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WATCH: Hundreds Of Orthodox Jews Welcome President Trump At Fundraiser In Manhattan [VIDEOS]

Around 400 Orthodox Jews gathered at the Intercontinental Hotel in Manhattan on Tuesday to give thanks to President Trump, and to throw their support behind his reelection campaign.

Sources tell YWN that the event was not backed by any Jewish organization, and was done solely to have the opportunity to thank the President on behalf of the Jewish community.

The event was arranged and coordinated by major philanthropist Louis (Lazer) Scheiner of Monsey, NY.

The event reportedly raised a whopping $5 Million for Trump’s reelection and the Republican National Committee.

Mr. Kivi Bernard was the emcee; National Anthem and Jewish songs (such as Tov lehodos) were sung by Beri Weber.

Hagaon HaRav Yisroel Reisman, one of the Roshei Yeshiva in Yeshiva Torah Vodaath recited the “Birchas Hanasi”, and Rabbi YY Jacobson introduced the president.

Cheers of “four more years” broke out as Trump began his speech.

Trump began his speech by joking about the recent elections in Israel, and then thanked “Eli” Scheiner for making such a beautiful event, and then thanked major Jewish philanthropist Mr Ruby Schron, who he called a “great guy”.

Trump then spoke about Israel, starting off with touting his moving of the Embassy to Jerusalem.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

50 Responses

  1. Yussel, I’m so glad you’re concerned about fascism. I assume that you’re also against killing babies and taking away kids from their parents in order to make them transgender. If someone came to take away your child, would you not try to fight back? And would they not absolutely crush you? No, but Trump is obviously the real fascist.

  2. “America First ” was the group that didn’t want to fight Hitler.

    Trump enables their political descendants.

    It is a shonda that even a single Jew supports this.

  3. Yussel
    I’m no Trump fan but hes no fascist. Look up the definition. He may behave boorishly but he is not a fascist nor a racist.
    I am a little concerned over the America First slogan which is pretty closely associated with an alt right group by that name.

  4. @Yussel. Please give one example of fascism. Just one. Otherwise please keep your uninformed CNN opinions to yourself. We are blessed to have this man as our president and not some rotten good for nothing liberal trash.

  5. charliehall, it was your beloved Communist Party of America (Democrats presently) that initially did not want to fight Hitler (ys) because he was an ally of Stalin (ys) at that time.

  6. According to Wikipedia “Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe”.

    As Trump once said, “It is disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want and people should look into it.” That isn’t fascist?

  7. As far as tzedaka most if not all the attendees are Torah supporters if u were too tally what this group gives a year to it’s a min of a hundred mill
    R reisman didn’t go bec it would hurt the efforts w the education issuei

  8. @charliehall Never heard of this group “America First”. Left-wing Google search engine does not pull it up.

    Trump’s “America First” policy is to oppose the dangerous globalist agenda put forth by Obama that was ruining our economy, promoting, crime, terror, and anarchy in America and the world. This is no exaggeration.

  9. “I gave you, in Jerusalem, the Embassy…”
    I don’t like this. We are citizens in America and to be regarded as anything else opens the door to antisemitism. Even though the President means no harm, others who might adopt this perspective do. Imagine if Omar said this?

  10. @ Yussel you’re a dope. Regenerating talking points from the dems and media.
    Fascist don’t lose elections, Trumps party unfortunately lost the midterm elections.
    I hope Trump wins 2020, and all you nutty leftist hands will explode.
    Evil obumer was a socialist anti american anti Israel, so are the dems.

  11. What a beautiful way to thank a POTUS who has worked to restore Judaeo-christian values to America, who has been a friend and staunch supporter of Jews and Israel, and who has done so much to undo the evil done by Obama and his ilk.

  12. You people that believe in THIS MAN .. do NOT believe in God .. You are the example that we fear will put another savior on the cross .. The Hebrews didn’t killed Christ .. you people did .. You people that believe outside your faith .. outside of Human Rights .. Even the Devil wouldn’t want you .. You know what Humanitarians could do with $5 million .. help save endangered species .. end poaching .. reconstitute the guns laws .. save our national parks .. help with new clean air and water initiatives .. If you are NOT a Humanitarian, vote Republican ..

