WATCH THIS: Neturei Karta Leader Prays That Israel Be Erased And The Whole World Should Worship Allah


One of the heads of the Neturei Karta, Yisroel Meir Hirsch, published a video last week during the rocket attacks on Israel that raised the ire of hundreds of thousands of Israelis. While the Palestinians were launching rockets at Israel and millions of people were huddled in bomb shelters, Hirsch said that the entire land of Israel belongs solely to the Palestinians and that he wishes the speedy “nullification of the Zionist-terrorist-regime. The lands, which are all Palestinian, should be returned to the nation of Palestine.” Towards the end of the video, he said: “The world should serve Allah under one name.”

The video which Hirsch said in Hebrew, was broadcast by Palestinian media channels and had English subtitles on it for those who don’t understand Hebrew.

Hirsch opened by saying: “To our brothers and friends, the Palestinian people, who are under the continuing occupation, under the boots of the Zionist occupation, and to all those who search for peace among the nations throughout the world. We, the authentic Palestinian Jews who represent the Jewish nation in Palestine and throughout the entire world, wish to express our unequivocal opposition to the Zionist State and to the brutal crimes of the occupation.”

“We hereby declare that there is no such solution as the Two-State Solution. The entire land of Palestine belongs to the Palestinian people only. They are the legitimate owners of all of Palestine, and the Zionists have no right to any piece of the land, not even a centimeter.

“We also wish to clarify here that the position of J-Street and such like-minded organizations do not represent the Jewish people and are certainly not benefiting the Palestinian people. The entirety of their position is a lie and a diversion tactic against those who seek peace and justice, as they promote a false discourse of rights which totally rejects the basic rights of Palestinians.

“They talk about strengthening the democracy of the Zionist State during a time when Zionist is based solely on a complete dictatorship and the complete negation of the basic human rights of the Palestinian people who are under a violent and cruel occupation without an ounce of democracy that is accepted in the rest of the world.”

“Their entire goal is to maintain a demographic Zionist majority in the land in conjunction with an apartheid rule that is based on the racial theory of Zionism, in what they refer to as the State of Israel.

“We hope and yearn for the abolishment of the Zionist regime of terror, for the return of all Palestinian refugees to the homes and their historical lands so that we may all live in peace and brotherhood just as we lived with our Palestinian brethren before the rise of the Zionist monstrosity, and that the entire world should worship Allah with one voice. Inshallah!”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Okay stop it! There is such a thing as mental illness nebach.we all know this is not what the satmar rebbe had in mind when he was against forming a state.why do u have to put this headline out?yes its very painful and its terrible that this gets around.can we not publicize this any more than necc? when this person is obviously suffering from illness to be able to say the whole world should worship… its like another person that men and boys have fun with on whats app about his anti israel stance when hes obviously not all there..that person has family that is being embarrassed on avct of everyone having fun at their expense..i dont know about this rabbi but since were all one family it pains me to see ppl talking about ,making fun of,publicizing of this obviously not well person..hashem should send all cholei amecha a refua shleima-physically,mentally and emotionally..

  2. Srulik Meir’l :

    Get the facts straight when you croak. J Street is on YOUR side. Maybe you mean ZOA…. J Street is your kapos in arms, they actually love you , Srulik.

  3. This guy truly believes that when an Arab will have a chance to kill a jew he is going to kill some else but him cause he gave this little speech.

  4. So definitely they aren’t Jewish anymore. They had become Palestinian Muslims calling for genocide of the Jewish people. The Satmar Rebbe should be denied entry into Israel for babbling BDS and the satmar and nk in Israel should be stepped from citizenship and sent out of the country.

  5. What right do we have to the Holy Land? 
    In the beginning G-d Created Heaven and Earth …Rashi’s commentary on this very first statement of the Torah follows: 
    “..It was not necessary to begin the Torah (whose main objective is to teach commandments) with this verse…. And what is, therefore, the reason that it begins with Genesis? Because if the nations of the world will say to Israel: ‘You are robbers because you have conquered with force the lands of the seven nations (of Canaan) they (Israel) can answer: ‘He created it (as described in Genesis) and gave it to whomever was proper in His eyes. Of His own will He gave it to them (the non-Jews) and of his own will He took it from them and gave it to us!’ 
    Actually it is not necessary to use this quotation from Torah to establish the tenure rights of the people Israel for the land of Israel. This point is made strongly and continually elsewhere in the Torah – even to the extent of identifying the people and the land as one. The accomplishment of Rashi’s explanation, quoted above, is to publicize the fact to all people – and to emphasize that the giving of the land is nothing less than an expression of the Divine will. 
    No one denies that the land of Israel was once in gentile hands. Indeed, this fact is conceded in Psalms: “The power of His work He has declared to His people in giving them the heritage of the nations.” By the will of the Al-mighty, the land was once the heritage of the nations, and by the will of the Al-mighty it was given to His people.
    When Abraham first entered the Land of Canaan, G-d promised him, “I will give this land to your descendants.” At that time the Land of Israel became the eternal heritage of the Jewish people, their land for all time. Even during the years of our people’s exile, Eretz Yisrael remains our land, as reflected in the prayer we recite three times each day: “Gather us together from the four corners of the earth to our land.”Based on discourses of the Lubavithcer Rebbe, Rabbi Menacherm M. Schneerson,

