VIDEO AND PHOTOS: Peleg Yerushalmi Holds Hafganos In Jerusalem And Bnei Brak After 2 Yeshiva Boys Arrested


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As promised, the Peleg Yerushalmi, the followers of HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Auerbach Shlita held Hafganos following the arrest of two Yeshiva Bochrim. They were arrested for failing to register for the draft, in line with instructions from Rav Auerbach.

The Yerushalmi branch leaders called for stormy protests in response to the arrest.

The following message was disseminated by the Peleg to all their followers:

ההפגנות יתקיימו במקומות נוספים ברחבי הארץ, במוקדים הבאים:

בבית שמש: כיכר רסידו – בשעה 20:30

באלעד: בכניסה לעיר – בשעה 20:30

באשדוד: – לפי ההוראות במקום – בשעה 20:30

בצפון – יתקיימו הפגנות מאולתרות בצמתים ובמקומות מרכזיים.

וכל הגולה כולה תבער כמדורת אש על מעצר היתומים בני העליה

Many buses were stopped as protesters blocked streets and roads in Bnei Brak and Yerushalayim. The Jerusalem light rail was blocked as welll.

8 protesters were arrested in Yerushalayim, and 4 protesters were arrested in Bnai Brak.

ALL CREDITS FOR PHOTOS & VIDEO: מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים, אליהו, נתי בדש


  1. It’s so funny to hear the Peleg crowd (and others) refer to the Israeli police as Nazis, etc…when they show such restraint. If I was in charge, I would publicly give the protesters a 3-day warning, then any protester blocking traffic becomes fair-play for the drivers.

  2. Not registering for the draft is Against the law. Why would a rav advise this? And if he did, him and his kehilla should just leave the country.

  3. It is very interesting that Rav Shmuel Auerbach’s Peleg party acts like this after R’ Shmuel’s father Rabbi Shlomo Zalman was the Rav for the IDF very interesting to say the least.

  4. notice the wording of the article. It does not say that R’ Aurbach shlita called fr the protests. It just says that the boys did not register for the draft acc. to his shita and then the leaders of this group called a protest. I have not seen anywhere that Rav Aurbach supports these protests

  5. Is this the derech of Kiddush hashem???????? Violence and hefsed zman and money have no place in Kiddush hashem????? Agree with Yaapchik…Very difficult to understand what Rav Shmuel shlita wants to accomplish with these sitins that disturb the status quo. What will happen if authorities ch”v decide to arrest the Rov???? There are more civilized ways to have hafganos. this seems close to a chilul hashem…..
    What picture does this give to the world???????????????????

  6. What are your suggestions for a more civilized protest? The picture that this gives is that if at the end of the year, the government decides on mandatory conscription for 18-year-old yeshiva bochurim (who I believe belong in yeshiva), there will be civil unrest, as there well should be. How about sharing the burden of Talmud Torah?

  7. As a resident of Beit Shemesh, I cant say I am in favor of the protests as they are disruptive but on the other hand there are major problems in this country with the way that the army (amongst other things) is used as a tool to get Charedi Jews away from the tzibbur and out of yeshivah/kollel.
    I used to think that R’Aurbach had a few followers and pretty much everyone else followed R’Steinman but having lived here for some time its clear that the numbers are rapidly shifting towards R’Aurbach.
    I am not someone who is going to sit in the road and block traffic but I do feel the tzibbur needs to have a strong way to react to the situation. As the Charedi population rises in this country, the secular leaders are more and more troubled and will resort to any tactics possible to entice us away from learning.
    Am just saying when you live here you realize things aren’t’ quite so black and white (excuse the pun)

  8. chaimb12 : you are sooooo misinformed. Rav Shlomo Zalman was NEVER rav of IDF.
    and to all of you out there, who simply HATE the peleg b/c you are so misinformed and do not even know what’s behind the protesting – yes, us peleg’s are protesting so that YOUR children should stay frum and not get caught in the army.
    Have ANY of you spoken with a mother or two of boys who went into the army frum and came out xxxxxx l”o?!
    please learn your facts b/4 you go about ranting and raving about the chilul Hashem!!!

  9. binyomint: wow, that is the first time i’ve heard s/1 write some sense on this matter. you are VERY preceptive.
    most people speak out against the peleg b/c they sound like the neturei karta who go and kiss Ahmendinijad’s beard… but they are not that type at all. they are simply, as you said, protesting that fact that the army is desperate to get any amount of yeshiva bochurim out of yeshiva and into the army