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    Underage driving is an issue in the catskills.

    Additionally, as one who spends all week in the mountains, and not just on weekends, I have to add that there are other dangers as well.

    1. Drivers picking up hitchhikers at dangerous places in the road. Such as right over the top of a hill, or in middle of the road! Or right around the bend. When one is driving at 55 and there is oncoming traffic there is often no where to swerve to.

    Yes, it’s a great idea to give people a ride especially when it’s hot outside. BUT SAFETY FIRST!!!

    2. The walkers. Askonim should really petition the gedolim to ban this just as they banned underage drivers. I can’t tell you how many times I came around a curve only to find three women with little children and strollers walking halfway across the lane. Unfortunately, ‘chayecha kodmim’ and if there is no where safe to pass, these people may be responsible for their lives. This is a really serious issue.

    3. Lastly, drivers of all ages (and particularly women) who are not accustomed to driving on any highways, and certainly not on curvy roads, (as they do not exist in brooklyn) are suddenly driving these roads in an unfamiliar environment. They are not used to driving at speeds over 20-30 MPH, and thus misjudge the speed at which oncoming cars approach. This holds true when merging into traffic, turning onto a road with oncoming traffic, and even crossing the street.

    These are serious dangers that we all must be aware of when traveling upstate this summer.

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    Reb Moshe’s statement regarding the HALACHA on this issue had been duly clarified.

    qa is just clarifying his_OPINION_. HE holds that CY is “lechatchila” (whatever that means), CS is a “heter” (whatever that means).

    dus is vus ehr tynet.

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    Melatonin is something that the body produces to make you sleepy.

    You can pick up some melatonin at your local pharmacy. Take two tablets with a TUMS or other calcium supplement.

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    Can we get back on topic over here?

    Why do people still use CS?

    Because it’s cheaper, better, more availability, and we’re not baalei nefesh so we’re not allowed to be machmir.

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    So it seems that Rabbi Gornish said that he holds that Cholov Yisroel is lichatchila, whereas there are others [who follow Rabbi Feinstein’s psak] and hold that “CS fulfills the requirement for CY” or in otherwords, they essentially are the same.

    in reply to: Cholov Stam #685277

    Seems like there is a bit of confusion here.

    The Gemara does not invent a new heter of cholov yisroel. It simply forbids chalav akum. Thus, anything which does not fall in that category, such as CY and, as Reb Moshe held, Chalav Stam is permitted medina d’gemara. This is because we can rely on the companies and the supervising agencies to ensure that the milk is from cows.

    Reb Moshe writes that although Chalav Stam is not chalav akum, and thus 100% mutar, there is still room for one who is a baal nefesh to be machmir and require a Jew to supervise the milking. This cannot be due to the unreliability of the companies and the supervising government agencies, for then Reb Moshe could not have permitted it. It is safe to conclude that relying on these parties is a 100% valid fulfillment of Chazal’s guidelines. The reason for this possible chumra, which again is only for ‘baalei nefesh’ (not those who want to be baalei nefesh) must be in order to actually be proactive in making your milk kosher, and not becoming kosher by default.

    Now, if one actually has a rav that he/she consults on a regular basis, there would be no need for them to guide their life based on postings in the CR. So the audience here looking for guidance must be from the majority of people that pasken their own shailos and rely on the ever popular Reb Alle (alle teeyen azoy, alle feerin azoy, etc.). Being that the question here is one of a d’rabannan, and there are those that permit and those that prohibit, one may rely on the more lenient opinion based on the rule that safek d’rabanna lekula.

    One who has a rav, and was told that CS is permitted is otherwise, must follow the psak that they received.

    For one to decide that he is enough of a baal nefesh to be machmir on Reb Moshe’s chumra, he must do some serious self analysis whether he is being truthful and honest with yourself.

    One final point. Despite the abundance of Cholov Yisroel, the current price of a gallon of CS milk is approximately half that of Cholov Yisroel. So what Reb Moshe wrote to the school that it is worthwhile to teach the students a concept of being machmir, since the price difference is only very slight – seemingly does not apply to today’s market prices.

    Now, let me get back to my white milk chocolate KitKats…..

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    There seems to be a few issues that have not been addressed. Firstly, what exactly IS a chumra? When is one allowed to be machmir, and when is it assur to be machmir?

    What does when do when he does not have a rov to consult for psak?

    And lastly, how can Reb Moshe Zatzuk”l say that Cholov Stam is halachically permitted – i.e. 100% ok, while simultaneously recommending that a baal nefesh be machmir?

    I’ll leave it to my fellow CR members to address these issues.

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