  6. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS that YWN is publicizing this absurdity! Everyone know Neuturei Karta is about 10 people not more! Why are you giving them all this publicity? What is your agenda?

  7. Ok, i realize that i’m going to garner a lot of hate for this, so first off let me be clear, i do not agree with him. Now, for the jiucy part, i’ll make it short.
    They hold zionism is rish’us,(and according to the majority of the frum world, their right), as it is breaking the pact of “lo yaalu b’choma. In which case, the land is not legally owned by Jews (al pi torah that is). Therefore it IS rightfully Palastinian land. Furthermore, the RMBM says that moslems arent Kofrim because they pray to 1 g-d. If so This man praying to the muslim translation of the word H-shem would also be legitimate.
    Third, J-street while being far left, still considers itself zionist, so no, he’s not with them.

  8. Relax relax allah is the one and only Hashem which the Jews and and our Muslim brothers all worship and yes ביום ההוא יהיה ה אחד we say every day
    Didn’t see any chiddush with this video don’t chop why it’s news

  9. Posters 1 & 10, concerrned mom and a mamin, you both make very good points! Why, oh why, YWN doesn’t give these points some thought before posting such absurdity is beyond me! It is supposed to be a Yeshiva World news source! No? This guy is nebech sick: what’s the point of putting his story out in the public other than to engender blasphemous and hateful comments! This doesn’t bring Mashiach any closer, does it?

  10. The original Hebrew is much better than the translation.
    I’m glad that YWN published it, it speaks for itself, and draws the lines very clearly.
    I dare say that the bulk of the yeshivish world agrees with him on most levels.
    By the way, Allah is a generic translation of God, and it is perfectly legitimate for this fellow to call for the world to worship God.

  11. to Concerned mom.

    Actually you are wrong about Satmar,they agree 100% with his statement that Israel belongs to the Arabs and Jews have no right to set up a government before the arrival of Moshiach,and moreover the Satmar rebbe writes in his sefer ‘vayoel Moshe” that the only thing holding back Moshiach is Medinas Yisroel,and as long as Jews have sovereignty over Eretz Yisroel he will not come,and yes he writes that every Jew when praying three times a day when saying the bracha of ‘V’LAMALSHINIM” in the SHEMONEI ESRAH when saying “v’hamalchus zadon meheira s’akar” we should all have in mind Medinas Yisroel”
    The only thing Satmar would not agree with this guy ,is his last idiotic statement about ‘allah”
    Yes Satmar has nothing to do with Neturai Karta ,but ideologically they are brother in arms and working 24/7 to besmirch and weaken and hurt and try to destroy our one and only God given Eretz Yisroel

  12. Publication of this article is indeed questionable. If you have negative comments or thoughts about the nation H-shem chose to be the Am Hanivchar, keep them to yourself. Very saddened by seeing this article. Why give fodder to those who hate us just for being alive.

  13. can someone please explain why he speaks in modern day hebrew if he is against the modern state (certainly against the zionist Ben Yehuda). before he even got started, he is already a hippocrit

  14. Not sure too many people believe this guy, except for YWN. Come on, “rabbi?” Who or what makes him any kind of rav? It’s unsettling to see that these lunatics have graduated to YouTube and the internet. Avoid providing any any publicity for these pathetic people might be a better way to deal with them.

  15. This nut seems to be negating even Avraham’s purchase of land which we read about in this week’s parsha? He is entitled to his thoughts but should keep them to himself.
    Has he said anything about the Satmar Rebbe visiting what what the Neturei Karta considers Palestinian land?

  16. You can call him crazy , but he speaks for many sympathizers in both the Satmar AND litvish/ yeshivish world.
    They won’t agree with NK about worshipping Arafat or meeting Ahmedinijad on Shabbos , but they agree 100% with his shita.

