Rav Avrohom Wallis HY”D (29), Father Of 6, Killed In Yerushalayim Terror Attack


candle914The pedestrian who was run over and killed R”L by the tractor terrorist a few short hours ago has been identified as an avreich, Rav Avrohom Wallis HY”D, 29, a member of the Toldos Aaron Kehilla. He was a mashgiach for Asra Kadisha at the construction site.

The niftar was born and raised in Yerushalayim. His father, Rav Shimon Wallis, is a shochet and mashgiach for the Badatz Eida Chareidis. The niftar worked in the Wallis tzitzis factory run by an uncle.

The niftar is survived by his rebitzen and six children. The levaya will leave the Toldos Aaron Beis Medrash tonight, Tisha B’Av, at 22:00.

Boruch Dayan Ha’Emmes…


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Let it be known that Jews who hire (or allow others to hire) Arabs to work on their premises share responsibility for the lives that are lost as a result.

  2. #2 You’re right about not hiring Arabs but what does this terrorism have to do with hiring Arabs? Arabs live in this neighborhood or at least very close by.

    The problem is that Arabs only understand power and see the government as very weak – and sadly, they’re 100% right.

  3. Every terrorist is a destroyer we create with our aveiros.

    #2 you are right…and people have to really feel that it is not to dangerous your family, of which klal Yisroel is all one family, in order to save a few shekalim… It is very hard to make headway with this issue though because they are cheap labor here. How anyone can get used to it or tolerate, for us as new olim, is difficult to comprehend….

    Everything that is going on is extremely hard to bear and every Yid has to feel like it happened to them… No business as usual now…

  4. Let us see if the so called “leader”of 100,000 people in New York. Who blamed the fathers of the three yeshiva boys who were murdered by Arabs as their fault. Because the fathers put their sons in danger .In this case will that so called ‘leader ‘blame the father?

  5. To commenter #1 about time: it is erev tisha b’av. A 29 year old young man was just killed, leaving behind 6 orphans. And you comment about neturei karta? It seems that you are adding only sinas chinam & l”h to the discussion. I request that you retract or clarify your comment.

  6. Ft mom no he’s simple starring a fact as traffic as it is this group is anti isreal but still take handouts.
    Guess they will never learn a Jew killer doesn’t distinguish between Jews ALL Jews are targets
    And yes he was right historically.

  7. #7, you are absolutely right. And to the one who pointed out that it is before Tisha B’Av. Indeed it is. It is a time for us to all recognize that we are in the same boat and that we need to work together to fight the great hatred of our enemies. We also need to provide aid and comfort to our brothers the victims. And we won’t be silenced by arguments of Erav Tisha B’Av or anything else meant to divert the people from taking a step back and away from extremism.

  8. To #9 because of people like YOU, the second Beis Meikdash was destroyed .Had people STOOD up at that famous meal and say ‘[it is against the Toraha to embarrass someone in public’. There fore unless the host lets his enemy stay for the meal then EVERY ONE is leaving .NO ONE SAID ANYTHING TO THE HOST, THE REST IS HISTORY .We must learn from that story,BECAUSE IF WE DONT THEN WE ARE GUILTY FOR THE SAME .Therefore when someone who is a ‘leader’ accused the three fathers for the MURDER of their yeshiva boys BY ARABS the we must stand up and say THIS IS NOT THE WAY OF THE TORAHA.May Hashem in his own mercy have mercy on us and send Messiach NOW (by the way I am not a Lubavitcher) .

  9. there is a group out there that thinks that Arabs hate “Zionists Only” but not Jews. Let this be a very clear declaration that they hate us all!

  10. Baruch dayen haEmmes.
    May Hashem give the family the strength and courage to get through this dark period.
    My thoughts and prayers are with them.
    May his neshomo have an aliyah.