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    HIE- sorry, i’m not getting the answer

    workinonit-no way you’d think it’s weird, or no way you’d like to hear? sorry, i’m a littl confused… 🙂 and no, c”v i would never go spill all my probs out like that on s/o. i meant she told me to keep in touch, but i feel guilty, and idk if she really meant it or was just being nice, so decided to see what others think…

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    zeh lo mishaneh

    i don’t care

    i do care

    it’s not important

    you are important

    keep on smiling! 🙂

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    gam ze yaavor

    kol hatchalot kashot

    da ma’ayin basa

    how ya doin?

    what’s going on?

    talk to me

    bli ayin hara

    gam zu l’tova

    chazak chazak v’nischazek

    a sach nachas

    do your part

    asa,oseh, v’yaaseh

    haya, hoveh, v’yiyeh

    b’sha’a tova u’mitzlachas

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    oysh, workinonit, what can i say? i’m so sorry that you’re going through that. i feel for you, as sadly i have the same sitch. it can get rough… do you have someone to talk to outside? it might help…

    pba-idk if you’re serious or trying to be funny, as this seems to be your standard response, but in no way whatsoever is this a joke i apologize if you meant it seriously, but life doesn’t work that way

    bpt-idk about workinonit’s sitch, but for me and for many others that i know, that won’t work

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    sorry to interupt, but mikehall, what is orthoprax? one time s/o said that it was a good term to describe how i was feeling, but i can’t quite figure out what it means…

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    it used to be so hard

    to get up every day

    bad feelings all around

    everything was bleak and gray

    so much going wrong

    bad things in my life

    tried to see the good things

    but only saw sorrow and strife

    each morning another battle

    to get up and out of bed

    i’m not going to do any good

    so might as well stay here instead

    i can only do things wrong

    incapable of doing right

    might as well stay where i am

    because getting up’s a futile fight

    and then one day it happened

    i learned something oh so wise

    something that helped me see the world

    with a very different pair of eyes

    before i thought i should give up

    that there was no point to trying


    but now i know, now i see

    rabba emunasecha

    Hashem believes in me

    B”H this isn’t about me, but was inspired by am yisrael chai’s post on why i can’t daven…

    in reply to: Bloating in the Heat? #788536

    looking at me, i guess the answer would have to be yes 😉

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    blabla- i did get checked out… had to go to the dr when i got accused… but she said she wished all her patients were as healthy as me! it’s nto fair! just cuz i’m on the fatter side, every time i go on a diet, they decide i have issues. and not to mention i was also accused of bulimia 🙁 sorry for this rant.

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    try going onto naaleh… they probably have

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    was mine deleted cuz it wasn’t a bubbe meisa? if so i apologize… i didn’t know it was real (that’s not to say i’m not makpid about not stepping over pple cuz i am)

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    blabla- i don’t have an ed, b”H, but i was accused several times of having one, as well as having someone close to me telling me she thinks i’m well on the way to having one… like thanx for the vote of confidence there peeps! made me feel so good, all those accusations… 🙁 ah well!

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    blabla- i don’t officially have an ED,and i don’t rlly but apparently acc to some i’m getting there… wtvr. so do i qualify? 😉

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