HATE IN LAKEWOOD: Dozens Of Jewish-Owned Cars Have Tires Slashed [VIDEOS]


Dozens of tires were slashed in Lakewood in what police are calling a bias incident.

They say the suspect only slashed the car tires of Jewish residents.

Authorities say the tire-slashing spree began around 1:40AM Shabbos morning, on cars parked in front of homes.

A total of about 57 cars had their tires slashed at the Old Pine Acres section of town. More than 100 tires were slashed.

Police are investigating the incident as a bias crime.

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  1. @kShomron

    We are in galus, so unfortunately, in general that is not possible right now.

    As a resident of this neighborhood, I can tell you that the non-Jews in our neighborhood are extremely friendly to us and us to them. On several occasions they have gone out of their way to not only be friendly to us, but also to assist us in times of need. Just yesterday, I (who had tires slashed on both my cars) Received visits from non-Jewish neighbors offering help in any way they can including loaning me a car.

    I’ve lived in several neighborhoods, including out of town communities, and there is nowhere I’ve been treated as well by non-Jews as where I live now.

  2. @kshomron, Lakewood’s neighbors anti Semites is a walk in the park compared to hated of the neighbors in shomron, at least they are not stabbed in middle of the night,

  3. heckter chavalim-
    there you go again. seriously??
    first you say calling a black bear black is racist. now you say this incident not anti semitism. what makes you say that its not- this happened on shabbos not a random day in middle of the week.

  4. Toby – I wont respond here to your very obvious pro-racial comment relating to the bear. As to your other remarks, clearly you didn’t comprehend my comment or any of my comments, but that’s ok- you need to be connected to a Rebbe to understand it. However, your statement regarding Shabbos night is not correct. You see, if the tire slashing had occurred Shabbos afternoon in public view and the slasher stuck his dirty tongue out at the car’s owner while he slashed the tire, or even if he kept it in his dirty mouth, I would tend to agree with you that it’s Shabbos related. But it occured at night at a time when always most people are sound asleep. So he could have got away with it in tbe same manner had be chose to do it on a mid-week night. So Ma Nishtana Halayla Hazeh mikal HaLalos? In simple English words, absent better evidence it’s not necessarily related to Shabbos.

  5. @heckter

    Most of these types of crimes against Jews are specifically perpetrated on Friday nights as the criminals believe it lessens their chance in getting caught. They know that we are restricted from using phones on Shabbos. Fortunately our wonderful non-Jewish neighbors called the police but that was a good 8-10 hours later that the police were notified vs during the week.

    Jews also go to sleep earlier Friday nights.

  6. lol. i think hekter chalovim is just, to use modern parlance, Trolling. To address the other point, it so happens that before the shabbos attack there were 12 or so vehicles which had their tires slashed on pine street outside summerset walk, on tuesday or wednesday morning, that is a half mile from the area of the shabbos slashings