TRAGEDY: 19-Year-Old Girl From Cedarhurst R”L Killed In Upstate NY Crash


YWN regrets to inform you of the tragic Petira of Dina Rosenzweig A”H, 19-year-old girl who was R”L killed in a crash in upstate New York on Motzei Shabbos.

Dina along with a friend were both critically injured in the crash near Buffalo, NY, and rushed to the hospital. Dina was taken into emergency surgery, but was R”L Niftar on Sunday.

Dina lived in Cedarhurst (Five Towns), NY, and is survived by her parents Rabbi Menachem and Devorah Rosenzweig, as well as her siblings (she was one of 12 children). Her family belongs to Chabad of the Five Towns.

Please continue to be Mispallel for Esther Perl bas Chanah Devorah who remains in serious condition.

Boruch Dayan HaEmmes…

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)