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    Definitely Sun Inside Rain by Miriam BAssarah. The best book I’ve ever read.

    Mayer Bendet’s books.

    Meir Uri Gottesman’s books-Deep Blue-The Harp-Morning Star

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    I also had my wisdom teeth pulled out last week. My dentist gave me Motrin 400 and Tylnol Codeine. That really helped. ALso fill up a glass with water and a tsp of salt and swish it around in your mouth. That helps for the pain too.

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    2 cups flour

    1 pkg. Rapid Rise yeast

    3/4 tsp salt

    Combine these ingredients.


    3/4 c boiling hot water

    2 spoons olive oil ( I don’t measure exactly)

    Mix with spoon until dough turns away from side of bowl.

    Knead with hands until becomes dough.(Be careful it will be hot due to the hot water.)

    Cover tightly with plastic tablecloth and let rise for 15 minutes.

    This makes about 5-6 mini pizzas. I usually count 2 pizzas per person, so double, triple, quadruple the dough…accordingly.

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    Surfer, if you’re who [email protected] thinks you are, I know you too!!

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    keepinEntertained…you are very wise for your age…

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    [email protected], you always pick such complicated hints….why can’t you ask her if the FIRST letter of her name is a certain letter…

    coffee…i’m REALLY curious who you are? what age are you?

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    ya…cofferd, three of us were all there 3 summers ago…now lets see if you can figure out who we are…

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    COFFEERD, what did yoy do in gz?? which years were you there??

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    SJSinNYC: you read John Grisham books when you were 9 and understood them??????????? Wow!!!!

    My all time favorites authors were Andrew Clements(frindle, The Report Card, The Landry News and I think there are like 3 other ones.) and Gordon Kormon(Camp I Wanna Go Home?)

    I don’t know if the themes are within Jewish Hashkafa….but the books are really funny!

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    emergency medical technician.

    Frum33: did you try calling your local Hatzola

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    I think Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society

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    i don’t think that yanky55 is caus part of one of his comments were deleted my a different mod.

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    and I’m a POOSHITER YEED

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    luv2hack, it doesn’t sound like your very experienced using Facebook. In order to search for someone you DO NOT have to type in an exact name . If you type in a name a/t remotely similar can come up.( I don’t get it ….why would you type in a random person a coupla years older than you in h.s. if you wouldn’t even cross the Street to tell her hi???) Also if I have a friend I can look at her friends, click on one of them, and in turn look at their friends etcc….I put in a request to be their friend and why should they turn me away . My friend didn’t get her 332 friends by typing in exact names.

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    Uh…love2 hack …please do YOUR homework and read the posts b4 answering them. [email protected] had Facebook at a point in her life so it would be common sense to assume she knows how it works…

    Also,I’m very impressed that YOU don’t use facebook to meet new people. But I have some friends and relatives that have over 300 “friends” on facebook, and never met 80% of them.

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    [email protected]…i guess we think alike . lol!BTW ya the third letter is an i………

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    I suggest you go to and download the following speech by Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein

    01/01/08 Parashat Va’era – The Truth About Facebook, Myspace, and New Year’s Eve

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    Did you try calling Yossi Green?

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