Rabbi Berland Hospitalized For 2nd Time During Police Questioning


During his questioning session by police in Mercaz Klal in Yerushalaim, Rabbi Eliezer Berland was transported to Shaare Zedek Hospital for emergency medical care. Rabbi Berland, who was arrested for the exploitation of sick and ill people, has had his arraignment extended twice by a local judge after he was arrested last week Sunday.

Police are expected to ask that his arraignment be extended once again.

As part of his interrogation, the Rabbi was brought to the police station at Merkaz Klal on Jaffa Street in Yerushalayim. According to reports, he began to feel ill while being questioned and was taken to the hospital claiming to be suffering from pains. Three hours later, the Rabbi was released from the hospital back into police custody.

This is the second time that Rabbi Berland was brought to the hospital since being arrested. The first time took place on Sunday after his arraignment hearing. At the time the hospital performed a cauterization on him. After he felt better he was taken to Nitzan holding center.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)