READ THIS: The Rav of Tehran And Delegation of Jews Are “Menachem Avel” The Soleimani Family [VIDEO]


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A delegation of Iranian Jews, including the Rav of Tehran, was among the millions of Iranians filling the streets of Tehran on Monday for the funeral of slain General Qassem Soleimani, who was killed by a US airstrike last week, Israeli news sites reported on Monday.

One of the members of the Jewish community in Tehran, in an exclusive conversation with B’Chadrei Chareidim, said: “Many Jews participated in the funeral. We went to comfort the general’s family. The Rav of Tehran, Rav Yehudah Grami, also went to comfort [the family]. An important delegation [of Jews] joined him.”

A Yisrael Hayom report said that a delegation of Jews along with leaders of other minority religions visited Soleimani’s family home on Sunday to comfort the family. Afterward, the Jews praised Soleimani in an interview on state media and expressed their sorrow about his assassination.

The local Jewish community already released a statement a few hours after Soleimani’s assassination on Friday, condemning the strike and stating that: “G-d will avenge the blood of Soleimani.”

[BIZARRE FOOTAGE: Remains of Qassem Soleimani Placed In Cardboard Coffin And Flown COACH!BIZARRE FOOTAGE: Remains of Qassem Soleimani Placed In Cardboard Coffin And Flown COACH!]

“It’s very important for minorities, especially Jews [to comfort Soleimani’s family],” Rani Amrani of “Radio Ran” a Farsi-speaking Israeli radio station, said, according to the Yisrael Hayom report. “They are afraid of anti-Semitism and they don’t want to be harassed. During the protests on Yom Yerushalayim, the Jews often go out and protest as well because they don’t want to be harassed.”

“In their hearts, they love Israel. They’re in a situation in which they’re obligated to prove that they have no connection to Zionism. If they don’t do this, their blood will be on their heads.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Jews lived in Iran with a good degree of security and prosperity until 1979. Since then, most Jews left Iran, and those who remain are mostly elderly. This article tells us that life and politics in Iran is complicated.

  2. what do you expect? they are living under the rule of ruthless Muslims who don’t just kill, but they enjoy torturing their victims too.
    They are Netura Karta creeps, they just want to live in peace.

  3. contact Yad leachim to get them out of Iran ASAP ,the day will come whey they will chas veshulem be responsible when Israel will strike their nuclear sites…

  4. Now do these Jews get a pass by all you Israel lovers by not judging them being that they live in fear and wanna extend a slight hand so they’re blood isnt hefker to these animals? Or are they ostracized as inhuman cockroaches as NK wld be.
    Oh! I see they love Israel. So they’ll be spared thank G d.
    Not a NK fan in any way, but NK “sometimes “ also did many stuff to simmer antisemitism.

  5. sounds like the times of the sultan and czar which reminds me of the “bracha” of the “rav” in fiddler on the roof who says the proper bracha on the czar is that he far from us.

  6. YWN,why would this be news,of course they had to go ,these poor Jews are being held hostage by that murderous gangster regime.
    My question to Yeshiva World would be why publicize this and why embarrass those poor Jews who had absolutely no choice in the matter..
    What should be publicized is when those filthy traitorous Kapo Neturai Karta swines will come flying to Teheran to be menacham Avel their murderous terrorist friends

  7. If they are not physically prevented from leaving that country, they are disgracing themselves by even feigning sympathy for such a killer and declared enemy of Israel.

  8. The Jewish communities in Germany in the 1930s also had to praise and justify Hitler, and tell the world how good they had it there, and how the Jewish leaders in other countries were wrong.

    And I remember very well hearing Rav Rosen ztz”l lecture on how wonderful it was the for the Jews in Romania. Everyone knew what he really meant when he said these things. He was moser nefesh to keep yiddishkeit alive there, and part of what he had to do was travel to the west and tell these obvious lies, which everyone understood to be lies. In return the government allowed him to provide the basic services that kept the light of Torah burning. Every time he traveled he could very easily have stayed in America, but he kept going back because who else would take care of the yidden there, if not him?

  9. “Interesting that even in their own country they wear Litvishe levush…”

    They would stand out to much if they walked around in a bekishe, gartel and shtreimlach.

  10. Why would this be news,of course they had to go ,these poor jews are being held hostage by the murderous gangster regime.
    my question to YWN,why publicise this and embarrass those poor jews who absolutely had no choice in the matter
    What should be publicized is that the filthy traitorous sewer rats of the NETURAI KARTA,flew to Tehran to attend the funeral of that arch terrorist Suleimani

  11. They are not being held hostage. They’re free to leave, they choose not to. A Jew not living in Israel, especially in a country where they’re being beaten on the streets, and stabbed in their Shuls, has no right to tell another Jew where he should or should not live.