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    Has anyone ever been to a wedding at Kibbutz Gezer?

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    Hi everyone,

    Definitely appreciate all the responses. Moshav Ora definitely sounds worth looking into, as does the one near Kiryat Sefer/Modiin (if anyone knows more specifically where this is or what it’s called, that would be a huge help). Right now doing the planning from the states so there are just less resources for finding out things. Do any of the venues let you bring in your own caterer?

    Do you think a $10,000 maximum budget is practical? We’re aiming to go as inexpensive as possible while still having it be nice, as we’d rather put any other money towards an eventual house one day…

    Thanks again!

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    Englishveg- Even more than the fact that the sherry casks were “used many times”, after they are used for sherry these casks are completely taken apart. After they are power washed, they are put back together, and then used for aging scotch. The sherry reacts with the wood to decompose it into a sugar (not entirely sure how this part works), and this sugar flavor –NOT the sherry flavor– is why these barrels are used for sctoch. Due to all of this put together, my Rav holds that sherry casks are not an issue.

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    I greatly disagree with seeallsides. You want to show the big 4 that you are extremely professional, and while those ideas are creative, they are not the most professional.

    Some tips:

    1. Don’t use a template you find online and just fill it out. They can tell, and it looks silly.

    2. Use very strong adjectives and verbs to describe your tasks and responsibilities

    3. Explain your roles quantitatively. For example, “managed team of 6”, “responsible for 4 reports, including ___”, etc.

    4. Prepare a cover letter explaining why you are fit for the position. Make sure that this is not a generic cover letter, and that it shows why you are specifically interested in THEIR company and how you would be a great asset to them.

    Hope this helps.

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    I’ve helped a few friends with resumes in the past, and wouldn’t mind offering some critiques on yours. What type of field are you aiming to go into, and do you have any internship or previous work experience?

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    really depends what you plan on using it for. for some people, like my brother, 8 gb is more than they’ll ever use. they like to have a few CDs worth of music that they listen to over and over. for me, i use almost all 80 gb of my ipod. but i use it completely differently–i load music, videos, and photos. in addition to all that, i often use it as a flash drive. another thing to consider is if you plan on listening more to music or shiurim. 1 shiur will take up significantly more space than 1 song.

    good luck!

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    Going rate is dependent on your age, your education level, your neighborhood, topic and grade level to be tutored….

    Could be anywhere between 15 and 85 dollars per hour.

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