Thousands Escort Satmar Rebbe Of Williamsburg As He Leaves On Trip To Eretz Yisroel [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


The Williamsburg community is near gridlock on Sunday afternoon, as the Satmar Rebbe prepares to leave on a trip to visit Eretz Yisroel.

Many streets of Bedford Avenue have been closed all day Sunday with no parking on either side, as thousands of Satmar Chassidim will wish the Rebbe farewell as he leaves to the airport. A massive stage with loudspeakers is set up, with bleachers on the sides of the streets.

The Rebbe will first stop in London on Monday, where he will visit his Mosdos in Stamford Hill and Golders Green. On Monday night the Rebbe will be escorted to the airport by thousands of his Chassidim as he departs for Eretz Yisroel – reportedly on a private jet.

He will be greeted by the Eidah Charieids upon his arrival in Ben Gurion Airport on Tuesday morning, and will travel to Yerushalayim where a massive Kabolas Ponim will be held at Malchei Yisroel near Sarei Yisroel streets.

He has a packed schedule in Eretz Yisroel until next Thursday, when he will return home.

As YWN reported a few weeks ago, the Rebbe warned any Chassidim against bringing along smartphones on the trip.

Watch the attached videos how the entire BQE (Brooklyn Queens Expressway) was shut down by the NYPD – inconveniencing thousands of non-Jewish New Yorkers – so the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg and his motorcade of black SUV’s with lights and sirens can get to the airport in a hurry to begin his trip of fighting the Zionist regime.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. In term of the police escort, how do you think the mayor gets away with not ever being in New York City, you got to keep the power blocks happy by doing whatever they want.

    In terms of the rebbe, I’d love to make some snide remark about how this is such humility, but when he comes here to the florida it’s just him and a shamash (or son?) walking to shul and back, not a hint of ga’avah. He gives a Tish Friday nights, goes to the mikvah with everyone else…. I’m no fan of anything today’s satmar stands for, but in terms of the person, I doubt these motorcades are his idea.

  2. On social media i see them cursing out YWN for this part about shutting down the highway as they play policeman….bashing ywn for being “anti-chassidim”, and saying ywn does not respect gedolim.

    By the way, the chief rabbi of israel, rav yitzchak yosef was here for 2 weeks just now, did anyone notice any highways being shut or police escorts or shomrim running around? how about rav shmuel kamintzey? rav david feinstein? the 4 lakewood roshei yeshiva? did anyone ever see a highway closed for rav moshe feinstein? rav pam? rav yaakov akamintzy? rav shmuel birnbaum? rav avigdor miller?

    why now?

    why just by these williamsburg babies do they must make chillul hashem like this?

    and there are those who are saying “well they did this for the pope!”

    oh, so now they are comparing their own rebbe to the pope. they said it. not me.

    and satmar out of all people who has their entir e”shita” about not upsetting the nations of the world “Hisgaros beumos” — them themselves spit in the face of every non jew on the BQE. what a farce. so disgusting.

  3. I guess he’s meeting Neturei Karta. Why else is he coming? He doesn’t go to the holy places (maybe Ramallah is OK?)

    Mo613, I have to agree, fair comment. He works against us as much as they do.

  4. The loshon hora here is indeed disgusting. Who paskened that you are allowed to disparage a whole sheivet of Klal Yisroel like that?

    Who needs anti semites when we have our very own enemies?

  5. @Rebbitzen Goldenpickanicerscreenname – Let us know when a litvish gadol engages in their chill-hashem, wrekless, 100% illegal behavior. We will keep YWN accountable and make sure it gets written.. Not to worry, it will never happen. No litvish gadol would ever do this.

  6. The animosity and hatred here is definitely not going to bring Moshiach! You don’t have to agree with everyone but you don’t have to defame him! He doesn’t need you don’t worry he has enough of his own . He’s going to Israel to bring millions of dollars to all the mosdos who can’t exist without his donations , because they choose not to take any money from the government!

  7. This was orchestrated by his faction to stick a finger in the eyes of the KJ crowd to show who’s the bigger rebbe. Wait a few months and Orange County’ll bring out the National Guard when its rebbe flies out.

  8. It’s so sad they don’t realize that political power is like a tank of gas. If you get 5 gallons you can use it for whatever you want. But when the tank is empty your done.
    They chose to use their “political gas” on things like removing bike lanes, keeping the BOE out of the schools, and running around like they own the city.
    The tank is now empty, so when their Chassidim are being attacked and beaten on the streets no-one cares.

