Knesset Member Questions Why Israel Is Allowing The Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg To Enter The Country


The historic visit by the Satmar Rebbe to Israel has met with a tremendous amount of backlash from many groups in Israel, but none as vocal as MK Yulia Malinovsky from Yisrael Beiteinu.

Malinovsky on Monday tweeted a vehement statement lashing out at the Satmar Rebbe.

Malinovsky published an article by the Kol Ha’Ir paper outlining a series of road closures that will be enforced due to the Rebbe’s visit and his public meeting that will take place on Tuesday in Yerushalayim.

“Have we completely lost our minds? Closing off roads because an anti-Zionist Rebbe is visiting? He is opposed to the very existence of the State of Israel. I don’t know how we even let him into the country?”

Meanwhile, Satmar held extensive meetings with (Zionist) police, who have designated a large police force to direct traffic.

As of 4:00PM on Tuesday afternoon the following streets will be closed in Jerusalem:

Brandis, Malchei Yisroel, Sarei Yisroel, intersection of Shamgar and Sarei Yisroel, intersection of Yafo and Sarei Yisroel. Police have stated that cars will not be allowed onto streets that fed into these areas either.

Police are advising motorists to schedule their travel before the roads close so as to avoid the heavy traffic expected on alternate routes.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “As of 4:00PM on Tuesday afternoon the following streets will be closed in Jerusalem:
    Brandis, Malchei Yisroel, Sarei Yisroel, intersection of Shamgar and Sarei Yisroel, intersection of Yafo and Sarei Yisroel. Police have stated that cars will not be allowed onto streets that fed into these areas either.”

    Wow, mamesh heilig.
    And all this, for people who go to goyish courts instead of Bais Din?!

  2. And why not? I am no Satmarer by far, but this guy didn’t say anything when the LGBTs made their disgusting march. They also closed streets and were given police protection. So why does he have a problem with giving kovod to a Rebbe of thousands and who brings tremendous amount of money into the economy. Shame on you Malinovsky

  3. WHY is Satmar Flying into Ben Gurion Airport that is Built and Operated with IDF, and airspace protected by IDF?? WHY aren’t they flying via Syria or Lebanon?

    WHY is Satmar Using Israeli Zionist Police to Close Roads?? Why doesn’t Satmar just Drive to Jerusalem location without having Zionists Closing Zionist Roads?

    WHY isn’t Satmar Landing in Syria and then Walking across the Border, and then Drive on the Palestinian Road in Ramallah, and then cross over to Jerusalem at the checkpoint, and then drive without any help from Zionists? WHY not?

    WHY is Satmar Using Roads Patrolled by the IDF??

  4. First, Why does Satmar Need to Close Roads And Make Traffic Jams, Why not just Drive to the location?

    Second, Why Have Zionist Police Close And Protect Roads And clear a Route for Satmar, Causing Hundreds of People to Suffer in Traffic, when Satmar teaches its kids to Hate Zionists And Hate Israel

  5. I think the Rebba is a chashuva Yid. He’s not g-d. Only by gruba chasdim do they do this. Guarantee the Rebba doesn’t know about it. If he did he wouldn’t allow it. His gruba chasdim have nothing better to do.

    You will never see this by any livitock rosh hayeshiva. They have kovod habrios something CHASIDS will never understand or get.

    Maybe the Rebba should teach his chasdim not to be animals

  6. “And all this, for people who go to goyish courts instead of Bais Din?!” ”

    Wan’t it the OLDER brother, R’ Aron Leb from KJ who was the one who actually went to court 20 years ago seeking to reverse the decision of their father and take control of Satmar mosdos (and Satmar $$).??
    I think the street closures are a reality given the public safety needs of thousands who may show up to see the Rav.

  7. Tell that MK who is complaining that they allowed the rabbi to enter Israel that the rabbi brings in huge amount of money into Israel the MK only knows how to spend the money.

  8. Israel belongs only to those Jews who adhere and follow the rules and regulations of the Torah those who have no intentions of adhering to the Torah do not belong in Israel at all. The torah specifically States that those who do not obey all of the total that the country will spit them out

  9. “Have we completely lost our minds? Closing off roads because an anti-Zionist Rebbe is visiting? He is opposed to the very existence of the State of Israel. I don’t know how we even let him into the country?”

    She’s right. What’s he here for? I haven’t read the reason for this royal visit.

  10. Yes because the Zionists own Eretz Yisroel. Didn’t you know that? Maybe the Zionists want to stop everyone who is not in love with them from speaking Hebrew.