  17. Click-bait Headline.
    He is obviously talking about Israeli rule over Eretz Yisroel, not that it should be “erased” and “Allah” is obviously referring to HKBH. While he may seem radical it should be noted that he is a Talmid chochom and Yarei Shamayim.
    I ate a shabbos meal at Rabbi Hirsch’s house and witnessed a wonderful Torahdik family.
    He is also the Mechaber of the Siddur Vilna which is found in many Ashkenaz Shuls worldwide.

  18. Rational –

    “I dare say that the bulk of the yeshivish world agrees with him on most levels.”

    I daresay that you are wrong about this.

  19. Not sure Rav Yolish, Z’L would look fondly on this cretin even if there are some parallels to his original shitah on the Zionist state. There is an old Yiddish saying about “don’t sleep with dogs if you don’t want to get fleas”.

  20. My cousin lives in Yerushalayim and knows this guy. His Father was a Talmid Muvhak of Rabbi Aaron Kotler. And like everyone else said a few times, Allah that he speaks of is HKBH, Bechvodo u”Batzmo. And there are many Frum non NK yidden whose view of the Zionist government in Israel is similar to this guy. Not my view, just putting it out there.

  21. First of all, millions were not in bomb shelters. Only people near Gaza, so maybe 20,000. Secondly, what is he saying that’ so radical really? EY should not be run by Jews until Moshiach comes. It’s a pretty traditional position actually.

  22. ….Or…. at most , a nice place to visit, take obligatory Kotel pics, recommend spicy falafel joints, pony rides in wadis, geriatric tour buses, Yad Vashem, and tootle-oo

  23. This guy is so off for so many reasons
    #1, he is speaking modern hebrew, and even if he wasn’t, yiddish or english was not the language of our forefathers.
    #2 He denies the covenant god made withIsrael. The promise wasn’t conditional on Mashiach being present.
    THe fact is, the promise was kept by devine intervention. Who’s to say his interpretation is correct?
    #3 If he is following Allah, then Allah recognizes Mohammed the prophet that raped, pillaged and murdered his own people and the countries that the Ottoman empire conquered. So those that believe in Allah believe it is their right to follow in the footsteps of Mohammed. NOT THE MOSHIACH!
    #4 He ignores ALL the miracles that happened during each attack by Arab neighbors to destroy Israel without giving any power and gratitude to Ha shem for saving the jews.
    #5 He talks about Israel being apartheid, He is living under a rock??? Every Arab nation that worships Allah is apartheid in the REAL sense, NO OTHER RELIGIONS OR ETHNICITIES ALLOWED. His version of apartheid would negate every nation with their right to define who is Italian, Spanish, German, etc.. Does he call those countries apartheid too?? They were all conquerers and conquered, and established for the rights of an apartheid nation.
    It’s so insane that this Woody Allen look alike is spouting hate and calling himself a Jew.

  24. Catch yourself
    I’m wrong about you. You must be very lonely.
    The vast majority of yeshivish rabbanim hold that the Zionist State should be dismantled.

  25. Of all the dumb comments here, this one is the dumbest “They had become Palestinian Muslims calling for genocide of the Jewish people. ” Nobody is calling for genocide. They just don’t want a state that calls itself a Jewish state but really isn’t.

  26. Anti-Zionism is the new twist to the Jewish religion like Conservatism and Reform is, but it is not Judaism. The Torah teaches us that we should defend ourselves against our enemies- it is a mitzvah to do so.

  27. This filthy swines father was on the payroll of the Palestinian authority, his official title was Minister of Jewish affairs,he is a swine the son of a swine

  28. Zionism is actually a complete gutting and revamping of Judaism from a Torah-based people to a gentile Nation-State-based Nation just like the goyim. That makes Zionism far worse than both Conservative and Reform.

    LiHavdil from Zionism, of course, Anti-Zionism is indeed traditional Judaism. See Rav Schwab and Rav Breuer, for example. Rav Chaim Brisker, Rav Velvel who lived in E”Y under Zionist administration from even before 1948, the Chazon Ish, Rav Elchonon Wasserman, Rav Aharon Kotler, Zatza”l, and many, many more.

    Not to mention that the Torah itself severely prohibits Zionism, and the “Religious Zionists” toil laboriously – but fruitlessly – attempting to fit Zionism into, liHavdil, the Torah.

    It is outright dishonest to claim that Anti-Zionism is the “new kid on the block” and that, liHavdil, Zionism is the traditional one, when it is, in fact, the opposite.

