BDE: Bodies Of Nasi Of Jewish Turkish Kehilla, Wife Found Under Rubble

Fortuna, z'l, and Saul, z'l, Cenudioglu (Janudi).

At the end of intensive search efforts, the bodies of the president of the Jewish kehilla in Antakya, Turkey and his wife, Saul, z’l, and Fortuna, z’l, Cenudioglu (Janudi), were found lifeless under the rubble of their building overnight Wednesday.

A special rescue team of the IDF’s Home Front Command soldiers and ZAKA volunteers arrived at the couple’s building, which had collapsed in the quake, overnight Wednesday. The rescuers worked intensely in difficult conditions for many hours until the bodies of the couple were located.

ZAKA volunteers are supporting the couple’s children and relatives during this difficult time.

The area where the bodies were found. (Photo: ZAKA)

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. @sara riVka. They should move just because of an earthquake? an earthquake can happen anywhere at anytime. Besides, they ARE home! in their native country, keeping their traditions and culture, that goes back thousands of years. they don’t need to be living next to you in a melting pot society ravaged with division and terror, just because you happened to be Jewish. And in case you forgot, there are TEN lost “Jewish” tribes, why don’t you call on them to come “home” so they can be next to you and live your lifestyle? Maybe they are the ones home and you are the lost one? they are the majority after all. So just please calm yourself. It’s not up to you when all Jews should come home. Hashem runs the world and He will decide when they all go home.

  2. Sorry @sara rivka, before i disprove your zionist view, i would like to say one thing:
    Rabbi Yosef Ya’avetz Hasfardi says in his sefer about the Spanish inquisition, that in all generations, when a tzarah came upon Jews, the first thing was- They would sit down and be choker why such calamities befell them. NOT what the zionists say, that its all because we didn’t have a state or that we don’t live in it. (this nonsensical attitude doesn’t even need to be disproven for anyone with a brain in his head, as one can only see the horrific terrorist attacks going on, nearly daily, היה לא תהיה.)
    Well, lets actually do what the above says to do: Look up מסכת ברכות נט./: ועיין ברבינו חננאל, that when there is a earthquake, what actually happening is, keviyachol H’ cries and lets down to this world two tear-drops, which causes the earthquake. look at the mefarshim on why…..
    but what you (and many zionists) suggest is the most dangerous thing that can happen to Jews. As the mefarshim say, when H’ said to Avraham Avinu that his nation will be Kechol Hyam (like the sand of the sea), which in one way can be translated as a curse, that we will go into galus, and then be scattered, is actually in itself a bracha! why you ask? because if one Jewish population gets wiped out ch”v as we saw in the holocaust, crusades, Tach V’Tat etc., the others will remain. And this is precisely why, until HASHEM, and ONLY HASHEM will redeem us from this galus, the most dangerous thing for us to do will be to all move into one place, making it easier for our enemies to attempt to wipe us out.
    I really am sorry to pop you zionist bubble, but i feel it imperative to say the truth in the face of all this troll nonsense that people say here……..