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Sullivan Sheriff’s PBA Says Staffing Cuts Are Risking Public Safety

scsdThe Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office PBA called on the county legislature to restore the cuts to its road patrol division.

Union President Kyle Muthig said on Monday they understand given the continued weak economy the need to tighten government’s financial belt, but a loss of 12 positions from the road patrol division is putting the deputies and the public at risk.

“Putting out two and three cars minimal on the road it burdens the public when they call for help; sometimes it takes us a half-hour or hour to help people and it’s a real safety issue for the public without the proper staffing, the proper manpower, the residents of Sullivan County aren’t getting the proper policing that they deserve,” he said.

Muthig said the sheriff’s patrol amounts to only 2 ½ percent of the county’s total budget so he urged lawmakers to restore staffing and overtime.

With the summer population soon to triple, the legislature has authorized the hiring of one full-time deputy and five part-timers.

Sheriff Michael Schiff recently told the county legislature with the increase in burglaries and drug-related crimes, it is becoming increasingly difficult to patrol the county and conduct investigations with the staff cuts.


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