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    You sound lik Lieberman. That is his whole tayne on the chareidim and thats one of the big things he claims he will put an end to and stop giving money to all these yeshivos

    in reply to: Shidduch Crisis and the Freezer Defrosting #1831104

    Girsl should wake up and get real and so should boys.
    If there are only 20% of a certain boy but 80% of girls want such boys = SHIDDUCH CRISIS.
    As an american godol said years ago, THIS IS A CHINUCH CRISIS!!
    It is a boys market so boys need pushing to make decisions and not hold girls waiting etc…. but at the end of the day everyone needs to get real…

    in reply to: Smartphones in Mir Diras are getting crazy #1827972

    Being in the mir recently i can tell you it is a huge issue.
    Unfortunately, it will not be resolved so easily.
    Irgun have also clamped down and it is getting harder o to have an irgun dira (believe they are tight on money).
    They have made a new rule that if one of the people in the dira have a talk and text phone with a colour screen hich could play video you cant sign up the dira. This has turned away many more diras.
    This problem is litvish and chassidish alike…..
    The mir officially have “spies” check on diras but this has never helped anything or anyone….
    Unfortunately, even in the mir dorms there are plenty of smartphones.
    Do also reliase alot of these people have kosher phones for out and about and keep their smartphones in their dira…
    No easy fix. But there has to be enough people out there without smartphones to create a dira with. You only need 5-8 bochrim!
    Good luck

    in reply to: scoliosis surgery /spinal fusion #1827195

    My sister had it done about 8 years ago.
    It was a long surgery for about 8 hours. BH her recovery was great and all was successful.
    She was out of hospital after 7 days bh!! had to stay in bed most of the day for a good few weeks after and be careful how she moved but now all back to normal.
    If you are still a growing person in height after surgery you will stop growing because they usually remove a disc from the spine which helps height growth i believe.
    BH she has had no trouble since. Lives a normal life. Most airports she doesnt even beep in the scanner even with the two rods and brackets down her spine.
    She became taller straight after surgery from having a straight spine and now always sits bolt upright.
    Good luck with it all

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    Mazel Tov. Unsure why that has to be on here! This is not meant to be a social media platform for news and simchas!!
    Good job you cant post a picture on this like some of those other not very kosher/jewish websites!!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)