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    Mogold – I dont know this man, but if he is responsible for this, he certainly has some answering to do. As everyone has said, this is a community school. He is the Chairman of the Board. So answer the community.

    I am sure he can be a big baal chesed. I would also assume that he has loads of money. Sometimes businessmen overstep their bounds into the chinuch world.

    I did hear that he is a big part of a Torah U’mesorah Job Placement program. I’m beginning to see how some of these job opening are created…..

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    I personally enjoy Abie Rotenberg, Avraham Fried, and Acheinu among others….

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    I picked up a copy in Lakewood this afternoon. I have to say I’m very impressed with this CD. I would recommend it to others…

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    You have to actually meet them somewhere, give them a cd, and hope that they take five minutes to listen to it. Yochi is at Chasonos all year long, so you can try bumping into him there if you hear he will be playing…

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    These days the man you should be looking for is Yochi Briskman. However, getting ahold of him is another story. And if you keep knocking your own songs, noone will want to hear them. If the composer thinks they arent amazing, then why would anyone else?


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    Being that R’ Gifters daughter in law and R’ Schachters wife are sisters, I would highly doubt it was R’ Gifter you walked away from the table…

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    Do you have like an alert go off in your house when someone posts a new topic?!

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    Whats with the klering this way and that way? Where is the yashrus?! By the very nature that people always feel the need to defend themselves when copying music, therein lies the answer!!

    I would love to see any of you people giving heteirim work in the music industry for a few months just to get a glimpse of how much money and peoples parnassah is lost because of copying.

    Spend your $15. You will feel alot better about yourself and you will be helping another Jew make a living.

    Kol Tuv

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)