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CHECK THIS OUT! The Williamsburg ‘Shmiras Einayim’ School Bus

A Chassidish Yeshiva in Williamsburg has taken Tznius to a new extreme; covering the windows of their school buses to ensure their young Talmidim do not Chas V’shalom glance at anything inappropriate on their way to and from yeshiva each day.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. This is similar to the way in Europe parents would walk their children to cheder with coverings over their heads so they wouldn’t see anything inappropriate in the streets.

  2. Does that mean that today’s rebbes (including admorim and mechanchim) are all baalei aveiroh because they went to yeshiva on buses that had transparent windows?

    We are becoming expert at placing blockades against the yetzer horah. But he does not need to test us this way. He can easily start by challenging us in emunoh, and to be weak in ahavas and yir’as Hashem. This new idiocy will delude many people into believing that this is heilig, and that tinting your windows is the epitome of yir’as Hashem. Meanwhile, we will continue to daven, to rid ourselves of that chore so that we can go to work where there may be no shmiras einayim, where we can violate the issurim of ona’ah and gezailoh. Am I the only one who finds this laughable?

  3. Again with the bashing. We have enough hate from the outside. Do we need the frum websites to also paint us in a negative backwards light? Does everything have to be “reported”? I expected such fine reporting from the lowlifes at VIN, not YWN.

  4. My thoughts:
    > Will bully kids on the bus now think, ‘ah no one see’s me I can do whatever I want!’ ?
    > Is it safe for the driver to have frosted windows 24/6?
    > The kids stand half the time anyhow, don’t they?

  5. this is only news because its sensational, y is yeshiva world spreading ridicule of yiddin in elul there is no point in spreading this you definitly dont think it should be emulated and its not the norm even by chassidim and was never suggested by the previous gedolim this just brings litzonus, and pirud

  6. Perfect, instead of explaining what’s yiddish and whats goyish, they do this – so when they will turn 18 years old they will have no idea how to live in the open world knowing what’s kosher or not.

  7. To “The Little I Know”, you are so correct. Our world has gone mad with shomrim cards, measuring girls hair length & covering bus windows!!

  8. great idea! Much much better, however, for all those that travel to work in private buses to Manhattan – Avi Avos Hatumah!! This I can sympathize with. But the bus route in Williamsburg?? Heilega Williamsburg is pritzusdik? Maybe the girls’ hair is tooo long!?

  9. I think they are completely nuts, the ones who did should be checked what they are up to. It seems like they’ve got things on their minds & are covering it up so they don’t get caught.
    All YWN is doing is reporting on what’s going on. They didn’t say if it’s a good idea, and idea or any other type of opinion.

  10. Unfortunately heilige Williamsburg is blessed with pritzus’dige bike lanes and pedestrians as it’s now one of the hippest neighborhoods.

    So you don’t have to emulate this Yeshiva if you don’t agree with them, but I don’t know why you guys have to mock them before checking out the scene.

  11. Maybe the yeshiva should put them all in blacked out rooms all day. R’ Avraham Yeshaya Karelitz (Chazon Ish), R’ Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky (Steipler), R’ Yisrael Abuhatzeira (Baba Sali) – who were from the biggest on Shmiras Ainayim – didn’t try to impose it on anyone except themselves. If people want chumrah’s that’s great – they should make chumrah’s for themselves – not others – definitely not children. Its the epitomey of rishus, to impose your chumros on others…

  12. “in Williamsburg has taken Tznius to a new extreme;” and you ywn are daas torah to decide its extreme? if your trying to patronize the modox people you didnt get yourself anywhere as they dont think your more sophisticated or less chanyuked. your grouped together by peoples that come from this professionals college graduates minds as the same type as these bnei yoelnikers . STOP ”KISSING UP”

  13. 讞讚砖 讗住讜专 诪谉 讛转讜专讛.
    Everyone is trying to out frum the next person l, while they forget to teach the basics!

  14. If the rebbe / posek of the chassidus favors it, then the rest of us ought to shut up. Parents who don’t like it have the option of moving their kids to a different school. It’s purely an internal matter for them. The mocking and sarcasm that exudes fron YWN’s report is like so many others where the editors of the website mix their opinions into the news reporting. Publish the news without emotion and opinion. And publish a separate “Op-Ed” piece expressing your opinion. Not just on this, but for many other goings-on in the Chareidi world of which you approve or disapprove.

  15. shulemmacher: what amazes me is how many positive comments there are here. One would of thought that all those who see nothing wrong with this or actively advocate it, would be miles and miles away from the Internet. And I am prepared to bet that YWN is not the only site they frequent and I also imagine from the TAG literature that some of the sites are uhm, how shall we say it, not so kosher.

  16. This is a VERY serious comment. Don’t take it lightly. Here we go:

    From Wikipedia: School bus yellow is a color which was especially formulated for use on school buses in North America in 1939. The color is now officially known in Canada and the U.S. as National School Bus Glossy Yellow and was originally called National School Bus Chrome.

    So first let’s look at the current word ‘Glossy’. oy this is not good – we need to get rid of the glossiness of the bus otherwise you are looking for attention. Now let’s look at the old word ‘Chrome’. Oy yoi yoi x2, since people may think the yeshivos are now using chrome books or are promoting ‘Google Chrome’ which sports a pretty colorful logo including the colors yellow and red. This is all very flashy and NOT modest.

    Also I think the FLASHING lights on the bus should be covered with some kind of smoked glass so the lights will not be too FLASHY and SHOWY. Also FLASH sounds like Fleishig and therefore to take a dairy snack on the bus would be very bad – you’re not supposed to mix last time I checked… that is unless the flashing lights are SOY based or coconut! The blinkers are also a problem because they look like ‘winking’! The headlights are terrible because they have a continuous ‘looking for attention’ aspect. The STOP sign on the bus should be green or blue a less flashy color and more modest color. One last zach the driver doesn’t have a smoked glass!

  17. I forget the name of the extremist “ultra-charedidi”cult whose members were running from country to country to escape legal action from the government for alleged abuse…… seems there is a segment of the yiddeshe tzibur that mamash wants to move back the clock to a world that really never existed in the Alte Heim and adopt this dark, insular lifestyle that denies the existence of modern society and a diverse world and would prefer to live in a virtual cave. That is their legal right (as long as their children are not physically or emotionally abused) but it is a slippery slope. The vast majority of yidden and gadolei ha’dor have rejected this lifestyle but again, there is NO single voice governing how yidden can or should live their lives.

  18. I think that all these modernisha zachen should be removed – they never had any of this back in der Heim. No more school buses!
    In all seriousness now; If the kids would walk to school, have a ‘walking monitor’ for each route – It would probably be quicker to get to school that way anyway; less traffic on the road for everyone else; the kids would get some exercise; and they would also be exposed to the outside world in a controlled way & use it as a learning experience.

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