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    Here is the article for viewership

    New Jersey – Lakewood, New Jersey bore the brunt of two massive storms this weekend.

    The second was a fiery speech given by Los Angeles philanthropist Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz who blasted Lakewood for an elitist mentality that has left numerous children without a school to call their own, shattering families and potentially setting the stage for these youngsters to abandon their yiddishkeit completely.


    Watch below Rechnitz entire speech. Courtesy of

    Rechnitz said that he has been bombarded with calls from mothers, fathers and even children who have asked the well known baal tzedaka to intercede on their behalf so that they can be placed in a school and that on his drive to Lakewood that night he had received three more phone calls on the same subject.

    Rechnitz noted that while the problem of children out of school does exist in a few other places, the problem is exponentially worse in Lakewood.

    It is not the heads of the mosdos who are to blame for the problem, opined Rechnitz, but rather the people of Lakewood, whose view of others is devoid of the fundamental principles of Torah Judaism.

    Rechnitz noted that while every child is special to Hashem, the general Lakewood populace sees only some children as being worthy.

    Rechnitz wondered when a life of klei kodesh evolved into a system where some consider themselves to be superior to others, noting that many of the mosdos that he helps support would be unwilling to accept his own children as students.

    Rechnitz said that he and others are prepared to finance inclusive schools so that no child will be forced to stay home.

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    I dont get it…… a lot of people are saying places like Flatbush, Queens, Washington Heights.

    So if I could live anywhere (and if I wasnt Jewish) would I really pick a city where a one bedroom basement apartment cost thousands, no parking spots, dirty streets, high taxes, high insurance, traffic. For $1000 a month I can rent a mansion in suburbia with a pool and hottub.

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