VIDEOS & PHOTOS: One Fatality in Terror Attack In Yerushalayim Near Kikar Zvill [UPDATED 16:54 IL]


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13:50 IL: According to preliminary information from the scene, a terrorist driving a tractor rammed a bus and flipped it onto its side. The bus is from the Elite Company, not Egged. B’chasdei Hashem the bus was empty. It appears there are no injuries. The location appears to be near Zvill Junction.

A policeman in the area fired at the tractor driver, who is reported in serious condition.

13:54: EMS performing CPR on one person. It is unclear if this is a victim of the attack or the terrorist who was reportedly shot.

14:00: A pedestrian is in grave condition. CPR is still being performed. It appears there may be a number of others with non life-threatening injuries.

14:03: It is likely the location was selected because it is the seam line between Jewish and Arab areas of the capital, which divided by Route 1.

14:08: The person in critical condition is reported by a MDA paramedic as being a male in his 20s. Two victims sustained mild injuries. The terrorist has been pronounced dead on the scene.

14:11: It is now reported the civilian who was in critical condition was niftar. The attack took place near the Eitz HaZayit Hotel.

14:14: Shraga Hoffman of Ichud Hatzalah reports on the Chasdei Shomayim, explaining it was the first stop of a bus heading for Betar Illit, hence there were no passengers on board.

14:16: Israel Police spokesman Assi Aaroni says police are viewing this as a terrorist attack.

14:19: Magen David Adom Chief reports five people with light injuries were transported to Hadassah Mount Scopus and Shaare Zedek Hospitals.

14:22: Preliminary reports state the niftar was hit by the tractor when it drove from the building site it was working to head to the bus. Eyewitnesses to the attack say the terrorist swung the large shovel of the tractor repeated times until he finally succeeded in striking the bus. An officer of Israel Police who saw what was taken place ran over and fired several shots at the terrorist, halting the tractor and killing the terrorist.

14:30: The attack was on Sachs Street, between Shmuel HaNavi and Route 1, opposite Zvill. The construction site where the tractor/digger was working was a short distance away.

14:37: Arab sources are reporting the terrorist was a resident of the Jabil Mukhaber neighborhood of Yerushalayim, identifying him as Jabbes Majbel Muchbar.

14:41: Officer Aryeh Twitto, of the Israel Police Nachshon Unit, realized what was taking place, opening fire to neutralize the terrorist. The terrorist fell to the ground bringing the attack to an end. Twitto was lightly injured.

15:42: Five people with light injuries are in Hadassah Mt. Scopus Hospital. A sixth victim is also listed with light injuries, treated in Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

16:49: Baruch Dayan Emmes:
The pedestrian who was run over and killed R”L by the tractor terrorist a few short hours ago has been identified as an avreich, Rav Avrohom Wallis HY”D, 29, a member of the Toldos Aaron Kehilla. He was a mashgiach for Asra Kadisha at the construction site.

The niftar was born and raised in Yerushalayim. His father, Rav Shimon Wallis, is a shochet and mashgiach for the Badatz Eida Chareidis. The niftar worked in the Wallis tzitzis factory run by an uncle.

The niftar is survived by his rebitzen and six children. The levaya will leave the Toldos Aaron Beis Medrash tonight, Tisha B’Av, at 22:00.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photos: Shmulik Walk & Shiko Greenfeld, News 24)


  1. I witnessed the attack. This was a deliberate attempt to tip the bus. I saw the bus right side up and the tractor pushing it to and fro from the roof with the shovel. It was going from the right two wheels to the left two wheels. Like a toy. People were yelling and then there were gunshots. Thats when i ran off…

  2. ive seen some of the videos, shocking that people just stand there watching and videoing.

    also as bus was empty expect the oficial statement to say this was a revenge attack not a terror attack.

  3. Bechasdei Hashem only one pedestrian was killed. The same place and month as 12 years ago where 22 were killed in a bus/pedestrians Hy”d.

  4. Yikes!
    Why was that bus empty?
    Why were the streets empty?
    Why weren’t there tens of people at that bus stop?
    Why weren’t there scores of people hurt or chalila…?
    Hinay Lo Yanum Veloi Yishan Shomer Yisroel.
    Baruch Dayan HaEmmes to that Yid and his family!!

  5. And what is difference between TERROR attack & REVENGE attack? Both are “death to the Jews”.

    More of the area people should be trained with armaments, “Every Jew a 22”..

  6. Answers to the questions in #6:
    Why was that bus empty?
    Because it was the first stop (on the way to Beitar), and hadn’t started filling yet.
    Why were the streets empty?
    Because it’s Erev Tisha B’Av, and people had gone home a little earlier. E.g., the Mir is a block away, and half an hour earlier, the street was packed with yungeleit heading home.
    Why weren’t there tens of people at that bus stop?
    See previous answer.
    Why weren’t there scores of people hurt or chalila…?
    Chasdei HaShem. There is no other explanation.

  7. Additional answer #6:
    The streets were empty of Mir bochurim also because there was an early Mincha today, Erev Tisha B’Av. Normally, it would have been very busy there at 1:45 PM, especially during Beis Hazmanim. Many of the boys staying in a dira belonging to the Mir saw the entire incident. B”H, my own son was not in his room at the time.

  8. Att: #10 & #11,
    I knew that! They were rhetorical questions just to show Hayad haShem Tiktzor??
    What Chessed Elyon!
    What a Shomer Yisroel He is!