  11. I’m not following this story too closely, so I apologize in advance. Which Teitelbaum brother is this? The one that doesn’t talk to his brother, or the one that doesn’t talk to his brother? Whichever one it is, I thought they don’t believe in benefiting from the “Zionist State”. So why are they letting the Israeli police give them escrot and traffic accommodations? Am I missing something?

  12. i would not close a single street for an anti-zionist. the traffic jams he creates even with police escorts and closures should happen in Ramallah where he should stay, not Yerushalayim. Ramallah may not be radical enough, perhaps he should go to Gaza, by Islamic Jihad. they can test sending him on a rocket to Yerushalayim Ir Ha-Kodesh.

  13. That russian pig doesn’t understand that Satmar is not like ilhan omar that likes terrorists, Satmer doesn’t like the State for different reasons very different than rashida tlaib , satmer would embrace terrorists only Naturei Karta would. This is a question of Hashkafa and not Boycott

  14. Chillul hashem of the highest degree !
    All these pro Arab satmar individuals will be facing their maker one day to explain why they promote such danger and hatred towards klall yisroel and kissing up to the Arabs who all they want to do is kill out every yid in Israel .
    Hashem yerachem on the punishments they will be getting when it’s their time to expire. Amen!

  15. The question would be a be a valid question IF Israel would be consistent.
    I was at the Kosel and a an Arab official was there, no clue who he was but he was clearly some “important” Arab and he had his bodyguard with him/ I gave them both a nasty look. Why the devil was he allowed over to the Kosel? The body guard saw me and we traded stares. When I left I said something to one of the soldiers and he basically said אין ברירה, they have no choice.
    So if you want to ask questions, Start with those that want Israel (And the world) Judenrein! The Satmar Rebbe may have opinions that the Government does not like. His opinions (which are really those of THE Satmar Rebbe, Reb Yoel ZAL) may differ from those of other Gedolim, but that does not preclude his coming to E”Y to strengthen his community that lives there.

    And please do not confuse Satmar and those frum Ehlicher Yidden with the whackos who call themselves Neturei Karta and attend the Palestinian protests, or went to Iran, or to the leaders of the PLO. They are personaa non Gratta in Satmar! The TRUE Satmar Neturei Karta live and learn and serve the RBSO quietly (for the most part) And stay out of the news.

  16. Shalom Aleichem

    Certainly, such an individual would have been met by the army of David back in the day.

    A sit down and mandatory discourse would be an appropriate application for discussing the issues. Issues that would create a space where one who claims to be a child of Sinai, oppose the Israeli premise.

    The premise is suspect, yes, it’s not a kingdom, there is no Sinai authority trustworthy enough to lead the state or develop the Malchut, however, it exist as a future hope for such a Malchut.

    So we must support Israel in its present capacity to become.

    Those who oppose the premise, oppose the future capacity to become.

    Daniel Moshe Johnson

  17. Thats not what bothers her, after all she is willing to support a government alongside the Joint Party who are even greater haters of the State . Lets call a spade a spade, her party opposes any Torah even if it means stabbing her fellow Jews in the back. Shame on her.

  18. Hi to all u Satmar bashing people.
    Lemme cut it clear for you.
    Rav Zalman L went to encourage the people and institutions that do not accept monetary funds from the Zionist regime. If a Lutvak Rav would close the streets, all would be fine, cuz u all hate the chasidim.
    Even if lehavdil some looney filthy pride parade closes streets, all you Zionist out there wld be fine with it. Its your unrealistic hatred towards ANTI ZIONISTS people that all you people cant think straight.
    Yea, unfortunately, anyone who enters Eretz Yisroel had to pass thru Zionist infrastructure. Theres no way out. And yes all you loving Zionists, Israel is raking in tons of money from this trip so this shld all shut you up.
    If lemaase, getting involved so much Zionist interference doesnt hinder the real cause, thats up for the smarter people than here to decide.
    And Just for clarity to these geniuses out here, Satmar doesn’t embrace Arabs. Never did. The holy Satmar Rav Yoel Zatzal never encouraged it. In fact he was against it. And to respond to one of the brilliant commentators here; anti Zionim wasn’t the Rav’s “shiite”, it’s the Torah’s shiite. He followed THE TORAH.
    In any case, all you Satmar bashers, your love for Zionism should embrace the Ravs coming.

  19. MK Malinovsky was the one fighting against shabbos a year ago together with lieberman her boss. whats her right to be allowed in the holy land? throw her out. Besides, it should be explained a logical explanation why supporters of toevah mechalilei shabos not tznius chazer fressers like malinovsky (and other zionist MKs) should have any control over the eretz hakodesh. regardless of who the question is to allow in.

