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    common seichel:

    First you said the topic is pure lashon hara then you said it “begs for LH”, which are close, but not the same. Anyhow, I am discussing a gemorah…it can remain without LH.

    That said, do you really think a post titled “yiddish insults” does not “beg for LH”?! If anything, it is exactly that! So you contradict yourself.

    You have a bias, plain and simple.

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    common saychel:

    you say this “sorry the thread is PURE loshen Hora,” but recently you started a thread titled “Yiddish insults” which possibly is and certainly leads to lashon hara, hands down. So how do you differentiate or is it your personal bias?

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    Since what I posted is edited, assuming you didn’t see it, you wont get a full read on my observations. That said, the question still stands the way it is now posted.

    (BTW, I don’t see how what I wrote is more of an issue compared to many things posted is a legitimate observation. Somehow discussing certain things tends to be worse in one direction than another which is silly…but I am not in charge so it is what it is.

    UJM writes:

    Based on…if a Ben Torah or Yeshivish person or Talmid Chochom has a son …a Ben Torah or Yeshivish or Talmid Chochom, then none of the criticism…

    I was trying to be clear on this point. Yeshivish is mostly cultural…a father/son yeshivish is not what the gemorah is talking about…Now, yes, they may have what the gemorah says since they might be mimicking that as part of their culture…or maybe they dont have it…but try not to mix this up.

    This mistake is highlighted in a mishna in Avos discussing this general idea (see Rashi there): Al Tistakel Bikonkon…

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    I think you are not focused enough on your “target market”.
    It’s a critical thing. And you a bit scattered.

    Brain dump:

    Materialism: That’s not a kollel problem. It’s a klal problem. Yidden have it. It is more profound in certain places…less so in others. Regarding kollel, people who are materialistic probably don’t stay too long anyway…why should they? They want to make a buck so they do whatever they need to do. It’s hard to imagine a materialistic person staying in kollel for years…unless he has other issues…ok so that is a personal issue. What is a good solution? Rabanim and also Kollel leaders should give schmoozin on aspiring to a life within one’s means and spiritually motivated.

    Entitled I think is true. It’s no good. But as far as looking for a boy, I think if somone really wants a ben aliyah for their girl, they will find the type that doesn’t have big needs. The ones who are, likely aren’t the ” real deal” even if they learned in a brand name yeshiva…that said, even if he learns because he loves it and not because that is what everyone does, he still needs something so then it costs like anything else, only that if he is too demanding it demonstrates a problem…hopefully also he understands, even if he shteigs, that at some point he may have to get out and support the family…and it may also be hard then…so look ahead.

    Lack of guidance: again it’s not just kollel guys but a big plus of small kollels is that they have that more…a big place has drawbacks. But who is our target market? Not the guy who goes to people for guidence…its those who dont…they benefit from being where they get it…and to fix it speak to the yeshivas..
    I don’t understand how the rosh yeshiva or whoever you claim to have spoke to threw up his hands…it can be implemented internally in the yeshiva if they work on it…shmoozin…I mean it certainly can be made better by the

    Goals: in big places there are chaburahs for fast and for slow. You say, this guy said he only covered….well that is what he likes…another guy wants fast he goes to another building…this would be a plus for a bigger place over a smaller place

    Idealism: it certainly is not gone…people do want to make an impact…for many people however it is safer to be in a frum place for them and their kids….kollel years ago was about that…today jt is also but it is broader so we are talking about all types of people in kollel not everyone is for that…

    With all that said: I want to get back to target market. There are different intensities of yeshivishness out there…more specifically how much they are not only frum but socially frum…some types are more resistive to change or feeling compelled. Some types not so much. Some types are contrary bishita….even without realizing it or maybe on purpose…you can’t change the whole thing without clarifying not only the issues but the target market…different yeshivish types and intensities or heimish or what have you respond better to different things…I can give examples but it might get too touchy so so your homework is to figure it out.

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    I didn’t publish anything. I’m asking.

    in reply to: Orthodox hats for Shabbos — what do you wear? #1151997

    You can find black hats on Amazon and what not or a fraction of the cost of a $300 borse. Were talking 30/40 bucks. Check it out

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