Forever With Me


Forever with Me is a moving memoir depicting the searing pain of a teenager who watches her mother suffer from a terminal illness and eventually succumb to it. In her honest account, the author shares personal letters written lovingly to her mother as disease swept across her mother’s body, as well as the letters she wrote even after her mother’s untimely passing. Through the letters, we watch a young girl struggle with pain, yet find strength for the future and emerge from the heartbreak in a hopeful and optimistic frame of mind.
This is a book that will bring you to tears, yet will uplift and inspire you at the same time.
“Wow… Really beautiful and moving… A must read!”
Yechezkal Kauftheil of Mishkan Yechezkel
“Shoshana Rube opens up the portals to her poignant journey. She takes us from heartbreak and despair of her early teens to finding solace and peace as a young adult. Her account, the letters she wrote and the emotions shared during her mother’s illness and then after her passing can be both instructive and inspirational for all to read…”
Rebbetzin Feige Twerski
“I am thrilled that this book will be available to offer support to those in the throes of pain after the petira of a parent. And for the reader who has never gone through this difficult nisayon, it will serve as an eye-opener as to what children and teens grappling with grief may be going through. The messages of emunah and bitachon throughout this challenge will surely inspire many.”
Mrs. Kohn, Director of Links
“Forever With Me, is a powerful book, one that is filled with heartfelt emotions and profound hope. I’ve waited long for a book of this kind and I’m positive that it will give chizuk to many.”
Rabbi Klar, Chai Lifeline
“While reading the incredibly powerful book, Forever With Me, I was deeply moved by its many inspiring messages. The young author’s account of the intense pain is a stark reminder of the importance of appreciating our gifts, not to complain about the inconsequential trivialities that may irritate us…”
Mrs. Esther Baila Shwartz

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  1. This is a truly amazing book. A painful memoir that turns the corner just when it becomes unbearable.
    How the author shows her turn to Hashem for strength and courage is amazing and is why everyone should read this book.