  20. Israel has allowed in communist and who knows what other revolutionaries
    second of all
    his ancestor was here two years before the state
    before this Minister showed up

  21. Nobody answered me yet. Why was it OK to close all the streets for the Gay Pride Parade and it is not OK to do the same for the Satmerer Rebbe? Have you all lost your minds?

  22. rav avigdor miller was asked when the r` yoel satmer rebbe came out with sefer vayoel moshe against the zionists that “the sefer has no probation from gedolim” to which he responded, “the satmar rav needs no probation from gedolim. he is a gadol in himself”. Rabbi miller was also known and outspoken against the zionist in a very similar fashion of R` yoel. the satmar rav once even requested rabbi miller to write a letter protesting a zionist decision (see more details in rabbi miller book) to be printed IN THE NY TIMES, to which he did. A grandson of Rabbi Miller told me that it was written in his grandfathers tzavah to be proud of their yiddishkeit like the chassidei satmer.
    -for all those people who trash the satmar rav and his shita hakdosha, and hold big talmidim of rabbi miller.

  23. thanks miriam for your comment. at least one normal comment here.
    talking against a holy zaddik is a huge risk, coz they have power in shamayim!!!!! Be careful

  24. I think we are all getting a bit sidetracked from the true and historic facts number one we were in Israel before the Zionists took Israel by force number two it was the Zionists that caused the Holocaust and it’s no secret because mr. Bibi netanyahu was the one that mentioned it when he was in Germany he tried playing nice to Germany and admited that the Arab muftah was Highly angered after the Balfour declaration and was the one that advised and supplied the funds to Hitler that he should exterminate the Jews.

  25. Response to Azoiy:
    Of course the Toevah Parade Street closing was bad.
    In this case of Satmar, why are Satmar Using and benefiting Zionist Police and IDF Security and Activity on their behalf? Why are they using Ben Gurion Airport, And Zionist Taxpayer Streets and services?!
    Since they are against The State of Israel, though it has been established by Hashem in this current way for His reasons, and they are saying Israel was established not by the control of Hashem, by accident by coincidence, by mistake, then they should have landed in Syria and had their events with the PALESTINIAN REGIME in RAMALLAH.
    SInce they are against the IDF, then they should not benefit from their security in Airport and roads, and should only hold events in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan or Iran, or in PA controlled areas of Israel like Ramallah, Jenin, Gaza, or East Jerusalem Silwan.

    Also, if you think this State of Israel Government is a mistake, and should be controlled by Frum Yidden, then please say which Frum Yidden would get along and run the country:

    Satmar Zalman? Satmar Aaron? Skverer Rov?? Bobov?? Bobov 45?! Belz?! Stolin?! Toldos Aharon? Shas?! Sfardim?! Ashkenazim?! Taimani?! Mir Yeshiva? Ponevitz Yeshiva?! Brisk?! Telz?! Sanz?? Vishnitz?! Rav Kook?? Chabad Lubavitch?! Gerrer Rov?! Gur?! Rav Kanievsky?! UTJ?? Habayit Hayehudi?! Etc etc etc – who would get along and listen to who? So why don’t we accept that this Government is what Hashem gave us in Golus, and we need to GET ALONG, have more ACHDUS, Show KINDNESS to each other, and may we then merit a FRUM GOVERNMENT and MOSHIACH

  26. “You will never see this by any livitock rosh hayeshiva.”
    Huh? What about the massive mama’ad “Kabalas Pnei Raboi” for R Chaim Kanievsky every Chol Hamo’ed which shuts down half of Jerusalem?
    What about the massive gatherings three times a year in support of Gimmel? (To all those geniuses tast will answer that it is to support the party, that’s the exact same reason for this gathering…)

  27. DrYidd, That’s all you got from Miriam’s comment?
    Is this the way you have a conversation? Do you react on a slight spelling mistake out of a long powerful comment that basically destroys all your arguments that’s all you got? are you kidding me??
    You must be extremely dumb and supid.

  28. wondering who the angel sitting the Abershter’s “lap” had the insight to contribute “two it was the Zionists that caused the Holocaust and it’s no secret”

  29. There’s another thing you people don’t seem to understand. He didn’t need any police to close the roads. He arrived with tens of thousands waiting to greet him. The roads would have been closed by themselves! All they did was coordinated with the police so that it should happen in a controlled fashion. Simple!

  30. She definitely has a point. Israel has a policy of not allowing anti-Zionist Jews to enter the country, and the Satmars are by far the largest and most vocal anti-Zionists. BDS proponents get at most a few hundred people at their rallies but the Satmars fill sports arenas.