DETAILS: President Trump To Have Lunch With 100 Orthodox Jews In NYC Next Week


President Trump will be joining more than 100 Orthodox jews in NYC for lunch next week.

The details of the major event were kept under wraps the past few months, as it was being arranged and a date set. It will be held on November 12.

Sources tell YWN that the event is not backed by any Jewish organization, and was done solely to have the opportunity to thank the President on behalf of the Jewish community.

The event was arranged and coordinated by major philanthropist Louis (Lazer) Scheiner of Monsey, NY.

Although an exact number is not known, it is rumored that the event is raising millions for the president’s reelection campaign.

Attached is the flyer sent to those invited.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. JoJo….tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, in fact there should be a kok koreh that ANYONE with milah in the NYC metro area must line the streets and sing the praises of the Trumpkopf. Also, all yidden should say hallel on November 12th. Did i miss anything?

    BTW: Did anyone else have the same reaction to the point in the article about most of the wealthy guests being associated with the nursing care industry, perhaps the most ethically challenged sector of the economy for yidden

  2. Yes, thanks trump and your supporters for the exponential rise in anti Semitic attacks on your watch, including the most deadly attack on Jews in the history of the U.S.

  3. GH:

    You labeled “perhaps the most ethically challenged sector of the economy for yidden”.

    I do not disagree that this was once the case. However, there were many investigations, arrests, and changes in the laws to prevent this nonsense. I am not on the inside to attest to anything with certainty, but I do know quite a few people who work in that industry. Yes, there is still potential for profit. But the insinuation that the sector is presently the most ethically challenged is unfounded. But your knack for blacklisting so many people you don’t know has not gone unnoticed.

  4. Kol Hakovod to these askanim.
    We owe hakoras hatov to President Trump for efforts on behalf of Yidden – here and in E”Y.
    If only the DemoRats would let him perform, we may have even had tuition credits by now.
    Only hope that he wins the 2020 with a landslide of epic proportions.

  5. If they will successfully ask the president to parole Jonathan Pollard it’s all worthwhile – otherwise it’a a missed opportunity!

  6. “…Trump and your supporters for……rise in anti Semitic attacks…”

    Nope. Rather a strong case can be made that the reckless liberal Jews who push anti-Torah , anti- moral , anti- American values on G-D fearing , moral and family loving Christians are absolutely causing Jew hatred. They’re in media, politics, academia and are a nauseating presence all over this great land. These Jews worshio the liberal Baal, kneel at the Baal Peor , and shame the rest of all.. The sham impeachment zoo to remove a POTUS is infested with Jews… The American heartland is watching… They know… They know and some are becoming anti-Jew believing we’re all the same..Jew lib progressives are our bane, not the great Donald Trump.

  7. Be wary of authorities who befriend a person for their own purposes. They appear loving when it is beneficial to them, but do not stand by the other person in his time of distress (Rabban Gamliel, Avot 2:3)

    Trump’s going to finish what Hitler started.

  8. Little You Know: I’ll stand corrected if you can cite an economic sector which has invovled more criminal investigations and convictions of yidden than nusing homes (on a relative basis using any meaningful metric). Obviously, no one is suggesting that “all” or even a “large percentage” of nursing home owners are unethical. Just a disproportionately high number.

    Zion: Thanks. Its been a long day so a bit of comic trolling is greatly appreciated. Progressive, anti-trump yidden are obviously the major factor leading white supremacists to attack synagouges in Pitsburgh and Pueblo Co., assualt Chassidim in Willy and BP, etc. If not for immoral socialists such as R’ Bernie Sanders, R’ Chuck Shumer, and R. Gerald Nadler, we’d all be 100 percent safer. There is irrefutable evidence that the rapid growth of anti-semitism in modern American history can be traced to the Jewish women who “escaped” from the kitchen, obtained advanced degrees in law, science ad medicine and challenged the male dominated model preferred by “real” American Christian patriots.

  9. GH,
    Notice you’re in love with the word “trolling” . Anyway, you omitted pencil neck Jew , and other notable Yids on CNN . Get out of your heimishe spa…. sing Adon Olam along with the little kid at the end of davening, finish the Polish tzibullios in herring sauce, then fly yourself to Middle America, walk into a bar and say the word “Jew” as loud as you can , then see what happens….
    Oh, don’t just throw herring plastic tub in trash can….. recycle, recycle, recycyclerecycle…. My planet’s dying…
    You’re right about Crown Hts.though… That’s on Trumffkupp not on Yidlibbs..
    Everyything’s on his blonde polished kuppff, no??……

  10. Kantor: “Trump’s going to finish what Hitler started”
    I’m obviously not a big Trump supporter but there is a line between critical commentary, satire and vile hyperbole. Yes, I agree that Trump has probably energized/legitimized those who were already anti-Semitic but he is NOT himself contemplating genocide as part of a long term plan. He needs to be impeached or preferably defeated at the ballot box so that others who are truly dangerous will not ride his continued role in our political system to further empowerment. Please consider taking down your posting.

  11. ZionGate: Yes, I prefer to assume you are “trolling” to give you the benefit of the doubt and imply that you really cannot be that naïve.

  12. GH… lol. You have every right to anonymous, of course. But don’t you think that not revealing whether you’re a male or female and playing both is a form of trolling?

  13. ZionGate,
    It is virtually evident For anyone who isn’t closed up
    couldn’t have expressed it better

    even if it was black and white you what you wouldn’t care for the facts would you
    your nefarious agenda is old news
    go ahead and mock
    there’s absolutely evidence for any who cares enough of the world
    all these have caused anti-semitism

  14. ZG: How about “undecided”…..New York State (along with several other enlightened jurisdictions) now allows individuals seeking drivers licenses to simply opt for an “X” rather than having to commit to an incredibly discriminatory binary gender designation. For example, ships in the U.S. Navy have historically been referenced in a feminine context notwithstanding the profoundly masculine purpose of their existence. A member of the U.S. Congress was recently forced to resign for expressing her gender preferences (ignoring for the moment her fairly blatant violation of Congressional rules governing “fraternization with Staff). An undecided self-identification allows one to arbitrage based on the realities of the moment without being locked in for the long-term. For example, why just be a Tzionist gate when you might sign into the CR one afternoon feeling more like a Jaffa, Dung, Lion or Hulah Gate (I checked and their is no formally designated “Trump-Gate” in Jerushalayim….just some pile of Rocks in the Golan).

    The Damascus Gate

    The Zion Gate

    The Golden Gate

    Herods Gate

    The Lions Gate

    The Dung Gate

    The New Gate

    The Huldah Gates