FOUND: Group Of 20 Yeshiva Bochrim Found After 13 Hours In Catskills [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


After missing in the Catskill Mountains for nearly 13 hours, a group of around 20 Bochrim were Bichasdei Hashem found.

The group of boys from Camp Adas Yereiyim were hiking in the area of Biscuit Brook, located on Frost Valley Road in Claryville, NY, when they went missing. They were last seen with a staff member at around 1:00PM on Thursday. The group eventually somehow split into two groups, and wandered on various marked hiking trails in the “Big Indian Wilderness” section of Catskill Park – a large area that has no phone service whatsoever.

The NYS Forest Rangers, NY State Police and Ulster Counter Sheriff Department mobilized at Biscuit Brook, and requested Hatzolah for assistance. Catskills Hatzolah mobilized with dozens of volunteers as well as around 10 Hatzolah volunteers who are trained in searches using ATV’s. Rabbi Joel Gold, Chaplain of the DEC Police was on the scene coordinating between Hatzolah and the authorities.

Additionally, a group of around 40 trained search & rescue volunteers from Rockland Chaveirim were dispatched to the scene to assist.

Both missing groups – one with 8 boys, and one with 13 boys – were eventually located by the Forest Rangers. One of the groups had walked nearly 20 miles before they were found at 1:00AM. Thankfully, the boys were just tired and hungry, but otherwise in good spirits and in good health.

One group was picked up by Fleischmans Hatzolah, and a second group was picked up by Catskills Hatzolah.

The boys were thankful to the dedicated Forest Rangers who walked in the dark for hours until they located them and led them to safety.



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  1. It’s the same thing every year people with zero experience in the woods get lost, putting searchers at risk. Obviously none of these kids or their leaders carry a compass or map, or know how to read a map or compass. The first rule of thumb when one is lost in the woods ‘stay where you are’, let the searchers come to you. Please please before a life is lost, provide sufficient training to both the leaders and followers. Rent a locator beacon. Stop making stupid mistakes.

  2. How often does this have to happen before people wake up and act more responsibly? Do they want to wait and keep up business as usual until the rescuers stop answering their calls, or take stronger measures?

  3. finally no one actually commented the following” NO MASKS, OH WHAT A CHILLUL HASHEM” this is a kiddush Hashem they went there for hisbobedus

  4. Boruch Hashem they where found.
    But if staff members do not know how to use compass and map, if they do not know how to find North / South by looking on the trees, if they do not know in what direction they are heading when they leaving the camp (north/south/east/west) they will not know how to get back. So, they should stay in the camp

  5. This is happening way too often. Hiking in wilderness or national parks require trained hike leaders, experienced and with proper equipment. People think it’s just like a walk in the park. No it isn’t! B”H all worked out, but sometimes it doesn’t! This whole hiking in wilderness without training MUST STOP! it is placing individuals or groups into sakana! The whole thing is a meshugas sh’ain ka’mo’hu. The adults need their heads examined! Read the risks and dangers before taking a group onto the wilderness!!!