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    Ok, folks, this is my last post. I will then change my name. I apologize for challenging you to think a little deeper than your norm. You can all go back to whatever important things you are doing. One thing I ask: Please be civil towards each other, even if you strongly disagree. Blog away to your hearts content but there is no heter to engage in anything nasty.

    All the best

    Good shabbos

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    oomis, I totally agree with you! That is what I was wondering, is it a healthy thing or not. On one hand, of course I get the value of speaking our mind anonymously. On the other hand, then there is no accountability and its easy to attack others, etc. I think there is alot to be analyzed from the types who do post here and why but i didnt really mean to ask so seriously, but just like most people, to start an interesting thread, to relax, or when Im bored or too tired to do anything else.

    BTW, Im not really a therapist. I’m a mailman. Or a Sheitelmacher. Or an actuary. Or a cowboy. Or a triple agent who has been turned.

    Just kidding. I am a therapist. And if anyone figures out who I am, big whoop.

    PS I dont think I am defensive, I just have the (terrible) habit of sometimes trying to be rational. Even in coffee room

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    I dont want to come across as clinical or cold. it is interesting to note the strong reactions by some. You obviously have an image of a therapist wearing black, sitting on a leather chair and pretending to listen to a client. I am not in private practice, I work with all populations, Jewish and not and therapy is very from that. And I excel in listening, empathizing and connecting with the client. I will be glad to correct any misconceptions anyone may have or answer questions.

    And 2N13, I dont analyze everything, I utilize coffee room like everyone else.

    Goq: I triple dare you! be bold

    (obviously, due to the nature of my profession, I dont reveal it.

    Popa, I am the nicest guy you could meet, really sweet

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    I will give you all discounts if you ever want to come see me!

    Kidding aside, I ‘m sure we all have healthy social interactions and various ways to express ourselves so it is interesting that members of the coffee room appear to relish the opportunity to express themself in a creative and free-spirit way that may not be available or tolerated in the “real world”.

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    Thank you mod for the honesty. I find it disturbing that even with no identifying information, some have the tendency to hide and joke around. Popa, I work with people and do a good job at my profession. I am merely curious as to whether people think blogging is harmless and healthy outlet or demonstrates a lack of self esteem.

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    harry potter






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    Speaking of dentists, can anyone recommend a good one on lakewood? So many people still go to Brooklyn, saying there are no good ones on Lakewood. has anyone used Dr. Polinsky?

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    I am an experienced therapist and use CBT among other modalities. Almost every therapist uses CBT in some form. Most other techniques (DBT, etc) borrow much of their core philosophy from CBT. The basic premise, that a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are connected is very elementary. parts of CBT are used to treat many different disorders, including Depression and various forms of Anxiety. This Poppa bar Abba appears to be atypical blogger who knows nothing about the topic. I am curious as to why anyone would respond to his posts. I am impressed with the passion of some other people, though.

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    It’s true, by non-jewish places of employment it’s difficult. I have also worked by frum-run places that the bosses encouraged (insisted?) first names. He felt it’s a better work environment.

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    I do have to say that I enjoy the fact that this discussion is taking place with intelligence and Seichal. Let’s keep in mind that 4 inches is only one facet of Tznius. Wearing tight or extremely showy clothing would appear to also be a lack of tznius. I think we can all agree that whatever we follow, we should respect one another. The practice that some women have of going over to another woman and “bashing ” her, would appear to be much more serious than one inch here or there. To answer the more direct question of “why dont the rabbanim enforce tznius”, this is a good question. Perhaps they dont have the guts or are afraid for their jobs. One answer may be for a Rav to have a lifetime contract to feel secure.

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    I’m not sure I understand. Your Rabbi has different standards for different people? How does he decide? Sounds like a dangerous way to operate. Feel free to say the Rabbi’s name, always strengthens whatever one is trying to say. I have heard from many Poskim the importance of 4 inches, the reasoning makes abundant sense. I personally heard it from Rav Forsheimer of Lakewood. “personalizing’ our religion has never worked.

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    Tznius definitely causes much stimulated discussion.

    Bottom line, tznius is not only halacha, nothing is. A jew can be a person who strictly adheres to exact halacha guidelines and be considered a menuval bereshis hatorah and go straight to hell. In fact, the consencus is that the bais hamikdash was destroyed because of a lack of lifnim mesharis hadin. So even if 4 inches isnt halacha, which many prominent Poskim publicly state, doesnt matter. Anyway, can anyone list a Rav that doesnt suggest this? Didnt think so. Yes, its very hard to keep (why, is another discussion for itself. Is it the Yetzer Hara? Is it because so many people suffer from low-self -esteem that cause women to want to stick out and cause people to gaze at them? Possible. I think if we all realized our self-worth and that every positive action of ours has an unbelievable affect on so many levels, including heavenly spheres, and in turn, earth, we would be willing to raise out standards in all areas. May we all grow together.

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    Truth is, Ami is a sub-par magazine. The layout is cluttered. I have no idea why anyone would purchase it versus Mishpacha. They have no rabbinical board (and it shows) Within the last couple of weeks, they printed something unbelievably irresponsible in regards to mental health and got crushed by the entire mental health community. They will seemingly print anything to try to sell magazines. In my opinion, they will have to upgrade their standards if they hope to continue to try to compete. One last point: if they are going to print questionable content in regards to hashkafa and obviously hope to attract that crowd, at least make the magazine more exciting and different, more bold. Currently, its just a hodge-podge cookie cutter magazine. (with the exception of a few quality writers, such as Rav Mordechai K, libby Laz, Vicky Dweck. And no, I usually do not read it nor buy it.

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    Shang chai had the best chinese food in the world. Chosen island doesn’t come close.

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    Try going to the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services. You can get affordable psychiatric care as well as quality and affordable therapists (I know the branch in BP has a very good reputation). Hatzlacha

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    First, let’s be a little open-minded here. There is different types of music for everyone. Some people say MBD is goyish, only Regesh is allowed. I have personally heard many rabbanim speak out against blogging, yet here you are doing just that. I have never heard personally any Rav speak against Lipa. The fact that you are reading this, coupled with the fact you watched the video proves you are no tzaddik. Watch it or don’t, it’s a personal choice. Speaking loshon harah, that’s not one of the choices. The criticism appears to be low-self-esteem. BTW, I think the video is a little over the the top, basically jewish mtv. But that’s what Lipa is trying to do, constantly push the envelope. If you don’t like it, close your computer and open a hilchos lashon horah. A freilechen Chanukah (and Purim) to all. Pass the doughnuts!

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