  13. This was obviously an illegitimate event that does not represent the Orthodox Jewish Community because it seems that Ezra Freidlander, Jerrry Nadler, Chaskel Bennet, Chaim Deutsch, the NYC City Council Judenrat, Kalman Yeger,Simcha Eichenstein, Simcha Felder, Leon Goldenberg, the Rappaport Democrat Campaign Committee, and all of their associated apparatchiks were not in attendance. Yes I am being sarcastic.
    Four more years to President Trump the best friend the Jewish people have ever had in the White House, and the last hope for the salvation of the USA and the world from the Military Industrial complex and the Fascist Democrat Party and its left wing pervert supporters.

  14. When the attorneys involved in the release of Rubashkin from his horrific lengthy sentence were asked when they began to believe in the possibility of his release, the answer was unanimous – “the night Donald Trump won the election.”

    Just for the prison reform that he has gotten passed (and how that has helped Yidden incarcerated) he deserves our votes.

    With the direction being taken by the Democratic party, our moisdos and shuls are at risk of being forced to accommodate changes to our religious and moral fundament. You don’t need more than looking at what is happening here in NY state regarding education. Add to that all the other proposals made by the leftist candidates running now.

    Not only do we have to vote in Trump again, but we have to vote for the full Republican slate so that the president can get things done with the support of the House and the Senate.

  15. Charlie Hall, so you support the ultra left, anti israel and anti capitalist Democratic left? The real shanda is the number of Jews who refuse to take off the Democratic blinders

  16. SOFTWORDS; The Jewish Philanthropist, such as Ruby Schron gives a far greater amount of Tzedaka to Yeshivos then to any non Jewish campaign! He only went to the event because that’s what his Rav told him is the right thing to do
    So don’t decide things for these Torah Leaders, unless you know exactly what you are saying!

  17. Trumps attempt to silence opposition is a display of fascist tendencies. Perhaps I ought to have used Gore Vidals label (which he applied to William F Buckley) “crypto-fascist”. The point is that Trump is supported by people who are out-right racists, anti-semites, and extreme nationalists (fascist).

  18. I can understand the nursing home industry leading the hurrahs for the Trumpkopf but the fact that so many Rabbonim are getting dragged into this slime is really sad. One can be supportive of specific policy actions taken by the administration while at the same time refusing to twist themselves and rationalize bizarre behaviors which are so alien to yiddishkeit and American values as to make it impossible to avoid.

  19. Gadolhadorah, 1. Still with comparing a US President to Adolf Hitler who murdered 6+ million Jews. Your antics begin to get tiring after a while. 2. This story has little to do with nursing homes, please stay relevant with the story at hand. 3. I wouldn’t say that many Rabbonim are “getting dragged” into anything. They certainly aren’t puppets; perhaps that’s what you believe.

  20. Well,well…. Here it comes… The usual BTWPTDS.. ( bucket throwing words and phrases by Trump Deranged Syndromites)
    without evidence or even a semblance of it.

    Here’s a potpourri….

    _____ Alien to yiddishkeit
    ______ bizarre behaviors
    _______Alien to American values….as to make it impossible to avoid…Mmmmmm.. huh??
    _______Trump enables their political descendants
    ______ Jews supporting fascism
    \______ Trump attempt to silence opposition
    _______ Fascist tendencies

    What we’ve noticed is that these people never, ever offer honest proof of their accusations, because they can’t..

    We Love you , Mr. President. 5 more years.. May your enemies fail…

  21. Gadolhadorah, you are the last person to comment on what is “alien” or not alien to “yiddishkeit and American” if hits you on your leftist anti-Torah head.

  22. This is excellent. It will counter the image given by the tiny but very vocal minority of Orthodox Trump haters , like Yosef Rapaport and the like. This will show that they do NOT represent the majority of Orthodox Jews, the vast majority of which support Trump !

  23. This is such an embarrassment to the Jewish people. Once a proud nation who would never bow to the opinions or wills of a country or king, now to be reduced to these cowering fools who bow and serve as slaves to those in power. Even the method in which these ignorant cretins have gained access to this meeting is deplorable that they buy their way in (this does not surprise me considering that their slave master also bought his way in through money). To even make a bracha (which disgraces G-d name in a manner beyond belief) is a mistake. I hope that by the next election we will have learned from our mistakes.

  24. Shimon Nodel, great answer to Yossel!

    Yossel, so are you pro murder of innocent babies, as a woman’s choice?

    Yossel is a perfect example of some who are so open-minded, their brains fell out.

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