SEE THE VIDEO: Police To Pay 15,000 NIS In Reparations To Chareidi Man Violently Beaten By Officer


A Chareidi man who was beaten by a police officer after asking him why he was hitting a Chareidi minor, was awarded 15,000 NIS in reparations from the police by a Jerusalem court. The court recommended that the police settle a lawsuit that was being filed against them as a result of the man being beaten by the officer in an incident that occurred in May 2017.

The incident unraveled after an officer hit a Chareidi minor who was protesting in Meah Shearim. An Avreich, the plaintiff, approached the officer and protested the officer’s actions demanding to know why the officer was hitting the minor. The officer then proceeded to grab the Avreich’s beard and hit him. The Avreich filed a lawsuit against the police via Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir and in the lawsuit, described how other officers proceeded to jump him, choke him, forcibly lie him down on the ground, and punch him. One officer then approached him while he was lying on the ground and spit at him and then pulled his beard. The officer then walked off as if nothing had happened. He was then arrested and forcibly marched through Meah Shearim Street after his Yarmulka fell off. The man asked the officers numerous times to stop and let him retrieve his Yarmulka and the officers ignored his pleas.

Following the lawsuit and the complaint, the court recommended to the defense attorneys representing the police that the issue be settled out of court and the plaintiff granted 15,000 NIS.

Attorney Ben Gvir commented on the results of the case: “With the charge of 15,000 NIS, there is a message being sent to the police, to stop the violence against the Charedi public.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Eisav haman & amaliak all rolled into one. Evil wicked bare headed pork eating chilonim. And “our” politicians just sit on their hands. Is there any wonder that the “State of Israel” has no kiyum? These tembelim will never be able to form another “government”. In order for Moshiach to come, the medina darf geit intter. This is all brought down in seforim.

  2. Anyone who watches the above video and does not feel their heart crying “Yemach shemam v’zichram” about the policemen in the video is a rasha, v’ein lo cheilek b’Elokei Yisroel.
    To all the rabid Jew-hating, zionist loving, heartless and stupid YWN commenters, whose names shall go unmentioned because every YWN reader knows who you are: HOLD YOUR DAMN TONGUE FOR ONCE! There is no excuse whatsoever for what was shown in that video.
    I feel so bad that the avreich was swindled into such a measly sum; in America, I swear, he would get multi-millions of dollars. Additionally, why the hell did they suffice with a civil lawsuit? Why isn’t the Nazi serving a life-sentence? And yes, if you don’t see the correlation between the Nazis and this, please see a therapist.

  3. It’s a joke, it’s an insult – he should be given 500’000shekel at least!
    And if there are no personal consequences to the individual police officers i.e. being sacked, they have no incentive to stop their unwarranted violence against chareidim.

  4. 15,000 shekels is pennies for such a crime as an officer attacking the people he’s supposed to protect. This will not discourage any cops in the future. They should have made the cops pay 50,000 shekels. That would make a difference and place fear in the cops to act out of line. It would also most likely force them to remove their hatred and view the Chareidi in different light. If a kid is acting out of line you don’t beat him up. If a civilian is questioning your actions of excessive force, you don’t beat him up. There has to be accountability!