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    I think the glasses are hysterical but looks cool on some people!

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    You know what, I take back my post from before. All I have to say is- ga’ava.

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    I understand, but its not enough of a reason to not go again. For all you know she had a great reason why she wore flats. And when ur married u can buy her what ever u want and u can encourage her to wear what u like. First see her middot and the more impportant things before saying no.

    The following is from They send an email a day this is from about 2 weeks ago:

    Description: Interlocking the Fingers of the Right Hand with the Fingers of the Left Hand

    The Sefer Hazechira mentions that those who are accustomed to interlocking their fingers run the risk of experiencing extreme anxiety, Heaven forbid.

    There are many warnings of this kind that we hear as children, and many people are unable to distinguish between those that stem from folklore and superstition, and those which have a clear basis in Jewish tradition. When it comes to interlocking fingers, this is a well-documented warning that originates already from the Zohar and the teachings of the Arizal.

    Summary: According to Kabbalistic tradition, one should not merge his hands together such that the fingers of the two hands interlock. According to some sources, one should also refrain from placing his hands behind his back.

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    Half the things u guys wouldn’t know but- baked ziti, mini pizzas, samboosaks, borekas, mijredeh, spanach, cuseh. Calsones, penne ala vodaka,mashed potatoes, salad, vegetable soup, maccaroni, cescasoun

    in reply to: Ashkenazim: Would U Date A Sefardic? #749626

    No ill hold back. Controlling my anger, and some other sins I’m sure. Its a good thing I can controll myself 🙂

    in reply to: Are you very selective in dating or do you date everyone? #749015

    Truth be told-that was the reason why I said everyone is selective. Some say they’re not, but they really are.

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    Oh please everyones selective

    in reply to: Ashkenazim: Would U Date A Sefardic? #749624

    First of all I just want to say-and we want to know what mashiach isn’t here yet?? “The food, the attitude” are u KIDDING???? I have soooo much to say right now but I am holding myself back VERY much. U can think whatever u want. Hashems so proud of this thread

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    Seudat shelishit


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    I went out with someone who before I went out with him I thought he was ok. I said fine ill give it a try I ended up wanting to marry him but it didn’t work out for reasons which Hashem only knows why I had to go out with him but anyway his middot and personality made me think he was everything and he became soo cute to me. Someone can be stunning to one girl and that same guy can be ugly to a different girl. Its all in the eyes of the beholder.

    in reply to: Torah vs. Toyrah #745520

    Torah (the o isn’t pronounced toe and r slips off ur tounge)

    in reply to: HATE #745288

    Exercise 3/4 times a week for at least a half hour you’ll lose a lot of weight.

    in reply to: girls thoughts on boys #746223

    Truth-its your zivug that’s gonna be what ur looking for. I’ve dated boys who were cute, but not for me, great personality, but not for me. Great middot, but not for me. Ect…but when u find the right one, what have he has is what ur looking for in the end bc ur not looking for an item, ur looking for HIM and u’ve found him. No one really knows what they’re looking for.

    in reply to: teenagers world #836176

    Being a teenager is awesome. I love it. But I want to get married Be”H very soon…looking for the right one…I know Hashem will send my zivug bekarov at the right time. Amen!

    in reply to: Tatti, Abba, or Daddy #779795

    Feel like the only one who says daddy here lol! Never said dad, hardly ever da either. Definitely not tatty and never abba.

    in reply to: high maintenance #742453

    Most things are true but not all. I guess everyone has their own opinion of high maintenance.

    in reply to: Movie theaters #760209

    Chayav relax. I’m not doubting u but so what u can have 2 emails…

    in reply to: high maintenance #742444

    The Goq-thats not at all what it means. Its material objects. Designer clothes, expensive cars, nice jewelery, resteraunts….

    in reply to: Tatti, Abba, or Daddy #779767


    What I don’t get is why is it abba and not imma?

    in reply to: Movie theaters #760203

    It seems as if chayav is asking this question because he hears around him people saying how bad it is and that they don’t go. I assume he just wants to know WHY.

    When I was younger we always went to the movies, the school didn’t like it but they didn’t forbid it. Once I was applying to high school they forbade it and ever since then my family hasn’t gone. I always figured once I got out of high school ill go, but I didn’t. You see things differently once you grow up.

    in reply to: KOSEL VS KOTEL VS KOYTEL #743957


    AinOd-Hahaha we had teachers that would say “patul” instead of “pasul” ect. to try to sound sephardic. At least they tried

    in reply to: high maintenance #742442

    Hudi-not necessarily.

    Its someone who wants and has the ‘finer things in life.’

    (Now everyone don’t blow up at me saying “a BMW is not something fine its gashmiyus, ect.)

    in reply to: Everyone is "amazing"- how can you tell who really has great Midos? #736607

    “I like the idea, but it isnt done in any circles besides the very young Chassidish or very young very Heimish.”

