The Donald Has Spent $1M For Research On Potential 2016 Bid


trump.jpgDonald Trump has spent more than $1 million on electoral research for a potential presidential run in 2016, The NY Post reported Monday.

Trump spoke at the Oakland County (Michigan) Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner earlier in May, which was attended by a crowd of 2,300 people.

“Everybody tells me, ‘Please run for president. Please run for president.’ I would be much happier if a great and competent person came along,” Trump reportedly told attendees. “I’d be happy if President Obama did a great job. I’m a Republican, but before anything, I love this country. I would love to see somebody come in who is going to be great.”

Trump told the Oakland County audience that Hillary will be the Democratic Party’s nominee in 2016, and warned that Republicans should be ready for a fight. “It seems that everybody who runs for office wants my support. I will say (the Republican Party) has to pick the right candidate because it will not be an easy election in three years. If they don’t pick the right person, it will be a landslide,” Trump said, according to Source Newspapers.

Michael Cohen, special counsel to Trump, told the Post they commissioned the $1 million in research into Trump’s standing in each state, and to gauge those he would need to win over.

“The electoral research was commissioned. We did not spend $1 million on this research for it just to sit on my bookshelf,” Cohen said. “At this point Mr. Trump has not made any decision on a political run, but what I would say is that he is exactly what this country needs. The turnout at these political speeches indicates his following remains very strong and is growing.“