BDE: HaRav Moshe Rochberger ZT”L Of Haifa Niftar


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HaRav Moshe Rochberger ZT”L, one of the Rabbonim of Haifa, passed away on Sunday in Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem. HaRav Rochberger was one of the talmidim of Maran Hagaon HaRav Elyashiv ZT”L. He was born 83 years ago during the Second World War in Europe. At the end of the war, his family moved to Israel and settled in Haifa.

As a child, The Niftar learned in a local cheder and entered Ponevezh at the age of 14. He later studied in the Hebron Yeshiva until he got married and once again moved back to Haifa.

He became the Rov of the Bat Galim neighborhood of the city at the age of 26 and was considered to be the youngest community Rov in Israel. 20 years later he became the Rov of the Ramat Hadar neighborhood and was able to preside over a mixed population of religious, traditional, and secular Jews.

In recent years, Rav Moshe was not feeling well and moved to Bayit VeGan in Jerusalem. Over the past few weeks, his situation deteriorated and he caught pneumonia which he suffered with until he, unfortunately, died on Sunday.

During his lifetime, he lost two sons and two wives. He is survived by four sons and two daughters and many grandchildren.

Yehi Zichro Boruch…

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)