  29. Even satmar which anti zionist would not step this far..
    mr hirsch- move to gaza. good luck there with your palestinian ‘friends’. you care more about them then fellow yidden.

  30. Hey Hakatan,
    Why argue tonite?
    I’m in a good mood, my buddy just treated me to not too shabby Chinese cuisine near …. Dahill Rd., I think? Your neck of the woods… near the elevated F train.. I love trains.
    Had some Soo Chee Fangt Un mit General’s So Koo chicken in Polish tzibullios… Smoked a Camel outdoors..
    Who has in mind l’havdil havdolos & old crows on the block this evening…
    Heavy stuff… Get my drift, Yus??

  31. ZionGate, yes I know their shtick. I went to Satmer school and I lived through all the propaganda. But I don’t become influenced from nonsence. Who in their right mind would want terrorists who want Jews out of Israel and dead, or even Europeans who tried to annihilate us less 70 years ago and persecuted us for almost 2 millenia, to govern the land?! B”H it is now in Jewish hands. Anti-Zionists should invest money and koach trying to make baal teshuvas out of secular Israelis instead of using these resources to bash them all the time. I’m sure Hashem would appreciate that much more than them hocking against Jews who put their lives on the line all the time for our brothers and sisters living in Israel.

  32. HaKatan, I won’t address your entire comment because I have no patience to do that. Suffice to say that your thinking that Zionism is worse than Conservative and Reform movements is incredibly childish. From when these movements were formed until today, millions of Jews were lost to our nation. Zionism on the other hand, is not a black and white issue. While many Jewish children are being bought up secular, at least they have some sort of Jewish identity and many of them are at least traditional. But most important to note is that today there are more frum Jews than ever living and learning in the Land of Israel since the times of the destruction of the Bais Hamikdosh. It is incredibly childish to deny the beautiful communities flourishing in the State of Israel that would not exist if there would not be a Zionist state and “Palestine” would exist under Arab rule like in Syria, Lebonon and other Arab Muslim states…

  33. Let’s get some thing straight. Although most Gedolim were “Anti- a secular Jewish state-( in today’s world called Zionists- which means people who truly love the land, but don’t agree to follow the Torah), there is a way to go about saying your views. But saying and preaching it to Muslims is beyond my understanding. The Satmar Rebbe ZT’L understood than when speaking to Goyim we can’t show that were against each other ( unless its on a specific thing that were trying to fight, as when they fighting Autopsies in E’Y, Drafting women in the army- then there were gatherings to show that the American Jews were opposed to such anti-Jewish values, and hopefully the pressure would get them to stop). But to constantly marching WITH the Palestinians and Muslims, and showing solidarity with them, and showing them that ” true Jews” are together with them and NOT our OWN people- that’s unheard of. A Goy should never see that there are Jews that would side with them as opposed to their own people. And that goes for even decent Goyim. But siding with Terrorists???? And showing them that they are right??? Unheard of. But I think we must ignore them and Daven for them.
    By the way- We get so upset when we see fellow Jews doing something like this. But do we get just as upset at anti religious Jews too if they do something wrong? So we need to be fair too.

  34. As I have pointed out, HaKatan speaks the truth from a yeshivish-chassidish world-view.
    The frum veldt as we know it has always been anti-zionist. Sometimes they play good cop, sometimes they hide it or camouflage it, and they are willing to exploit it and plunder it, but make no mistake about it, it’s what they believe and it’s what every real yeshiva teaches and espouses.
    They believe that the State of Israel should be dismantled. Right now it’s not technically feasible, but it’s something to strive for. L’shitasam.

  35. I think the major difference between Neturei Karta and Satmar (or other anti-Zionist Jews) is that Neturei Karta has full on adopted the Palestinian position that Eretz Yisroel is Palestinian and not Jewish.
    Satmar and other anti-Zionists do not believe that the Palestinians are entitled to E”Y. They do not believe that E”Y is Palestinian and would never say that. Satmar (and Yeshivish anti-Zionists) believe that Eretz Yisroel is just that, the land of Yisroel. And it always will be. They simply believe that the Yidden should not have taken back control of the land by force. But is it Jewish land? Of course it is Jewish land!

  36. ….and you are sabotaging your own argument by bringing in some names that concern those of us who know what happened during the war. YWN , I’m sure, will delete my observations so there’s no point for me to elaborate.. Those that know, know.

  37. philosopher,
    Txs for responding. I harbor no resentment against Satmar community , some of my family is Satmar.. However, I despise their shitah against Eretz Yisroel. They offer nothing in religious education except anti-Zionism and cursing the State. Very sad.. Zah gezint!