WATCH: Kalman Yeger Shines At Boro Park Debate



Kalman Yeger, the Democratic and Conservative candidate for the 44th Council District, gave a powerful performance at tonight’s debate hosted by Hamodia in Borough Park, presenting an optimistic vision for the future of the neighborhood and cementing his status as the front-runner with a clear path to victory.

On issue after issue, Kalman demonstrated the understanding of how government works, and actually gave clear answers and offered solutions to the issues of great concern.

Kalman also forcefully defended the Orthodox Jewish community’s religious practices and defended yeshivas amid a hate campaign by organizations that seek to harm the community and was the only candidate who said “I won’t even mention the name of that organization. They don’t deserve the free publicity.”

Tonight, voters saw only one candidate on stage who has the experience and the relationships needed to bring change and improve our neighborhoods, and that candidate is Kalman Yeger.

“What voters saw tonight is why I am supporting Kalman Yeger for City Council. Kalman has a clear understanding of the issues, he has practical solutions and the years of experience to get things done for you,” said Councilman David Greenfield who added “Kalman clearly won the debate. I give a Heshy Tischler credit for coming in second in this three-way Hamodia debate.”

Yeger is the Democratic and Conservative Parties’ candidate for City Council in Brooklyn’s 44th District on November 7th.

The closing statements speak for themselves. Watch the video below:

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. This is pathetic. Why is YWN losing itself over their preference for one candidate?
    I’m close to staying away from YWN if they continue with stupidity after stupidity.

  2. The statements clearly speak for themselves. Yeger speaks directly to the point to clarity and vision. Hikind rambles with wanton nonsense about himself and self professed knowledge. Tischler seems to have good intentions but that’s where it ends. The race is over – Yeger for office!
    Hikind can take the negativity that they brought to this campaign and throw it away just like they threw away hundreds of thousands of dollars on this race. We need a candidate that can stand on their own merits and not those of their father. With all due respect for the work Hikind Sr. accomplished over the years, but it’s time to face reality. Your son is far from what the 44th needs.

  3. I know absolutely nothing about this race or the issues but watched the video and can state with absolute certainty that Yeger is the standout and Hikind is an angry and self-centered person. I study body language extensively. There is no question that Yeger will win and deserves to.