Fund Established for the Family of Reb Alter Boruch Weiss ז”ל


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The ground is still soaked with fresh tears on a newly dug grave.

Reb Alter Boruch Weiss ז”ל was suddenly taken from this world, leaving an אלמנה and 3 yesomim crying at home.

Together we will ensure a stable future for these 3 children by creating a Keren Yesomim for them.


Reb Alter Boruch was a loving melamed in the cheder in Skver Shtetel all his years, known for his steady warm, happy and uplifting character.

The story of this devoted father, with his exceptional connection with his children still continued this past week as usual. The lovely atmosphere at the Seder table with his children was second to none. Little did they know what awaits them in the coming 24 hours.

This Shabbos Chol Hamoed he was rushed to the emergency room with all the symptoms of a severe case of Covid-19, and a few short hours later, today, Sunday, he returned his Neshama to heaven to the shock and bewilderment of all.


With the help of some caring neighbors and friends an emergency fund is being erected to help the Almana raise the three young Yesomim that suddenly dont have any source of income.

With our donations we will be the ones who make sure to set a sustainable future for these three young Yesomim who just finished saying Kaddish at their father’s grave.