  9. Satmar is doing its best to get rid of “sinas chinum”, by giving the anti-Semites a reason to hate us, thus getting reid of the chinum part.

  10. And you wonder why they hate us? Why there so many anti Semitic incidents recently?? If I was a goy sitting in that traffic because the highway was closed so some grand rabbi can pass I would be seething with hate.

  11. Rebbetzin
    “Would such a snarky article be written if it was about a Litvish Godol? Clearly not.”

    Your comment makes no sense. A Litvish godol would never act like this.

    for that matter, by definition no godol would act like this

  12. And we wonder why there is so much anti semitism in Brooklyn. Could it be because of this unnecessary road blocking, taking over streets, blaring music and over the top motorcades?
    If Satmar are so against Israel because we are still in golus, why then where they live do they not care about golus?

  13. wow real malchus. its a mussar lesson klal yisroel should learn to make such a motorcade for their litvishe gedolim also. rav chaim kanievsky shouldnt get stuck in traffic every time he comes to yerushalayim every chol hamoed as he usually does.

  14. oy nebach, YWN is so worried about inconveniencing non jews. satmar bothers them so much. nebach. well, sorry today satmar got their malchus and agenda public even if eats yu (and every other self hating jew/zionist) up.

  15. This is absolutely NOT this Rebbe’s style at all! As someone wrote earlier he is extraordinarily humble and hates the hoopla.

    Several months ago a friend of mine had the night shift to stay with his married daughter (who is in need of a big yeshua) in the hospital. At 12:30 AM there was a knock on the door and the Rebbe was standing there alone (there was a bochur outside in the hall.) He had been in the hospital visiting someone else and was asked if he would go upstairs to visit this family. No fanfare, just a bracha for the patient and some kind words to the father. If not for the family revealing this story nobody would have known about it. Totally low-key.

    When the Satmar Rebbe zt”l left on his rare trips abroad there was the same begleiten. It is an opportunity for the children to celebrate the chassidus and a memory for them. (Kosher fun.)

    The escort with the sirens is definitely over the top, but I was told that the whole closure was less than 5 minutes. The police held back the traffic just when they got word that the motorcade was approaching the exit.

    For all you self-righteous critics out there: Show me anyone who has done more in the area of chesed than Satmar has!

    If you recall, with the parsha of Rubashkin, who was most involved with his case? Who paid for the lawyers, who raised the funds, who worked tirelessly for the cause, and who visited him the most in prison? Both factions of Satmar! Rubashkin is Lubavitch but that didn’t matter one iota. He was a Yid in need.

    And for all of you defending Israel so passionately, look no further than the recent story with the concert benefit for Reb Meilech Firer that was canceled. No other country would demand the addition of a female singer to the roster of male entertainers if there is a goyishe concert of a superstar male group.

    We can love Eretz Yisroel passionately while at the same time abhorring the policies of secular Israel.

    And for you Ferd and hml, the Rebbe is going to Mekoimos Hakedoshim on this trip just not to the koisel. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. A virulent anti-semite would be thrilled with your diatribe!

  16. Before I begin i must make a disclaimer. I am not Satmer nor any other chasidis.
    The comments that are posted here are 100% disgusting. How can anyone bash an Adam Gadol like this? Let alone a renowned Gadol2

  17. @y2r – FINALLY! One person said what I thought would be said an hour ago. Blame YWN for the Chjillul Hashem. No. Not Satmar which had thousands of people on a public (interstate) higway shut, with dozens of vehicle with lights and sirens blaring, the entire bedford Avenue shut the entire day…. no no no… they didn;t cause the chillul hashem. it was YWN who caused it. Right.

    Go take your trash and go somehwere else. I have never seen a more disgusting act of chillul hashem.,

  18. A few points
    The tone of the article is unbalanced to say the least
    This escort lasts for ten min once in 5 years so it’s less of a traffic disruption than a disabled car
    Fundraising needs pump u give biggerto a dinner in belworks etc
    This trip Is abt bringing millions in to the Israeli economy and networking American gevirim on the private jet
    Should ywn post no

  19. Why were so many people crowding the rebbi? Doesn’t the kehila see him regularly? Is it considered an auspicious time to receive a brahca from the rebbi? Anybody out there can explain please?

