Petira Of Reb Ezriel Salomon ZTL, Brother Of Lakewood Mashgiach


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On Shabbos Kodesh Tisha B’av the renowned mechanech and askan Reb Ezriel Salomon Z”L, Brother of Reb Mattisyohu Salomon-Lakewood Mashgiach, was niftar.

He spent nearly 40 years of leading the chinuch in his hometown and being a trailblazer for many of his community’s activities in Gateshead, England.

Reb Ezriel, as he was fondly known by all, suffered a stroke 13 years ago which led to his graceful retirement. Over the past 13 years he suffered many illnesses and was mekabel yisurim beahava.

On Thursday of last week, a night before his grandson’s Bar Mitzvah he was rushed to hospital by a Hatzolo Ambulance. He fought for his life but this past Shabbos he succumbed to pneumonia.

The levayo was held today in the hall of the school that he led so devotedly and attended by thousands of talmidim and talmidos.

He is survived by his Rebetzin, sons and daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren who all strive to emulate his ways.

יהי זכרו ברוך.

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