VIDEO & PHOTOS: Chanukah With The Belzer Rebbe


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belzn.jpgThousands of chassidim and guests alike gathered in a hall beneath the Belz beis medrash in Yerushalayim on the third noght of chanukah to watch the Admor of Belz light the menorah. With the bleachers packed, the Admor made his way to the front of the massive tisch table, where
he llit the menorah with much kavana. The amens that spread through the hall were awe-inspiring. Following the lighting of the menorah, the Admor sat at a table with a special chanukah tablecloth as a choir of boys chanted maos tzur together with the crowd.

Click HERE for video & click HERE for photos taken by Yehuda Boltshauser & Co.


  1. Editor,
    Itr was a beautiful video, I watched it 3 times, however, I did not see or hear the Rebbe make any brachos. I saw him come out, and the video then shows the Rebbe sitting and the oilam singing maoz tzur.