  20. a mamin :

    They take money from cradle to grave; birth money, insurance, hospitalization, garbage collection, IDF protection , especially when they risk their lives in Um Al Fahm to confront terrorists, etc. Etc. so they can hefkerganos and attack religious soldiers? Now explain why Meah Shearim folks are so poor and need to to disrupt shul tfilos in the USA 4 atta time? How come Satmar doesn’t give them money? Please also explain the infighting in Satmar itself in EY?
    Why you telling us yokels half a story? You think we’re fools?

  21. The Rebbe went to Eretz Yisrael. B’H
    Moshiach is coming soon. We will follow him there soon. All of us will be going. It’s just a matter of hours perhaps days. We will be standing at the Bayis Shlishi. With the Rebbe and Gantz Klal Yisrael. With our families and friends and all our loved ones. We will be a changed people…forever.

  22. i dont see why this whole escort was necessary- inconvenincing hundreds of people- hes not the president.
    No litvish/other gadol like rav shmuel kaminetzky, Lakewood rosh yeshivas and so many more would have this, and i think they manage just fine

  23. This is definitely NOT the Rebbe’s idea. He is a very humble man.
    And for the info of all those self-righteous, Satmar haters out there, there are very few of us here in Williamsburg who thought this motorcade was necessary.
    Just keep spewing your hate guys; Moshiach adores you… Oh! and the non- Jews do too…

  24. i wish the world will be filled up with people who like every jew no matter what chasidus…
    and not be filled with soo much hatred!
    now dont ask why mashiach has not yet arrived?!
    it is because of YOU and your horrible comments..
    and we are not speaking about a plain yid (who we are also not allowed to speak lashon hura)
    but about the gadol hadur!

  25. Not saying it doesn’t look like Purim.i do think it’s childish and stupid to block a whole city and it does not have nothing to do with yidishkeit .all this babyish lights and SUV….saying that I am very upset about the chutzpah and hate towards Satmar when you need help you all know the address of both guys would never touch their fingertip of gemilas chasudim of any given Satmar yid.yes this escorts is stupid but they don’t have what to be ashamed of no litvishe…..your Roshei Yeshivos would wish you guys should have a fraction of any given satmares heart….

  26. Ziongate: you are totally mistaken! They DONOT TAKE MONEY FROM THE GOVT OF ISRAEL! THEY ALSO DON’T HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE because that also comes from the govt. I’m not here to prove you wrong! The whole situation is very sad! The whole generation is very sad! Why all the haters?? I shudder to think how we’ve learnt nothing from the previous generations!! So much hatred between our own?!? It’s horrific!!

  27. How did the rabbonim YWN follow allow this article to be published? I’m definitely not a Satmar chossid and disagree with them on many things, but it makes me angry to see this article talking about the Satmar Rebbe in such a disgusting way. He is an Adam Godol, and it is completely inappropriate for frum jews to be speaking about him in this way, even if you may disagree with his opinions. If only the writers of this disrespectful article saved the anger they have against the Rebbe for the real enemies of Klal Yisroel, such as the terrorists firing rockets into Eretz Yisroel every day or the anti-Torah politicians such as Ron Kobi yimach shemo. Besides, I’m sure the non-Jewish New Yorkers don’t mind that much. They seem very happy to be inconvenienced for much worse types of parades, vehameyvin yavin.

  28. Jerkerberger: “No litvish gadol would ever do this.”
    ubiquitin: “A Litvish godol would never act like this.”
    The fault is in the talmidim of the Gedolim.
    Let the talmidim of Gedolim take notes and learn a lesson from these chassidim on how to treat Rabbonon!
    “Man malka – Rabbonon!” (Who are Kings – The Rabbonon!) They must be accorded treatment like Kings.
    Instead of complaining about proper behavior to a Rebbe, be ashamed of the disrespectful treatment of Litvish Gedolim.

  29. As an ex chosid. What is going on in the big chasidic courts of our time has nothing to do with the derech Baal Shem. Wether it’s these huge unnecessary parades and poking out the eyes of goyim having your ppl protest against yidden or have ppl bow to you and having your henchmen beat up and harass ppl that speak to your cousin etc etc. Power corrupts. Saying you don’t know what your ppl aka chassidim do is an old tactic that does not keep up in court or bes din. The big chassidic courts have slowly but surely became literal disgusting power and money hungry cults. Beware as this is our problem and it will only get worse.

