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  • JudySL,

    Your problem for being driven off could also have been a form of gaiva. So don’t balme those who have turned you off.

    And yes:

    yiddishemishpacha has a valid point on accepting critisicm. If people would understand that Hashem speaks through everyone’s mouth, then mussar would be accepted. Don’t expect others to stop judging when they are looking to be judged!!!

    Sorry for being a little graphic, but I’ve unfortunately noticed how women are into the style of painting their toenais with nothing covering their feet or above. One can argue that covering the legs depends on the minhag of the town, but I can assure you that my mother, A”H, wore them living in Flatbush when the some of the younger generation stopped wearing them.


    we have every right to be upset. If you don’t like it, don’t read YWN!

    in reply to: Credit Card “Shtick/Fraud” – is it stealing? #650622

    Why don’t you just ask a Rav who specializes in these types of issues?


    I was discussing this with my father on this past Shabbos morning. The next thing I noticed after leaving the house was two kids in their early teens, completely drunk on their way home from a Kiddush. Just how many parents leave a number of wiskey bottles out in the open without any means of supervising the young boys whenever they make a simcha?! Completely irresponsble! Not to mention certain fathers who also come home drunk at home on shabbos and cant even continue a normal shabbos meal at home. Don’t they realize that they’re sending bad messages to their children?!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)