    That’s not true. My ‘circle’ isn’t really heimish and we usually like to see the person before.

    in reply to: Everyone is "amazing"- how can you tell who really has great Midos? #736603

    Ofcourse-examples on the top of my head-one boy was talking about other peope non stop, and not in such a nice way. A different boy told me how ‘stupid’ and annoying his sister was (he was trying to be cute). With girls I see it easily. Most of my friends have great, beautiful middot but some, just the words that come out of their mouth shock me. (Not curses or anything like that, just stupiddd things)

    in reply to: Bad Vibes #737076

    Cshapiro-we are very alike lol. I feel u! Wait, did the bad vibes come from him being haughty or tough or anything like that? Because if it did, then your NOT going to like him. Maybe u should tell the shadchan u just don’t think its for u. Or maybe just leave it and see what happens because like I said before, sounds like he might not ‘text u.’ And yes that’s veryyy sketchy.

    in reply to: Everyone is "amazing"- how can you tell who really has great Midos? #736598

    When I look into a boy we don’t go calling everyone. We’ll ask a few people, and his rabbi. My mother can tell if the rabbi really loves the boy or not. The rest-his middot and the like u have to find out YOURSELF. Everyone CAN have the best middot u just have to see for yourself. I’m very into noticing if the boy does or not. B”H B”H Hashem has given me a great gift that I see people (boys and girls) middot clearly.

    in reply to: You…are…so beautiful….to me……. #736484

    Its Alfalfa-little rascles 😉

    in reply to: Bad Vibes #737073

    Totally understand u with the vibe situation. But now your kind of commited to this date so u can’t really back out. It kind of sounds like HE’S trying to back out, “ill text u” in other words: “or not.” So he might not even. And u can’t tell the shadchan no bc u don’t want her to think down on u.

    in reply to: The Men's thread! #1011336

    I can’t imagine any man that I know to be sitting and posting on line. Weirddddddd. Sorry

    in reply to: Walk the girl to the door #736208

    Oomis perfectley said!!!

    How about the shadchans ask do u want him to walk u to the door?

    Its so not awkward walking to the door, u talk like u were talking before. And when u get to the door say “thank u I had a nice time….”

    I understand those who say they don’t want their neighbors to see….I never really thought about it because I don’t really have that problem….

    in reply to: The Men's thread! #1011327

    No need to get all haughty 🙂 I agree the man is the king of the castle. 100%.

    in reply to: Makeup Tips #734254

    Dunno-ME!!!!!! Add massages to the list. Thanks

    in reply to: The Grumpy Thread:( #757886

    We all have our share of hardships/annoyances but whyyyy complain?? Instead of being grumpy and complaining, SMILE and thank Hashem for every single thing!!! It will change your whole perspective on life and make u a much happier person and soon u won’t even think of anything to complain about.

    in reply to: Walk the girl to the door #736169

    Shlishi-to each his own I guess!

    in reply to: Makeup Tips #734239

    The last 2/3 years I’ve been seeing younger women wearing red, not everyone can pull it off but a lot of people can. If u get a red that’s good for your coloring and put a little lip gloss on it, it can be very pretty.

    in reply to: curly???!! #734753

    Also most people just look better in black-especially if they have a lighter coloring. Light colors would make them look to pale and washed out.

    in reply to: Walk the girl to the door #736168

    Cshapiro: u r hysterical!!!!! 🙂

    in reply to: The Men's thread! #1011313

    Sounds pretty much like a womens thread to me!! Ha!!

    in reply to: Walk the girl to the door #736163

    ATTENTION BOYS: you are NOT a bus service!!! Get yourself out of the car and walk the girl to the door!!! Once or twice a boy didn’t walk me to the door (I took it as no one ever taught them to) and I felt like I was back in school with the bus dropping me off in front of my house!! Not to mention its so awkward walking to the door by yourself and he’s watching.

    in reply to: curly???!! #734750

    I have pretty straigh/wavy hair B”H but for dates I usually wave it towards the bottom for a pretty look (and leave the top and my side bangs straight).

    As for the black clothes I love black! But if u would look in my closet u would see COLORS! white skirts, gray skirts, pink skirts, I wear all color all the time but I love black too. U just have to know how to dress and have a nice style 🙂

    in reply to: Shin on forehead??? #730578

    Sender Av- no not chassidish. Not close to it.

    Jack Daniels- yeah we do shin on our forehead, daled on the back of our neck, and yud on our pockets

    in reply to: Shin on forehead??? #730551

    Sender Av-thats very interesting! After havdalah most ppl in my community have the custom of dipping our finger into the wine that put out the candle and then writing a shin with it on our foreheads

    in reply to: Beshert #1058710

    Someone please explain what being Sephardic or Ashkenaz has to do with anything?

    in reply to: Common Spanish Words Or Phrases To Communicate With #715020

    I sat there typing about 100 words and they’re not going through 🙁

    in reply to: Common Spanish Words Or Phrases To Communicate With #715019

    to study

    Patinar-to skate

    Iievar-to wear

    Gustar-to like





















    in reply to: Common Spanish Words Or Phrases To Communicate With #715018


    Buenos dias-good morning

    Buesnos tardes-good afternoon

    Buenas noches-good evening


    in reply to: Shidduchim, What do boys look for in a girl? #712685

    Good family, amazing middot, someone who can run a home, sweet, does chessed, happy, easy going, pretty(-any girl can be pretty its all in the eyes of the beholder) loves kids, has yirat shamayim, selfless, generous, respectful….

    in reply to: 10 Jewish Music All-Stars #739530

    Shwekey!!!!! Boeeeeeee

    (My favorite!!!!!!!!!)

    in reply to: Lets take on Kabbolos. We can bring Moshiach closer together! #882350

    Wow thank u so much!! I didtnt want your post to end!! I was enjoying every idea. I liked a few that I can really apply to myself, thank u!!

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