INSANITY: Bronx Drug Dealers Arrested With $7 MILLION In Fentanyl Released WITHOUT BAIL; Crime Rises In NYC


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Six people arrested in a Bronx apartment in possession of $7 million worth of heroin and fentanyl were released without bail – thanks to the new “bail reform law” that went into effect on January 1st in New York State.

“The sheer volume of heroin and fentanyl packages assembled in a small apartment just off the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx is shocking. Even veteran narcotics investigators were surprised by the output of this packaging operation, which was run out of a nondescript apartment in the borough afflicted by the city’s highest rate of overdose death,” said Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan.

“The arrests of six individuals, and seizure of 750,000 drug filled envelopes destined for distribution here and in New England, underscore New York City’s role as a hub for mass distribution of deadly drugs,” said Brennan.

But apparently his “shock” didn’t prevent these 6 men from swiftly going through the revolving door of NYC justice.

All six were promptly released back into society the next morning – without having to post even one dollar of bail.

Who knows how many people overdosed and died at the hands of these six men? Thanks NY Governor Cuomo and the liberals running NYS!

The Legal Aid Society, which represents one of the suspects, Livo Valdez, defended the “long-needed” reforms in a statement to the NY Daily News:

“Our client, who has no criminal record and has not been found guilty of any crime, is on supervised release, the City’s own highly successful program, which has been in effect for several years,” the Legal Aid Society said in a statement. “Bail reform has already worked to free thousands of New Yorkers, many of whom could not afford to buy their freedom, from pretrial detention allowing them to go back to their families and communities. Albany was right to enact this long-needed reform.”

And if that wasn’t enough to frighten you, simply see the latest crime statistics for the Five Boro’s of NYC since this insane law was passed less than one month ago.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The liberals of NYS are completely unmoored from common sense.
    They follow blindly the tenets of their religion with no regard for the consequences.
    Who is voting for them?

  2. This bail reform act needs to become a matter of single issue politics. Anyone campaigning to overturn this wicked and stupid law should be considered for support. Anyone who supported it needs to voted out of public office. This reform stuff makes a mockery our of law and order, and is completely against the justice system being permitted to work. I personally promise to vote against anyone who refuses to take my safety seriously.

  3. Yidden,
    Wake up! You keep supporting the left-wing, liberal nutcase DemocRATs. Why??? We have nothing in common with them; they have nothing in common with us. Most of them hate us.
    Please register to vote. I would recommend registering as a Republican. One of my granddaughters was told by her morah to register as a DemocRAT because “you won’t be able to vote in New York as a Republican!” This was at a Bais Yaacov!! Completely false. Then there are some who won’t register to vote because they fear Jury Duty. Partially false. If you have a driver’s license you can also be called for jury duty. The political parties (Dems & Repubs) check registrations in all districts. They look at demographics and voting patterns. If they see few or no registrations for their party then they don’t bother to support a candidate but when they see registration for their party start to climb it gives them encouragement to field a candidate and support that candidate. I would suggest to everyone, go online to: and register or re-register to Republican. We can’t let the meshiginas continue to run the government.

  4. Can someone explain why exactly bail should have been set for these suspects? Remember that the ONLY PURPOSE of bail is to ensure that they appear for trial. Do you really think that due to being released without bail they will now abscond?! If so, please explain why you think so. If not, then please explain what your objection is to their release. If you say anything about wanting them held as a form of punishment for their alleged crime, you automatically lose, because such detention is and has ALWAYS been illegal.

  5. Milhouse, are you serious?!
    These criminals will never show up to the trial. Why should they? To get life in prison? They’ll blend in somewhere else in NYC with undocumented and continue their deadly business. You need at least $5,000,000.00 per head to ensure they stay put.

  6. Milhouse,
    I object to their release because they are clearly a danger to society and should be held without bail.
    Clearly our idiot mayor thinks people freed without bail need an incentive to come to court. Why else is the city offering rewards like Mets tickets and dunkin donuts gift cars to people who attend their court hearings?
    Please explain how you don’t object to their release, and why you are so sure they will show up on their court dates?

  7. Possession of drugs is not murder nor viscous beating, like that perp in Monsey on 7th nite of Chanukah, or that viscious perp on 13th and 48th Street on an early Sunday morning, nor viscous assault like that evil father who put his 8 year old son to sleep in a freezing garage.

    Just like Na’amah Issachar is not a murderer, and should never have been jailed for possession of drugs.


  9. Milhouse,

    You can’t be serious?!
    How can you even think the question none the less ask it???
    They had $7 million worth of illegal drugs!!!

    That means they obviously are sitting on a lot of cash which makes them a major flight risk, because they are looking at a minimum of 8 to 20 years in prison if you could call this a non-major drug trafficking, followed by a 5-year period of post-release supervision;

    At least 15 years in prison with a maximum term of life imprisonment for major drug traffickers.

    You think life in prison or even 8-20 is not a reason for them to disappear and with all the cash they must have, it would be easy.

    Are you so liberal that you’re blind to the truth that is right in front of you???

  10. > Milhouse

    I don’t know NY law specifically (I am in Canada), but I see two points.

    One, it looks like this rule forces the judge to let loose any and all offenders (with exception being only such things like murder) no matter how many times the offence was committed and no matter how high the likelihood of the offence being repeated. You really think that make sense?

    Second, even aside from that, bail money (the way it is understood by me) is forfeit if and when the accused commits another crime while out on bail. Thus bail money is an incentive (and will induce pier pressure if friends had to put up the money) to prevent the accused from committing another crime while on bail.

    But now, there is no bail money so there is no pier pressure nor direct incentive to stop another crime, and there is no limit to the number of crime the accused commit and still be freed.

  11. As a punishment they are being forced to attend the next Knicks home game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and not getting any money for popcorn or a beer.