  30. Do the Hasidim regularly NOT see the rebbe even in a public forum? I am not attacking just asking. It seems that if one is part of a chasidus they would see their rebbe fairly regularly in shul, visiting the mosdos etc. I mean if I am a part of BMG or a different kehila I believe id see the roshei yeshiva failrly regularly even if I don’t have a personal kesher per se.

  31. i address my comments to the moderators of this blog site,
    Its just as important to moderate what content you put on as well as how you report something with out slanting the report to reflect your personal opinions (which is wrong if your their as a news site to report the facts IT SHOULD BE REPORTED WITH OUT BIAS ) as it is to moderate what the public writes in.

    of what importance does it add to the story about closing of the highway or
    “reportedly on a private jet” what exactly are you trying to convey by that?

    “Watch the attached videos how the entire BQE (Brooklyn Queens Expressway) was shut down by the NYPD – inconveniencing thousands of non-Jewish New Yorkers – so the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg and his motorcade of black SUV’s with lights and sirens can get to the airport in a hurry to begin his trip of fighting the Zionist regime.”

    of what importance to the story was their to add this paragraph?

    do you a frum jew need to put on a public forum for all the world to see that thousands of non-jewish new yorkers were inconvenienced ? chances are no one would even know why the highway was closed if not for your report so you are responsible for the chillul hashem by putting this on your blog (matev put it on without any biased feelings just as an item of interest)
    No one says you need to agree with the satmar shita regarding the medina but why does your article seep of sarcasm and scorn?? you could have reported the exact same news without the above as a pareve interesting news item why do you need to cause a schism between the olam hayeshiva and the olam hachasidim??

    I learnt in lakewood , i live in lakewood am not chasidish and BH get along with everyone both yeshivish not so yeshivish, chasidim ETC “THERE’S MORE THAT UNITES US THEN DIVIDES US”
    why not use your blog to unite rather then divide

    after all when you need hatzalo, and a satmar chosid who yesterday escorted his rebbe using his lights and sirens today uses those same lights and sirens to get to your emergency will you also scoff and say excuse me i only accept emergency care from yeshivshe hatzalo members who support the zionist dream ??
    lets support each others and not belittle each others and work on אהבת חינם not שנאת חינם

  32. I think there is a strong sentiment among the foregoing posts expressing incredulity that an SUV motorcade with flashing lights and interruption of public travel and some of the other “stuff” is really an appropriate means of displaying “kovod” to a rav. The issue of YWN “airing dirty laundry” by publishing this bizarre display is a separate issue that comes up every time there is a similar news story. What ever happened to the model of austerity and humility shown by other rabbonim who live in spartan apartments, learn by shtender that looks like something you see in used furniture shop and travel with one or two gabboim in a minivan with one or two sedans for their other assistants. I recall seeing visuals of Rav Elyashiv Z’L in his later years living and travelling around yerushalayim in that very unpretentious style.

  33. Wow! Such a Kiddesh Hashem.

    Thousands of people, no one is attacking the officers with water buckets, spray on them, not even one garbage was thrown, look at the respect the Chasiddim follow the rules of the officers.
    It looks Williamsburg is an island in middle of…, nowhere in the neighborhood is such a huge crowd without any incident.

    I think the NYPD want to do this and help this people with their celebrations.

    (Besides it was taken no longer then 100 seconds).

  34. ariaek, kudos to you!

    EVERY TIME the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l used to travel locally he always had a motorcade including a police escort (fewer cars for sure.) As a matter of fact one actually triggered the 1991 Crown Heights riots after one of these cars killed a young boy Gavin Cato.

    If an oversized truck has to get onto a highway traffic can be held back for several minutes. How many streets have been paralyzed for hours in NYC for parades and marathons? How many times have you been held up behind a school bus dropping off schoolchildren? A couple of minutes to allow several cars to get onto the BQE in unison (on a Sunday, not a weekday) should trigger such sinas chinam and loshon hora!?!

    All that venom spewing here!

    And to you Satmar-haters, for the record. This Rebbe is particularly close to Reb Malkiel Kotler and Reb Dovid Feinstein. They have traveled together extensively to raise massive amounts of money for Yaldei Tzarfat. They attend each other’s simchas and have a wonderful relationship. I am certain that some of you don’t appreciate knowing this because it spoils your narrative!

  35. “As a matter of fact one actually triggered the 1991 Crown Heights riots after one of these cars killed a young boy Gavin Cato.”


    and that is your argument FOR motorcades?

