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    Youngbutnotstupid- what are u complaining for? U don’t like how much ur getting paid so don’t work there! No one forcimg u to! a few years ago I got paid 400 the whole summer (exluding tips) I CHOSE to do it because I ENJOYED it. Its fun working with your friends, going on trips, making kids have a great summer…that’s what being a kid and teenager is all about-having a good time!! But since u don’t enjoy it, good that your not doing it again. Just don’t complain.


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    Paschabchochma: just so you know a size zero doesn’t always mean too skinny, there are some girls who yes starve themselves and have problems and ARE too skinny and there are those girls who just were born with a smaller petite HEALTHY figure. And its true, I would know

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    Oomis: your missing the boat

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    NY Mom: that’s like the number one name for males in mexico lol but I never heard of a jew with that name.

    Oomis: that’s just their english names, obviously they have a hebrew name too, what do u think they were names by the torah? NOT nicole but that’s just what their called…

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    Kilo: I guess the was the the french names became kodesh (if I understand correctley u mean like the name sophia right) but that was our parents and grandparents generations, now the behiyas have became batya…in the old country they were called bahiya.

    Oomis: all the nicoles I know are named only after grandmothers.

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    600kilo: sephardic brooklyn community. And yeah mazal is fortune, just like bahiya is batya and shafika is shifra….

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    Girls: Sarah, Rachel, Esther, Chana

    Boys: David, Eliyahu, Yosef, Rachamim, Moshe, Yaakov

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    Oomis: “The MOST unusual name of an unquestionably Orthodox Jewish man who is FFB whom I know, is Noel. I also know of a frum woman whose name is Nicole. As these are both references to either the holiday or the jolly fat December guy with the reindeer, I cannot fathom what possessed the parents to give those names to Jewish children”

    Really? Well the name Nicole Its veryy common in my community (yes orthodox!) Maybe you should be careful how you say things. Because is NOT uncommon

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    I wish I was there!!!

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    Oomis: I guess the driveway was ‘invented’ before the parkway so they realized it too late? Lol just a guess!!

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