Lakewood: Petira of R’ Moshe Harari Z”L, Niftar From COVID-19, Twenty Others Hospitalized


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YWN regrets to inform you of the Petira of R’ Moshe Harari Z”L of Lakewood. He was 46.

Sources tell YWN that he was Niftar from complications from COVID-19. He was taken to the hospital on Erev Yom Tov, and was Niftar on Yom Kippur.

R’ Moshe Z”L is the son of Chacham Eliezer, a prominent Rav in Flatbush.

He leaves behind his wife and two children.

The Levaya is scheduled to take place 11:30 AM at the 7th Street Chapel in Lakewood, with Kevurah in Lakewood.

Meanwhile, there were around twenty Lakewood residents hospitalized in the past few days, it what is clearly a “second wave”.

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.


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  1. it what is clearly a “second wave”. I will rephrase this:- it was clearly a loud and clear message for everyone to wear face masks, no questions asked, and no exceptions;
    Anyone not wearing a face mask, is a רוצח who must immediately be expelled from any Shul or store or any public place.

  2. “Meanwhile” Doctors in lakewood still refuse to give Hydroxychloroquine Zinc (+ Vitamin D) and Azithromycin early on even though there is overwhelming evidence that it saves lives.

    One doctor told me “I don’t want to lose my license over this, I worked too many years for it” (Since the EVIL DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR prohibited Hydroxychloroquine for COVID outside the hospital setting). We all know Hydroxychloroquine ONLY works early on, once a patient reached the hospital is has little chance of helping, as was explained here many times.

    So saving a fellow yid’s life is not worth losing license? Especially when we all KNOW, no doctor will TRULY lose their license if they prescribed it. Even If the Governor was SO STUPID to go after a doctor who tried to save their patients, a lawsuit against him will be overwhelming….

    To all Yiddisher doctors, make sure you are not m’sayeiya to ROTZCHIM, it will cost you a lot more than a license in Shomayim

  3. To all the people screaming mask 😷 😷 if you are NOT also taking Vitamins D, Vitamin C and Zinc and encouraging others to do the same your words regarding masks are meaningless. Masks and LOCKDOWNS are at best a short term band aid it won’t help in the long run, unless you plan on isolating yourselves for the rest of your lives

  4. Perhaps they can have a designated doctor from NY or Pennsylvania prescribing the above protocol for the sick patients and deliver the prescription to them through a third party (through tele-health). Also, there should be mandatory testing for symptomatic people showing up to doctors offices. Masks should be enforced in grocery stores. I shouldn’t be the only one out of tens of shoppers wearing a mask, besides the cashiers, thank you. And please don’t stand over my shoulder while waiting in line. Shuls should mandate masks for mispallelim enforced by their Rav. Do we need to police people like they’re doing in Eretz Yisroel in order for people to listen to the guidelines? Yes it is a mitzva. V’nishmartem, Lo Sirtzach, V’Ahavta L’Reacha Kamocha. Please think of others before stepping out of your daled amos unmasked. Tizku L’Mitzvos.

  5. And Roshei Yeshivah, Menahalim, Rabbonim/Poskim, and must:
    a) insist that anyone who has tested positive must stay/daven at home / not go to school (i.e. wil not be allowed in under any circumstances, even if wearing masks)
    b) insist that anyone who has been exposed to a positive individual should EITHER likewise stay/daven at home / not go to school OR at least wear a mask at all times
    c) must return to OUTDOOR minyanim for all others (since they MAY have been exposed and are unaware of it)
    d) must insist on social distancing

    Nobody questions making a bris on Shabbos even though it requires chillul Shabbos
    Nobody questions eating according to halachah even on Y”K if ones health is threatened
    Nobody should question davenning at home even if it means missing tefilah b’tzibur, krias ha’Troah, and the delicious hot kiddush.

    Store Owners must:
    a) limit number of customers in their stores at one time
    b) insure social distancing in their stores at all times
    c) insist that all staff and customer wear masks

  6. Calling that Brooklyn nudnik HESHY TISCHLER!!!!!!! Is this fake too? Its not happening???!!!! I hope you have a good answer for when HKB’H asks you to answer for your mishegas!!