    “This Rebbe is particularly close to Reb Malkiel Kotler and Reb Dovid Feinstein. ”

    Mazel tov. now maybe he can learn how to act like a mentch from them.

  36. Don’t know why you are complaining. NYers are used to motorcades for dignitaries. It’s beautiful that the Satmar honor their rebbe.

  37. Here’s another reason why the vilna Goan and other geonim were so against the chassidic movement.
    A chillul hashem ‘Brfarhesiya , no less.
    I hope the Israeli government gives them a hard time because hashem will give them an even harder time when they will meet their maker

  38. all of you are kinda crazy… everyone should mind their own business.
    Everyone is flawed and everyone has things that they should work on and they should focus on that…

  39. Doubt anyone besides for the first few cars even realized they were being held up. This 90 second thing lasted much shorter then any other traffic obstruction. Plain hate (or maybe a tiny jealousy?)!

  40. You folks know they stop traffic outside of New York City for various things too? I’ve had motorcades for High School Football teams shove by me on the road too many times now. Professional NFL teams get the full stop traffic treatment. Oil executives going to a NASCAR event. Etc.
    This Rebbe, judging from the crowd, looks a LOT more popular than all the motorcade traffic stops I always witness. Maybe it was actually warranted for once?

  41. Takes2-2tango
    ‘I hope the Israeli government gives them a hard time because hashem will give them an even harder time when they will meet their maker’
    who are you talking about?
    cause i know who will have a hard time getting out of gehenim…
    who forces ehrliche yiddisha girls AND boys to join the army?
    who fights with the arabs even though hashem told us not to fight?
    and who kills their leader and is sooo sad when they start sending bombs and injures/kills yidden?
    the TZIONIM!
    and you’re saying that hashem will give them a hard time?
    yes oh how he will give the zionists a hard time!
    i am proud to look up to satmar and looking forward for hashem to take me around and be proud of all i have done!

  42. I won’t scream that this causes anti-semitism, The issue is that we are shmeering this in their faces and we are still in galus.

    we Brag about our political capital and every Community has an amount
    this is what we spend it on instead of using for important issues of substance

  43. PRosatmar…
    Joseph, you’ve just been described as a hating liar in the CR, you defamed an innocent poster in the CR , you’re a very ill dude…Your position even as Miriam or Hakatan is forever invalid…. You know it, we know it… You’re fighting a losing battle vs. Hashem … Your side lost… Now get a bucket of shmaltz herring with some Stolychnaya and have a wonderful evening.

  44. …..And.. You ‘re fooling no one except maybe your mom with that phoney style of yours… Actually, You’re more presentable when you’re ” Trying to stay calm”..

  45. “We must justify the just. That’s a very great mitzvah. Speak up for the just man and show that the accusations against him are unjustified. How false is everything that’s said against the Jew. But not only what the nations say against the Jew. How false are the accusations that Jews make against Jews. If we study two kehillas Satmar and Lubavitch. We see how beautiful are these two kehillas. Satmar is a beautiful kehilla. I had personal contact many years with Satmar. I even spoke to the Satmar Rav, the old one, zichron l’bracha. The new one I knew well, very well. But the old one I met personally once at midnight in his home. I knew many of them personally. Satmar brought a new dimension to America. There’s another beautiful kehilla called Lubavitch. I know them personally too. A Lubavitcher was once my rebbe when I was a boy. I learned an entire mesechta kesubos with him. For nothing. He taught me free. And so I have a love for both of these kehillas. Sometimes, not in general, sometimes one of these kehillas, one of the people from these kehillas might say something against another one. And we have to learn to disregard these words. Vehitzidku es ha tzadick. They are two kehillas of tzadickim. You must know that. When I say Satmar I mean all of the Satmar kehillas. All of them. I don’t mean each person is a tzadick gamur. But in general, there’s no question that their way of life is tznius. Lubavitch their way of life is tznius. Satmar they are devoted to avodas hashem. They go all out to serve Hashem. Lubavitch, all out to serve Hashem. No question about that. They are not the only kehillas. I have plenty to say about the German kehillah. I love the German kehillah. As a boy I davened every Shabbos in a German shul. I can sit four hours in the afternoon, Shabbos afternoon, in a German shul. These kehillas we have to appreciate. And all the things that are said against them we have to learn how to refute. Vehitzidku es ha tzadick.”

    R’ Avigdor Miller, Loving His People 2, #528 1:06