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    ok, so after dating close to 100 guys, this is the best I’ve had…it was actually fun. Guy comes late to the date saying that he had car trouble on the way. We offer him to drive one of our cars, but he insists that his car is in good shape.

    We start driving and once we’re on the highway, the car starts to smoke. I try to play cool knowing that the hotel was just another 1/2 mile away. At the hotel, he stops the car and asks me to get out and stand at least 3 car lenghts away from the car because he knows his car will smoke terribly when he shuts the motor (I thought he was joking, but it was really true).

    I tried to have a pleasant time in the hotel, and once the date was over, we went to the dreaded car. We’re driving again on the highway and the car starts smoking again, so i asked him if we should pull over and call AAA. He said – nah, we’ll probably make it.

    Then the car starts really smoking – like billowing smoke out of a coal factory. Other cars were honking at us and pointing in our direction to pull over. At this point, I asked him to pull over. I also offered to call AAA and my father to pick us up. I gotta give him credit – he was pretty chilled the whole time. So we pull over and he tells me to move really far back because he knew it would smoke even more after he turned off the motor. Being that there was a forest on the side of the highway, that was the only place i could take refuge (in 3 inch heels no less!). So i’m in the forest in heels watching this car smoking not sure if the guy was alive.

    Finally I see him walk away from the car and he gave me his phone so i could call my father to pick us up. But by this time he was able to start the car again and we were able to get to the exit ramp to where I lived. On the ramp, the whole car died and he tells me his breaks stopped working. So he pulled over to the side of the road and the car is smokin again. I lived in a very frum area and people from the community are inclined to help when they see a frum yid.

    So here I am on a date with a guy on a ramp to my town with at least 10-20 people who stopped to help. It was a party. All we needed was some marshmallows and hot dogs to have a BBQ!!

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    Any recipes other than grilling? Preferrably cooked tuna steak?

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    Thank you Think BIG for so articulately conveying what so many of us are thinking.

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