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    abcd2:i hear the taynah, and i agree that i was a little misleading by what i wrote, and i apologize for any misconception. however, anyone who went to mir knows that what i meant was that r’ shepansky has been giving a top level shiur for many years -before r’ osher dov- as well as a mechaber s’forim, and was prob the most likely candidate to take the position. the fact that the mishpacha got together and picked r’ osher dov is in no way meant to have negative connotations on the mishpacha or r’ osher dov, who happens to be a major talmid chocham and a big masmid that we can all look up to.

    all i meant was to correct the earlier post of cherrybim, who stated that r shepansky was RH, and i wrote in language that would allow the reader to understand where cherrybim was coming from, and why anyone could have made that mistake.

    however, i hear where your coming from, and i apologize for any misunderstanding, and have no compunctions whatsoever if the mods remove that comment so that no one else can be misled.

    health:r osher kalmanowitz is r shraga moshes son.

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    regarding mir brklyn, i was just there in yeshiva. the roshei yeshivos are: r’ osher kalmanowitz (hes the main one, basically he runs the place:fundraising, farhers, and dorm, and works to set the tone) r’ avraham yakov nelkenbaum (r’ avrohom kalmanowitz’s son-in-law) r’ osher dov berenbaum and r hershel zolty (r’ shraga moshe’s son-in-law). r’ reuven shepansky probably should have become rosh yeshiva, but l’maaseh he didnt. r’ herschel kaminsky is not RH in any sense of the word. r’ elya brudny shlita is not RH either, but since he has the highest shiur – parallel to r shepansky – and the largest by far so outside of mir people refer to him as RH, although its incorrect.

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    …something the mods and posters often forget…

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    theres a sefer called shimushah shel drashah, not just for sheva brachos but also for brissin, bar mitzvah, and pidyon haben

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    r moshes tshuvah is in cheilek daled tshuva 64, i believe. he says that this that the yidden were saved in mitzrayim for not changing their names was ONLY before matan torah, not after. he brings down many names from amoraim that had secular names. however, he is skeptical in paskening this l’halacha, check it out.

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    it really shouldnt concern us jews so much regarding one goy killing another. it doesnt make a difference if he was guilty or not. of course killing is terrible and all that, but this whole business has no shaichus to anybody.

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    check out ben yehoyada kesubos 17a for a nice pshat from the nachlas binyamin. granted it is al pi drush.

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    i am under the impression that in the Tznius book it brings down r shmuel wosner shlit’a who is mechaleik between women looking at other women and looking at pritzus, for example women in a ladies or dressing room is not a problem, but looking at women at a beach with men present or on magazine covers is a problem, as those women are showing and flaunting themselves off to men, thats pritzus and jewish ladies cant see that. i havent seen the book for a while tho so i cant reference it, sorry.

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    i cannot believe this. what in heaven’s name is YWN thinking about allowing this thread? “why is hollywood more romantic”?? is there a mod here? anywhere? does anything go in this place? wheres the daas torah? i demand that YWN immediately close and remove this thread. this is much more than just borderline pritzus (which is also a problem, however maybe someone could see how it slipped past a mod)! i think YWN should rethink its policies regarding the coffeeroom, or else change its name to NOT-Yeshiva world news. outrageous.

    I considered this, and discussed it with another mod. He agreed it should be approved, and did so. If the editor wishes, he will delete it. Meanwhile, why don’t you make a cogent argument against it.

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