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Obama 103; McCain 34

8:13PM EST:

Pennsylvania – Obama
Illinois – Obama
New Jersey – Obama
Massachusetts – Obama
Maryland – Obama
Connecticut – Obama
New Hampshire – Obama
Maine – Obama
Delaware – Obama
DC – Obama

Tennessee – McCain
Oklahoma – McCain
South Carolina – McCain


Obama: 103 Votes

McCain 34 Votes

3 Responses

  1. This is all bubkes, because:

    1. Most of the precincts have not reported.

    2. These numbers are based on exit polls, and exit polls lie – especially in this election due to the Bradley Effect.

    3. Lev sarim umelachim beYad Hashem.

  2. shazam..
    If Lev Melachim B’Yad Hashem…what are you stressing about?

    as for the Bradley Effect…apparently the rest of the country is not as racist as out community…

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