Eagle – thanks for the kind words, no I didn’t write it for anything or anyone in particular. I saw the “Poetry” thread and got inspired to waxing..well… poetic.


    PrincessEagle, thanks so much! That was very nice of you to say. I find it really amazing how you take the time to respond in such a nice way to everyone here.


    CallMeDave – i was just wondering what inspired your poem 😉 If you just wrote it for this – like oomis1105 just did – or if you wrote it for somebody or something else!

    Thanks middlepath.


    Princess eagle – No, I did not write it specifically for anybody, I just figured I will write a poem about Chanukah and share it with everyone. I tried to write it more to the light side since life is serious enough as it is. Happy Chanukah once again.


    CallMeDave, i love the lightness to it! As you say, life is serious enough as it is, and this poetry thread tends to show that side too;) You write so well, keep writing!


    I agree with PrincessEagle, it’s always nice to have some “lighter” poems here to create a balance with the more serious ones. Keep it up, CallMeDave!


    Middle: I sure am glad you are still on this thread!

    here i go: Great work!:)

    CallMeDave: Woah! Beautiful piece!

    Oomis: Thanks for sharing, truly nice!

    Princess: Ah, I didn’t know I was supposed to take it hard. I’ll try to do so, from now and on;) Howaya doin?

    SaysMe: How’s it going? Your poems are truly a work of art. Hope things get better soon!

    blabla: How’s everything? Poems are amazing – as usual!


    Dave, I add my kudos to those expressed by others.


    Thanks, observanteen! Good to see you back here as well!


    sorry i write heavy stuff :).

    hey blabla, how are you? you also hiding out like me?


    SaysMe, no reason to be sorry! I really love your poems, heavy or light. And I miss them! I see you haven’t posted a poem in a little while.. hope everything’s okay!

    blaba, is everything okay? You haven’t been here lately.

    kido, are you still around?

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