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PHOTOS: 2nd Yerushalayim Terror Attack, Near Mt. Scopus Tunnel – IDF Soldier Shot [UPDATED 5:36 IL]



16:19: Security forces continue to respond to the Mount Scopus area of Yerushalayim as EMS on the scene reports treating a gunshot victim in moderate condition. The victim, a male in his 20s, was hit in his abdomen.

Ichud Hatzalah EMTs are operating on the scene, the entrance to the Mount Scopus Tunnel from the Wadi Joz side of the tunnel near Route 1.

It is believed the shooter was on a motorcycle. A police chopper can be seen in the air and a manhunt is on for the shooter, who reportedly headed for the predominately Arab Wadi Joz (Shimon HaTzaddik) area of the capital.

Additional information to follow.

16:26: A large police force is heading to the Wadi Joz area of the capital in the hope of apprehending the motorcyclist who fled the scene of the shooting attack near Hadassah Mt. Scopus Hospital.

16:32: The shooting victim is arriving at the emergency room of Hadassah Mt. Scopus at this time. There are conflicting reports stating his condition is moderate or serious.

16:37: There is only one victim in the shooting attack in Yerushalayim. According to authorities on the scene, earlier reports of a possible second victim appear to have been inaccurate B”H. The victim was transported to the hospital, just a few short blocks away.

The pursuit for the shooter continues in the Wadi Joz area of the capital.

16:40: It appears the wounded man in the shooting attack is an IDF soldier. The attack took place on Yitzchak HaNadiv Street near Wadi Joz.

16:44: Jerusalem Police Chief Yossi Pariente confirms the shooting victim is a soldier. Yomam commandos are operating in the Wadi Joz area along with other elite forces, sealing down the neighborhood as the manhunt for the shooter continues.

 16:59: Police are calling the shooting incident near Mount Scopus a terror attack.

17:08: The wounded soldier is described in moderate-to-serious condition, now in emergency surgery.

17:17: Police heighten security in the capital following two terror attacks in the span of less than 2.5 hours. Units are being mobilized in different areas as the manhunt for the Mt. Scopus shooter continues.

17:36: The terrorist got off of his scooter, walked over to the bus stop where the soldier was standing and opened fire at point blank range. He then got back on the vehicle and drove off. Police are continuing the manhunt for him at this time. The soldier, who is in surgery is reported in serious condition.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Still waiting for Hussain, Lurch, & Susan Rice to issue their “statement” of “condemnation” regarding these TERROR attacks! If they feel so obligated to issue a stupid “statement” every time some little Hamas dog is gotten rid of by the IDF who are defending themselves, then I expect the “so concerned” US President to issue one over here as well.

  2. YWN you have got this all wrong. This is what the British Foreign Office says in its official travel advice to UK citizens: “On 4 August, there was an incident in Jerusalem on the Route 60 opposite the Olive Tree Hotel, involving a collision between a tractor and a bus.”

    Moderators Note: With all due respect, at least paste the rest of what they said and be honest: “The police have started an investigation into allegations that this was a terrorist incident.”

  3. Moderator: you didn’t get my sarcasm. The Great British have noted as a fact that there was a collision between a tractor and a bus. It is the Israelis who are paranoid and think everything must be linked to terrorism and have thus made allegations that this was a terrorist incident.

  4. [continued] After all in London it is obviously an everyday occurrence for there to be such “collisions” where a bus gets tipped on its side. The British hate us: period.

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